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Hokkaido Gourmet Street 2015 @ Jurong Point; 28 August – 06 September 2015

This coming autumn, let us pamper ourselves with delicious food choices from the 10 days Hokkaido Gourmet Street 2015 is running for, starting from 28 August - 06 September 2015. The event will be held daily at WAttention Plaza (basement 1 of Jurong Point Mall) from 11:00am to 9.30pm featuring an array of irresistible mouth-watering dishes.

This is organised by Sapporo City which is the capital of Hokkaido, Japan. Sapporo has a lot to offer particularly in terms of their marvellous food choices which is why they are given the title as the “City of Food”. The city is especially well-known for its soup curry, ramen noodles and ‘Genghis Khan’ mutton which are popular among tourists and their locals.


Below are the participating vendors who will be bringing in a wide range of gourmet food items to excite your taste buds.

[Hokkaido Gourmet Street] Kanimeshi & Tempura Soba from BENTOSS
BENTOSS is a popular food chain restaurant with more than 20 outlets in different parts of Hokkaido, as well as in USA, California. They offer fresh and healthy Japanese style meals which are nicely arranged and packed in bento boxes such as crab rice, fried fish, tempura, soba and more. You will get to try their signature Kanimeshi (crab meat rice) at the food fair

[Hokkaido Gourmet Street] Onigiri rice ball from Nijoutei
Nijoutei (
Nijoutei will bring in their train station bentos which features rice ball, rice with red beans (sekihan) as well as karaage (Japanese fried chicken) without the need for you to physically travel on the train. Can’t wait to get my hand on those onigiri rice ball especially those with red bean and fried ebi.

[Hokkaido Gourmet Street] Scallop / Seafood Tonkotsu Ramen from Men-ya Kaiko
Men-ya Kaiko (
Ramen fans! If you like the ramen from Menya Kaiko, I am sure you won’t want to miss this. Kaiko serves Hokkaido style ramen in miso base with either scallop or seafood toppings. Oh ya, remember to keep a look out for their King Crab Ramen if you patronize their outlets at ION Orchard (#B4-54) or Marina Bay Financial Centre Tower 3 (#01-01).

[Hokkaido Gourmet Street] Salmon roe rice bowl from Nakamura shoten
Nakamura shoten (
Enjoy a bowl of premium Japanese rice topped with fresh Ikrua (salmon roes) that are in season from Nakamura shoten. These jewel like orange balls are full of flavour and goodness which is why the Japanese love serving it in Ikura Don (rice with salmon roes) with some shredded seaweed on it.

[Hokkaido Gourmet Street] Ramen from Ninjamen
Ninjamen (
Ninjamen aims to become the new chain of ramen shops in Japan as well as places around the world with their consistent flavour of ramen. Heard that they are setting up an outlet in Singapore where Ramen can be cooked in a Ninja art box (ie. microwave). But till then let’s grab a bowl of their ramen at the Hokkaido gourmet fair to test out their “ninja” skill first.

[Hokkaido Gourmet Street] Soup Curry COCORO
Soup Curry Cocoro (
For those who like curry, Soup Curry COCORO is one of the top-rated soup curry restaurants in Sapporo. Their soup base is primarily made of tomato and basil, and you get to choose different main ingredients for your soup too. At the food fair, you will get to try their seafood and chicken soup curry.

[Hokkaido Gourmet Street] Cheesecake from Snaffle's
Snaffle's (
I love Japanese pastries, especially their cotton like cheesecake. This time round, Snaffle’s will be bringing in their signature cheesecake that is made from rich Hokkaido fresh milk, soft milky cream cheese and farm eggs.

For your information these cheesecakes are also available at their outlets in Singapore located at:-
Plaza Singapura #B2-56;
Bedok Mall #B2-K2

Autumn leaves in Sapporo City (Nakajima Park)
Sapporo City (
Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido in Japan which I am planning to visit in 2016. If you have been to Hokkaido, I am sure you will remember this beautiful city and its bountiful supply of fresh seafood, Sapporo beer and it being home for the oldest beef brand in Japan.

While researching the sightseeing places in Sapporo, I drafted a long list of must “visit, eat and try” which include a visit to the beer and ramen noodles museum, Nijo fresh seafood market, mountain climbing (suitable for nature lover), admiring Autumn leaves in Nakajima Park, skiing during winter as well as indulging in fresh sashimi, Hokkaido milk and more.

Besides the above mentioned, the hot spring villages located in Sapporo and New Chitose Airport are also a must-visit in order to experience bathing in the hot spring. The hot bath will enable you to relax your mind, body, and at the same time, you get to admire the scenery with the feel of the hot water. For further details do check out their booth at the Hokkaido Fair during your visit over the weekend

(Instagram Contest)

[Instagram Contest] Runs from 28th - 31st August 2015
There is also an Instagram Contest (28th – 31st Aug) for food photos taken during the food fair. So just snap a picture of the food you have purchased from any of the stalls and post with the hashtag #hokkaidogourmetstreet2015 to enter. The photo with the most “likes” on Instagram wins a pair of flight tickets to Sapporo!

* Get permission from the staff if they are in the picture before posting

Jurong Point Shopping Centre
1 Jurong West Central 2
#B1-78A, WAttention Plaza
Singapore 648886

Date: 28 August – 06 September 2015
Time: 11:00am – 9.30pm

* Disclosure: This post is brought to you in partnership with Jurong Point Mall and Sapporo City. All images used in this article are credited to the organizer.

[updated: 28 August 2015]

Hokkaido Gourmet Street @ Jurong Point Shopping Centre
Was at the Hokkaido Gourmet Street earlier to savour some of the dishes like Miso Ramen ($10) from Ninjamen and Shrimp Tempura Soba ($6) from BENTOSS. I also bought my boy’s favourite onigiri rice ball from Nijoutei and cheesecake ($19 a box of 8) from Snaffle’s. Besides food, there is also an information kiosk by Sapporo City for visitors to make enquiries on visiting Hokkiao. More update on our Dayre post @

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