Friday 11 January 2013

Oatmeal Fish Porridge

If you have being following this blog, you can find another similar Savory Oatmeal Porridge which I had shared the recipe a few years back. I still remember that recipe was taught to me by my ex-boss wife who always include it in their breakfast menu. And since we can easily purchase either Instant/Quick Cook Oatmeal from leading supermarkets and they both works well on Sweet (recipe) and Savory (recipe) dishes, hence oatmeal became one of my favourite pantry ingredients.


This Oatmeal Fish Porridge can act as a great idea for weekend brunch or you can even serve it for dinner too. The idea of using fish slices is because I wanted to create something similar to Fish Congee but with more nourishing ingredients like carrot, wolfberries, gingko nuts and egg. But then it is still up to individual to mix and match with the ingredients that you prefer.

(Serves: 2  | Preparation: 5 minutes | Cooking: 15 minutes)

1/2 Cup of Quick Cook Oatmeal (Quaker brand)
750ml Chicken Broth
150g Mackerel Fish Slices
1 Egg, lightly beaten
2 Stalks Spring Onion, cut into sections
Some Diced Carrot
Some Gingko Nuts
Some Wolfberries
Some Chopped Spring Onion

1. Lightly marinate fish slices with salt, pepper and sesame oil, cornflour and set aside.

2. Preheat a saucepan with some oil, lightly fry the diced carrot and spring onion till fragrant, add in soup broth and gingko nut, simmer over low heat for about 10 minutes until carrot is soften.

3. Next add in quick cook oatmeal and continue to simmer till almost done (if the mixture is too thick, add extra 150 - 200ml of hot water/soup broth to dilute), add in fish slices and wolfberries.

4. When fish is cooked through, switch off the heat, drizzle beaten egg and give it a quick stir.

5. Ladle oatmeal into serving bowls, top with some chopped spring onion and fried shallot, serve immediately.

I guess for a change, this is not a bad idea for rice replacement as it look and taste somehow or rather similar to congee. And if you prefer more dilute version, add in either more chicken broth or reduce the amount of oatmeal. For me, I prefer a sticky texture if I am looking for some comfort food during cold weather.


  1. What a nice way to eat oatmeal. Definitely tastier this way rather than the usual plain one :)

    1. Yup! The savory one taste great especially for a hearty weekday meal :)

  2. Really interesting! I consider oatmeal as more of Western breakfast. This idea totally blew my mind! I'd love to taste it!

    1. Yup Oatmeal is more of western style dishes like rolled oat porridge or making granola and etc. This instant oat that we had is great for both sweet and savory dishes :)

  3. Sounds very healthy and certainly looks delicious. I'd love to try this too!

  4. This looks so Great!!
    When i was pregnant with my first child in 2004, i could not eat white rice but had oatmeal for dinner.
    To accompany the oatmeal, i added either fried silver fish or haybee hiam.

    By the way, where did you buy the sliced mackeral fish?


    1. Great way to go with silver fish and hai bee hiam :) Oh I bought the mackerel fish from wet market then as them to slice for me.

  5. Hi,
    If I do not have chicken broth,can I replace with water? or with others?

    1. Yes, you can replaced chicken broth with water but maybe add in chicken stock cubes or salt as season to taste :)

  6. Thanks for sharing now i can have oatmeal and enjoy it, will try it for lunch

  7. What is Mackeral called in dialect?
    I dont know how it looks like so i am thinking of just standing infront of the fish stall and say in
    dialect what i want. :D
    Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Ken,

      Mackeral is also known as "马鲛鱼"


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