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Top 10 Express Eats In Singapore

10 Express Eats
I am sure most of you have eaten quick meal (as in choice of food) especially during weekday evening(s) when you need to work overtime till late hours or before catching up a movie date? But I am just curious what are the choices that would appeared in your list; could it sandwiches, fast food, local snacks, instant noodles or perhaps movie snacks like popcorn, hotdog bun or nacho chips? No matter what is your options I think anything that is fuss-free and easy to munch on would be a great choice.

[Express Eat] Movie Snack - Popcorn
The topic on "Express Eats" draws my curiosity to do a quick survey over at our Facebook Page (check here), Instagram (check here) and Dayre (check here) to check out what is usually on others view when it comes to quick food. After going through the list, below are our selections of the 10 Express Eats which some are quite similar to their answers in the survey and I am sure most of them are familiar quick bites for you.


[Express Eat] - Fast Food
When it comes to express eat I think Fast Food will be first choice in your list. You can either request a delivery to be sent over to your office while at work or grab a quick bite from any of their nearest outlets to you which can be easily found in most area especially shopping malls.

[Express Eat] - 4Fingers Korean Fried Chicken
Apart from the usual all-time favourite fast food chains like McDonald, Burger King or KFC. TThere are also a few other new ones like Arnold's Fried Chicken, Texas Chicken and Jolliobee where 4Fingers is one of those new fast food restaurant that serve Korean-Styled Fried Chicken.

Basically 4Fingers offers similar menu such as fried chicken (wing/drumsticks glaze with either soy garlic, spicy or mixed), rice box (fried chicken and rice), burger, salad and etc. Furthermore their crispy fries are sprinkle with either seaweed or kimchi which is something addicting plus the fried chicken is best to be eaten hot with crispy bites.

- Waiting time might be a bit long due to their one-counter ordering service which often make patrons waited more than 15 minutes in the queue.

- 4Fingers has 4 outlets in Singapore at:
Plaza Singapura (#01-#01-32); ION Orchard (#B4-06A);
Westgate (#02-05/05A); Changi Airport T3


[Express Eat] Subway
Subway could be another ideal choice for quick meal with their freshly baked bread (5 types to choose from and our all-time favourite are Honey Oat and Parmesan) and healthy fillings with more vegetables selections for a low-carb diet.

[Express Eat] Subway
My idea pick is always Subway Melt or Tuna Mayo with either Honey Oat or Parmesan Bread to go with a glass of ice-cold Coke and their chocolate walnut brownie as dessert.


[Express Eat] Domino's Pizza
Beside those mentioned-above I think Pizza Delivery would be another excellent choice for those working late in the office so that one can enjoy freshly baked pizza with accompany sides and beverages without leaving the office.

[Express Eat] Pezzo Pizza
Pezzo Pizza has more than 15 pizza by-the-slice kiosks available island wide at places like Orchard, JEM, Bedok Mall which offers yummy range of freshly baked pizza. And with an extra SG$1.00 top-up patrons also get to enjoy their Beverage Combo (soft drink or mineral water) which I often pair a can of ice-cold Coke with my pizza. What about you, any recommended beverages to go with pizza?

- Currently Pezzo Pizza has 18 pizza by the slice kiosks islander at:
Esplanade (#B1-34), Kallang Wave (#02-13), ION Orchard (#B4-51);
Junction 8 (#B1-K13), Yew Tee (#B1-32), Vivo City (#B1-K14);

For more locations, please refer to their website @


[Express Eat] Sushi from Kuriya Japanese Fresh Fish Market

Kuriya Japanese Market offers express dining experience in most of their outlets located in shopping malls such as Causeway Point, NEX, JEM and etc. With their wide range of freshly made sushi, sashimi, bentos and dessert I am sure there is something for you to pick up as a quick meal.

[Express Eat] Yakitori from Wadori

Furthermore most of their outlets offer Yakitori (Japanese meat skewers: such as Chicken Yakitori, Gyoza Dumplings, Fried Ebi, Cutlet Fishballs) from Wadori as an add-on to your rice box or sushi plus there is also Ichiban Bentos available for your selection.

- Kuriya Japanese Market has 6 outlets in Singapore at:
Changi CIty Point (#B1-12/13), Great World City (#B1-07), NEX (#B1-03)
Causeway Point (#B1-17), Jurong Point (#B1-77/78), JEM (#B1-01)


[Express Eat] Maki-San
At Maki-San patrons are able to design their own sushi roll and salad base on the available ingredients on the ordering menu shown below. Each roll of sushi is made up with rice (either vinegar Japanese white rice or unseasoned brown rice), meat, vegetables, sprinkles and house sauce of your choice to achieve a healthier meal.

[Maki-San] Sushi Ordering Form
The sushi roll at Maki-San comes in two sizes such as:-

1. Little San (SG$7.90)
Comprise with choice of 1 wrap, 1 rice, 3 essentials, 1 sprinkle and 1 house sauce.

2. Mega San (SG$9.90)
Comprise with choice of 1 wrap, 1 rice, 5 essentials, 1 special, 1 sprinkle and 1 house sauce.

[Express Eat] Maki-San
After making your selections on the ordering form the counter chef will help to wrap up your order(s), sliced the roll equally into bite-size and packed them neatly into their uniquely designed box which slide open like a little drawer.

- Maki-San has 2 outlets in Singapore at:
The Cathay (#B1-17/18) and The Arcade (#01-12)


[Express Eat] Umi-Sushi - Tempura Ebi with Rice and Lava Egg
Umi-Sushi is under the Neo Group (similar with Neo Gardening Catering) and they do have a numbers of sushi kiosks spreading across different parts of the Singapore within Shopping Mall, Bus-interchange, MRT stations and etc. This casual sushi kiosk offers sushi, sashimi, bentos, undon and range of Japanese salads for customers of all ages at affordable prices.

[Express Eat] Umi-Sushi - Unagi Chirashi Don
For a fuller meal, you can order their bento set that packed with steamed white rice, choice of main dish and sides which is available for dine-in or takeaway. I always get their Grilled Saba or Unagi Chirashi Don which I feel is worth the price fort the generous portion of ingredients. But as for a lighter meal, just grab a box of their Japanese salad with an option to add-on 2 - 3 slices of sushi for a quick meal.

* Location of Umi-Sushi outlets can be found @


I am sure some of you would prefer a bowl of hot noodle before movie or while working overtime in the office to warm your tummy. Below are a few noodle options which we love to share as an inspiration in case you are looking into what to have for this week.

[Express Eat] Bamh Mi from NamNam Noodle Bar
NamNam Noodle Bar is a Vietnamese eatery that serves popular Vietnam noodle dishes such as Beef / Chicken Pho, Banh Mi, Desserts and Coffee. Banh Mi which shown above is a toasted baguette stuffed with choice of savoury meat (such as grilled chicken, pork belly, fish cake, cold cuts) then sandwich with mayo, hot chilli peppers, pickled carrots, daikon, cucumber and fresh coriander. This make in a great takeaway food as convenience eat that is similar to Subway concept.

Above was their Caramelized Five-spice Pork Belly Banh Mi (SG$6.90) which filled with generous amount of flavourful ingredients and soft fragrant bread.

[Express Eat] Pho Chicken Set
Tried both chicken and beef pho and I still preferred their Beef Pho (SG$8.90) with that right texture of rice noodles and sliced beef submerged in the bowl of rich warm soup.

[Express Eat] Southern Roll with Sweet Shrimps, Egg and Herbs
As for the sides Southern Roll (SG$4.90) was wrapped in paper thin Vietnam rice paper together with shrimp, fresh herbs and peanut dipping sauce.

- NamNam Noodle Bar has 5 outlets in Singapore at:
Raffle City (#B1-46/47), Wheelock Place (#B2-02), Suntec City (#B1-131);
Plaza Singapure (#01-55) and Resort World Sentosa (#B1-225)


[Express Eat] Shin-Samporo Ramen
I happened to notice Shin-Samporo has an outlet located at the basement (#B2-04A-05) of the newly opened Orchard Gateway during one of my visit sometime back. This outlet opens daily from 11:00am - 10:00pm and beside their a la carte menu, they also offer attractive Lunch Set which available till 4:00pm in the late afternoon. With this offer it would be great for those who often go for late lunch or early dinner due to work purposes or movie date.

[Express Eat] Shin-Samporo Ramen
The lunch deal comes with choice of mini Ramen/ Rice Set to go with 1 side dish (gyoza, menchi, chicken karage, chuka tofu and potato salad) and complimentary salad and green tea (hot/cold). Overall we find the soup broth was flavourful without being too salty to our liking and the springy texture of the noodles also goes well with the tender grilled cha-shu.

EAT. is always one of the place for our quick fix on Asian noodle dish and they have many outlets around Singapore providing local traditional food such as Fish ball Noodles, Minced Pork Noodles or Laksa at affordable prices (set meal includes either coffee/tea whereas canned drinks are available too) from morning till late evening. Other than noodles they also have additional sides liked fried beancurd and beancurd sheet stuffed with fish paste, ngoh hiang, and fish cake for you to go with the noodles.

Like most of the answers shown in our surveys (mentioned above) at our social media platforms, Instant Noodle is also one of my comfort food during those days when I am working late in the office. I remember I used to stock up instant cup noodles as well as tidbits and biscuits in my drawers to fill hungry tummy while working overtime.

Although instant cup noodles might not be a good choice when compared to sandwiches or bread but sometime it might just perk up your weary soul by having a cup of piping hot noodles in the cold office. Between if there is kitchen facility in your pantry, you can also add in some vegetables or egg to make it a complete meal (quick ideas on preparing instant noodles can be found on another post here).

(From 7-11 or Cheers Convenience Stores)

[Convenience Stores] Quick Bits and Instant Meals
Have you ever encounter days when you run out of ideas on what to eat or have to rush through a quick meal before heading off for meeting? If your answer is yes, perhaps you could consider stopping by any of the petrol kiosk or conveniences stores like 7-11 or Cheers to pick up one of their quick bites or frozen meals. You would be surprised that some of the meals like spaghetti, curry rice and burgers do taste pretty decent. And within the stores, they also provide microwave oven for you to reheat the food upon purchased so that you can eat it on the go.

Even though in Singapore there is still room for improvement on the food selections at the convenience stores as compared to those in Japan (our visit here). But if you are keen to take a peep at the range of Frozen Packed Meals available, do check out the link from 7-11 @

[Convenience Stores] Instant Curry Rice and Pasta Dish

Often when passing by the convenience stores around my area I observed that frozen meals are popular choice among school kids as lunch or working adults grab them as quick meal / supper after late night movie or work. And from a few friends who work around around UE Square the 7-11 there offers Oden - 关东煮 (Japanese style Yong Tau Foo) which is something different from other outlets.


Usually around the basement of the shopping malls you often find a lot of quick snack kiosks together with supermarket(s), fast food restaurants, food court and etc. These snack kiosks provide grab and go food such as pastry like chicken and sardine pie from Polar Cake, assorted pancakes and soy beancurd from Mr Bean / Jollibean, steamed bun and Chinese pastry from Ho Kee Pau, Takoyaki Balls, Sushi, and many others.

Below are two of our favourite on the go snacks before movie.

[Old Chang Kee] Local Snacks and Curry Puffs
Whenever there is a need to order tea-snack to reward the staffs, for meetings or seminars, gathering, party and etc Old Chang Kee curry puffs and snacks are always on the list. As you can see from the above, they offers a wide range of deep-fried local snacks such as spring roll, yam cake, fish balls, gyoza, nuggets and many more together with their signature Hainanese-style curry puffs.

Furthermore their bite size portion finger food also makes it a on the go grab to fill up the hungry stomach. And from our survey (over at Dayre) these local snacks are also one of the express eats option for those working overtime or before catching up a show.

Spanish Doughnuts is located at level 5 (#05 - 51/52) of Orchard Central with a cafe setting atmosphere serving Churros (deep fried dough) in assorted toppings and flavours together hotdog bun, milkshake and other beverages. . Though churro is not be considered as proper meal but it sure acts as a boost for a mid-afternoon snack.

We often go for their Choco Churito's (SG$9.90 for about 20 mini churros in it) which is great for sharing and it comes with 3 chocolate dipping sauce such as milk, white and dark chocolate. Each bite of the warm churro has a crisp outer layer which makes it irresistible to stop at one. As for me even without the chocolate dipping sauce it does taste great on it own with a slight sweetness from those gentle dusts of sugar.


Cafe meal has become a popular trend these few years due to the increasing number of cafes opening in Singapore. Although I am not a regular cafe hopper (related posts on our cafe hopping reviews can be found here) like most of my friends but at time I do love to stop over at some of my favourite or new cafes for a quick bite and coffee.

Likewise if you happen to work overtime on a particular day, you could grab some sandwiches or pastries during lunchtime and keep them aside in your office pantry as a re-charge for your energy before continuing your work in the late evening.


Paris Baguette is a popular bakery with numerous outlets in Seoul, Korea. The cafe offers a wide range of Artisan bread, croissant (love their mini croissants) and mouth-watering slices of cake as well as their signature royal puddings. In order to cater for everyone needs on the different meals of the day, the cafe also offers freshly packed salad, phad thai, rolls or sandwiches which are available for both dine-in or take away.

- Paris Baguette has 4 outlets in Singapore at:
Wisma Atria (#02-48/53), Changi Airport T2;
JEM (#02-20), Tampinese Mall (#01-32)

Tiong Bahru Bakery is another great hangout place for bread and pastry and apart from their main branch at Tiong Bahru (5 minutes walk from Tiong Bahru Food Centre and Market) the other 2 outlets are located at Tangs Orchard (#L1-16B) and Raffle City (#B1-11/12) and all outlets opens from 8:00am in the morning.

Some might find their price a bit on the steep side, but the cafe do offers a good range of artisan bread, sandwiches, pastry, soup and beverage and you might even find the best "Croissant" (SG$2.90) in town with its light, fluffy and flaky crust on each bite.

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