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Black Sesame Bun with Azuki Bean Paste

Black Sesame Bun with Azuki Bean Paste
Yeah! Finally after the stressful year end examination it’s time to sit back and enjoy the long 7 weeks school holiday. So now we would have more time to prepare and enjoy international breakfast (some breakfast ideas here) in the morning as well as getting into some bread making sessions with the boy because he loves to help up with shaping the dough.

Furthermore bread making has become a breeze ever since I am using my new BOSCH MaxxiMUM stand mixer to prepare the dough.

Grinding Black Sesame Seeds
Sesame Seeds (芝麻) which come in black, white, yellow or red are packed with calcium, iron, zinc and etc. These tiny seeds are often roasted before consuming to release its nutty flavour which is often using for seasoning, making dips, sauces or spread. Between grinding sesame seeds isn’t difficult because you can use either a food blender or the Japanese grinder (can be found at Daiso outlets) shown above.


Black Sesame Bun with Azuki Bean Paste
For the bread dough, I added some toasted black sesame seeds which I grind them using a Japanese grinder leaving a little coarse texture which adds nutty flavour to the bread. Between for the bun filling you can either used sesame paste, azuki bean paste (get from baking stores or Japanese supermarkets) or leave it empty so that you could have it with some butter or spread of your choice.

(Yield: 6 | Preparation: 25 minutes | Baking: 20 minutes)

  • 160g Bread Flour
  • 10g Toasted Black Sesame Seeds
  • 20g Caster Sugar
  • 3g Active Dry Yeast
  • Pinch of Salt
  • 20g Soft Butter
  • 20g Whole Egg
  • 80ml Milk, room temperature
  • Filling:
  • 120g Red Bean Paste
  • Extra Black Sesame Seeds

1. Using the dough hook attachment from MaxxiMUM (MUMXL40G), mix grind toasted black sesame seeds with sieved flour, sugar and yeast in the stirring bowl on Setting 2.

2. Next add in salt follow by milk and mix well for 5 minutes on Setting 3 until mixture comes together to form a dough. Add in soften butter, continue to mix till dough is smooth and elastic (about another 10 minutes).

3. Lightly oil the stirring bowl, place dough back and cover with a damp cloth and let it proof for an hour or until doubled the size.

4. Roll and divide proofed dough into 6 portions, set aside and proof for 10 minutes.

5. Flatten the dough and wrap each portion with 20g of red bean paste then place it into the grease loaf tin to proof for another 30 minutes or until doubled the size.

6. Lightly brush dough with egg wash, scatter some extra black sesame seeds on top and bake bun in preheated 180°C / 356°F oven on middle rack for 20 minutes till surface turns golden brown.

7. Remove from tin immediately and cool on wire rack.

Black Sesame Bun with Azuki Bean Paste - 黑芝麻红豆面包
芝麻 (Sesame Seeds)含有多种的营养物如蛋白质、胡萝卜素、维生素及含量极高的铁。 这些微小的种子有黑色,白色,黄色或红色。它们通常都用于搭配在调味料,酱汁或烘培材料当中。这个食谱就用了一些烤香然后磨碎黑芝麻当材料因此吃起来特别香。而且那些微甜的红豆陷也提升了面包的口感。


  • 160克高筋面粉
  • 10克烤黑芝麻, 磨碎
  • 20克细砂糖
  • 3克活性干酵母
  • 盐少许
  • 20克牛油(稍微软化)
  • 20克全蛋
  • 80毫升奶(室温)
  • 装饰:
  • 120克红豆沙
  • 少许的黑芝麻

1. 将磨碎好的黑芝麻 (请参考以上黑芝麻图片的说明),高筋面粉,细砂糖和活性干酵母倒入MaxxiMUM (MUMXL40G)的搅拌碗里,安装好面团钩并把速度设置在2搅拌均匀。

2. 接着放盐和慢慢倒入牛奶继续拌成面团(大约5分钟)才加入牛油搅拌成光滑及有弹性的面团。

3. 取出面团并放在一个涂抹植物油的大碗里,覆上保鲜膜然后置于温暖处发酵1小时或至面团体积发至两倍大。

4. 待面团发好后从碗中取出压扁然后平均分割成6份,搓圆并放一旁等10分钟进行中间发酵。

5. 把面团稍微压扁, 包入20克的豆沙陷豆之后把它排在涂抹油的烤盘里进行最后发酵 (约30分钟)。

6. 当面团再次发酵变大后, 就可刷上蛋液(半个全蛋+1汤匙牛奶), 撒上些黑芝麻然后放进预热180摄氏度的烤箱烤大约20分钟至到表面呈现金黄色即可。

7. 面包烘好后马上从烤盘取出放在冷却架上。

*Disclosure: I was given a set of the BOSCH MaxxiMUM Kitchen Machine (click link for the review) by the folks of BOSCH Singapore for review and recipes testing. All opinions expressed in this post are my own and there is no monetary compensation received.


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