Sunday 8 April 2012

{Lunchbox} Easter Chicky Bento

Happy Easter Sunday! I hope you would like this Easter Bento post that I have prepared you. Since our family would be attending Sunday church service plus a house warming event, I won't have enough time to prepare something special for my boy on Easter, therefore I decided to make this Easter Chicky Bento for him yesterday.

For this bento I have used 3 cleaned empty egg shells to act as food containers instead of the usual bento paper/silicon case. And with these shells, I have created some Easter theme such as "3D Pumpkin Rice Chick", "Hard-boiled Egg Chick" and "Artificial Egg".


And other than those "cheeky" which are the highlight of this bento, I also add in some of my boy's favourite side-dishes such as Nuggets, Pumpkin Sliced and Cherry Tomato to complete the meal. Although my boy loves everything on this bento but his favourite choice is that "3D Pumpkin Rice Chick" which he finds it too cute to be eaten. What about you? Which do you prefer?

(Serves: 1 | Preparation: 10 minutes | Cooking: 15 minutes)

60g Cooked Pumpkin, mashed
4 Tablespoons Cooked Rice
1 Hard-boiled Egg, shelled
2 Chicken Nuggets
2 Cherry Tomato
6 Pieces of 1" Wide Pumpkin
1 Slice Sandwich Cheese
1 Slice Smoked Sandwich Cheese(orange colour)
Some Easter Chocolate Candy
3 Clean Egg Shells
Some Decoration Food Picks, optional
Assorted Food Cutters(shown above), optional

1. Collect 3 empty egg shells which has being thoroughly clean with salt water, rinse and air dry. (you can prepare the egg shells a day before)

2. Deep-fried or oven baked nuggets and pumpkin slices till cooked. Set aside.

3. To make the cheesy tomato, first cut both slices of cheese into half, stack up each colour alternately on top of each other. Use a flower/round shape food cutter stamped out the design on the prepared cheese. (you would need 2 of it)

4. Cut the 2 cherry tomato into halve each, place one slice of the stamped cheese in the middle and secured the tomato with your desire food pick. (refer to the photo shown below)

5. Arrange the 3 egg shells, nuggets, pumpkin and cherry tomato in the lunchbox before making the 3 "chicks".

6. To make the mashed pumpkin, cut some pumpkin cubes into a microwave safe bowl, cook it over high heat for about 1 - 1.5 minutes or till soften. Mashed it with a folk and set aside.

7. To prepare the "hard-boiled egg chick", use a sharp knife, start cutting "V" shape patterns continuously around 1/4 or middle of the egg white. When done, slowly twist the top portion of the egg white apart from the bottom revealing the yolk. (refer to the photo above) Set aside.

8. For the "artificial egg", stuffed it full with about 1.5 - 2 Tablespoons of cooked rice till the rim. Use a small round food cutter, stamped out round shape from a piece of the fried pumpkin and insert it the middle of the stuffed rice to resemble egg yolk.

9. Lastly for the "3D pumpkin rice chick", mix the remaining cooked rice with the prepared mashed pumpkin till well mixed.

10. Stuff almost 3/4 of the egg shell with the pumpkin rice mixture, and shaped the remaining pumpkin rice using clear-wrap or wet hand to form a oval shape rice ball. Place the shaped rice into the stuffed egg shell and set aside. (refer to the pumpkin rice chick shown below)

11. For the final touch-up, use craft puncher and nori sheet(seaweed sheet)  to punch out the facial feature of the chick. Assemble the tiny nori features using a tweezer and add it the heart shaped food pick on the prepared "chicks". You can cut out small triangle shapes from the pumpkin to act as the beak of the chick.

12. Since this is for Easter, I have also added in some Easter Chocolates to fill up the spaces in between as bonus treat.

Have a blessed Easter Sunday everyone!!!!!


  1. Wow, really nice. Salute to you..Btw Happy Easter :)

    1. Thanks Danny, thanks for your kind word :)

  2. WOW! I love love your creation :) So cute and pretty. Please make one for me ^-^

    1. Thanks Ann :) Next round we meet i make 1 for u :p

  3. You are sooooo talented (and patient) to make this bento Ellena!

    1. This is pretty easy. Just stuffed the empty shell with cooked rice :) Whole process takes less than 20 minutes :p


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