Thursday 2 April 2015

Fun Recipe Ideas using The Laughing Cow Cheeses

[Main] Cheesy Penne with Salmon and Broccoli
Dairy products such as cheese and milk are often considered as a natural source of calcium to strengthen children's teeth and bones. With that our fridge is always packed with bottles of fresh milk and array of cheese in all form such as cheese spread, sandwich cheese and belcube cheese.

The Laughing Cow cheese products have been around for many many years. It’s known for its superbly smooth and creamy taste. So in this post I would like to share a quick pasta lunch recipe which can be easily prepared in less than 20 minutes using their cheese spread and sliced cheddar to create a delicious white cheese sauce. Besides that there are also a few fun ideas of adding cheese into your daily diet. 

(using The Laughing Cow cheese spread and slice cheddar cheese)

[Main] Cheesy Penne with Salmon and Broccoli
This white sauce paste is less creamy and cheesy when compared to those original recipes using flour, butter, cream and cheese. It's a lighter version using fresh milk and cheese spread together with a slice or two of cheddar cheese for a sharper taste. Overall we love this dish with its colourful presentation of ingredients as well as the light cream sauce and crunch of ingredients and juicy salmon cubes. Oh ya, most important thing is not to overcook each ingredient so as to retain their freshness and crunch.

[Main Course] Ingredients for Cheesy Penne

(Yield: 2 | Preparation: 10 minutes | Cooking: 20 minutes)

  • 2 Serving Of Penne
  • 200g Salmon Fillet, cut into 1" cubes
  • 100g Broccoli, cut into florets
  • 6 Portions The Laughing Cow Cheese Spread Original
  • 2 Slices The Laughing Cow Cheese Slices Cheddar
  • 150ml Fresh Milk
  • 6 Cherry Tomato, halved
  • Salt and Pepper

1. Remove the wrapper from the cheese spread and place them in a heavy duty saucepan. With a small hand whisk, beat cheese until smooth and creamy before whisking in the milk till combined.  Set aside.

Steps on preparing the ingredients.
2. Cook penne according to packet instruction and set aside.

3. With a non-stick pan, sealed the salmon cube with drizzle of oil, sea salt flakes and ground pepper on both sides for 1 minute until slightly brown. Remove and set aside.

4. With the same pan, add in broccoli and cook for 1 minute.

- You can omit steps 3 - 4 and add the salmon and broccoli straight into the cheese sauce. But for us we prefer to seal the salmon for that extra flavour.

- With the same recipe you can create different dishes such as:
a) Chicken fillet with swiss brown mushroom;
b) Shrimp and baby spinach;
C) Seafood melody with fish, shrimp, squid and etc.

5. Bring the cheese mixture to simmer; add in broccoli, cooked penne and salmon cubes. Give it a quick stir cook for another for 2 minutes.

6. Lastly stir in cheddar cheese (cut into quarters) and cherry tomato. Remove saucepan from heat and stand aside for 1 minute to allow the heat to melt the cheese.

[Main] Cheesy Penne with Salmon and Broccoli
7. Divide pasta into severing plates and serve with some freshly ground pepper.

A quick video clip on preparing Cheesy Penne with Salmon and Broccoli.


Cheeze Dippers can be served to kiddo as a yummy snack together with berries or a glass of milk during tea break instead of the usual bread or cake.

[Snack] Picnic
The Laughing Cow Belcube Cheese, Cheese Spread or Cheeze Dippers can be a great on the go snack to pack into lunchbox or picnic basket like what we often do because they are small in size and easy to handle as finger food.

[Snack] Tapas: Crackers with assorted cheese spread and toppings.

[Snack] Tapas: Crackers with assorted cheese spread and toppings.
A yummy treat to get your kid(s) to involve in the preparation where they get to spread their favourite cheese on the cracker before assemble it with several toppings from sweet to savoury. For example: Original Cheese Spread with fruits; Herbs Cheese Spread with Cucumber and Fish Roe; Mushroom Cheese Spread with Tomato and etc.

Whereas the Adult version tapas you can used toppings such as cooked shrimp, smoke / raw salmon, fish roe, olives and etc to serve as a starter before the main.

[Main] Roast Chicken Sandwich
A time saving one dish meal for cozy weekend lunch or dinner where you can either grab a roast chicken (or roast your own; recipes) from supermarket together with some sandwich bun, salad and sliced cheese.


Dream Big with The Laughing Cow Campaign
If you would like to try out these recipes, quickly head over to all leading supermarkets such as NTUC Fairprice, Giant, Cold Storage and Sheng Siong now, as they are running special offer - You can get 3 boxes of The Laughing Cow 8 Portion Cheese or 3 packets of cheese slices at $8.95 only! In addition, you can also participate in their “Dream Big with The Laughing Cow” contest to win $500. Simply purchase SG$10.00 worth of any The Laughing Cow products in a single receipt for a chance to win. You can also increase your chances of winning by making multiple purchases and submit multiple entries too. Campaign will end on 31st May 2015.

To Participate:
- Via SMS
Send “TLC<space>full name<space>NRIC<space>receipt no.” to 73333. Example: TLC Albert Tan S1234567D 8888. Original receipt must be presented as proof of purchase when collecting your prizes.

- Website
Submit online via ( Original receipt must be presented as proof of purchase when collecting your prizes.

- Entry Forms
Entry forms are also available at the customer counter in supermarkets.

Array of The Laughing Cow Cheese
All entries must reach Natrad Food Pte Ltd by 08 June 2015 and 30 winners will be notified by post or SMS after the draw on 08 July 2015 with each winning a SG$500.00 cash prize which children can save and use this money to pursue their dreams.

*Disclosure: This post is brought to you in partnership with The Laughing Cow.

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