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Popular Thai Street Food

Bangkok is a beautiful city as well as food paradise with variety of local and international cuisines from Japan, Korea, Vietnam and etc. For us we  love to explore their street food stalls which offers authentic local Thai food from snacks, beverages, main till desserts that features their food cultures.  In Bangkok you can easily spot food vendors along the streets or outside shopping malls selling fresh cut fruits, beverages, fried noodles and more.

In this post I would like to share some of the common street or local food in Bangkok which we found during our last visit. And if you are keen to visit or try there is a stretch of street food stalls outside Central World Mall which draw tourists attention while passing through the walkway to Pratunam Mall.

[Thai Street Food] Assorted Waffles
As a huge fans of waffles I cannot resists the aroma of these yummy palm size snacks which are available at most of the BTS stations. These waffles come with different fillings such as raisin, coconut, chocolate, maple and etc for 15 baht (SG$0.60) each or 30-35 baht for the full size waffle. Each bite of the waffle is crunchy on the outside but soft within making it so delicious for breakfast or tea-break.


[Thai Street Food] Night bazaar outside century movie plaza
Century Movie Plaza is a community shopping mall with retail shops, eateries, supermarket and movie theaters located next to Victory Monument BTS. In the late afternoon the streets outside the mall will transform into a night market bazaar selling beverages, food, clothing and etc.

[Thai Street Food] Street Food Vendors

[Thai Street Food] Fresh cut fruits
Thailand is blessed with abundance quality of seasonal fruits which can be easily found in supermarkets or fruit vendors along the streets. There are range of fresh fruits like watermelon, papaya, mango, guava, rose-apple, pineapple for your selection. Just pick your choice of fruits and the vendor will help to slice them up and package it into a bag for you.

[Thai Street Food] Thai-style ice cream with assorted toppings
The ice-cream cart vendors in Thailand are different from those in Singapore because they don't have the range of flavours that we are familiar with in slices or scoops. What they had are limited flavours with either vanilla, coconut or Thai milk tea to go with toppings such as peanut, sweetcorn, fruits, condensed milk and etc in either cup or biscuit cone.

[Thai Street Food] Fried Noodles
The above stall is selling similar dish like our Fried Hor Fun where you can choose to order either chicken, beef or seafood with noodles or rice.

[Thai Street Food] Chicken Rice
Thai-style Chicken Rice (khao man gai) is quite similar to what we had in Singapore. The poached white chicken is serve on a plate of rice cooked with chicken broth and fats together with a bowl of tasty chicken soup.

[Thai Street Food] local Thai delights
Above are a few local delights which we bought from the street vendors; starting from left: Thai-style Chicken Rice (40 baht; SG$1.6), Fried Pad Thai and Mango Sticky Rice (50 baht; SG$2). Love their Pad Thai with "wok hei" and balance seasoning whereas Chicken Rice was a bit bland in taste compared to those in Singapore.

[Thai Street Food] fruit and veggies salad and fried fish

[Thai Street Food] BBQ items and assorted salad
[Must Try] This type of BBQ vendors can be easily found along the street with items like grilled snakehead fish, sausages, raw vegetables salad and etc. The Grilled Snakehead Fish is one of the must try item; the fish was rolled in salt & herbs before grilling on the charcoal fire giving it an char-grilled flavours and taste.

[Thai Street Food] Thai-style grilled bananas (Kluay Tap)
Thai-style Grilled Bananas also known as Kluay Tap (กล้วยทับ). The bananas are grilled until fully cooked inside with a golden brown outer layer and it is often served with some sweet syrup (optional) which resemble caramel sauce. Overall it is a sweet dessert which quite similar to caramelize bananas.

[Thai Street Food] Thai-style Cze Char
The cze char stalls menu in Bangkok are different from Singapore unless you find a Thai-style Chinese stall which might offers few familiar Chinese dishes. If you are looking for an outdoor dinner to accommodate Thai-style dinning perhaps you can try the food stalls at Sukhumvit Soi 38 which is a few minutes walk from Thong Lor BTS (take exit 4).

This food alley has many local Thai food from BBQ items, cze char, chicken rice, wanton noodles and etc for your selection. Most of the stalls open from 6pm onward till after mid-night with an average spending of 40 – 60 baht per dish.

[Thai Street Food] Cze Char - Fried Mackerel Fish
We went J Avenue (along Sukhumvit 55 Road) on one of the nights which is also within walking distance from Thong Lor BTS. There is a shopping mall with lot of shops and restaurants such as Ootoya Japanese restaurant, Greyhound & After You Cafe, Daiso.

Dinner was at a local cze char stalls serving Thai and Chinese dishes. We ordered a few dishes like fried mackerel, tom yum soup, fried omelette, fried glass noodles with prawns, tofu and milkweed flower.

[Thai Street Food] Cze Char - Milkweed flowers with glass noodles and egg
Milkweed Flower is one of the common ingredients used in some Thai dishes or salad but some of us we might not be able to accept its unique taste which has a slight bitter touch.

Milkweed Flowers
Milkweed Flowers are seasonal ingredient which is an edible flowers used in salad or dish. These flowers are good sources of calcium as well as vitamins A and C, and are supposedly good for the liver and kidney.

[Thai Street Food] Cze Char - Fried Glass Noodles
Stir-fry Glass Noodles is one of my favoruite Thai dish which consists of glass noodles, egg, prawns, dried shrimp and kang kong.


[Must Try] Thai Milk Tea or Cha Yen is a popular drink in Thailand which you should give it a try. Overall it taste sweet and milky with a fragrant aroma and silky texture. You can find Thai Milk Tea in most cafes or restaurants but do lookout for Number One Brand if you want to try something original.

*Number One Brand is available @ Asok, Chit Lom, Mo Chit BTS as well as kiosk in Terminal 21 & Central World Mall.

A short clip on the popular Thai Milk Tea.


Thai Boat Noodles @ Century Movie Plaza
It is always fun eating boat noodles with friends because the portion is relatively small (2-3 mouthful) so in a way we get to order more variety too. Although during this trip we didn't managed to drop by the well-known Thai Boat Noodles which is within waking distance from where we stay; Victory Monument BTS (read more here) but I still get my craving fix from one of the Boat Noodles restaurant at Century Movie Plaza.

Thai Boat Noodles
The quantity of the Boat Noodle which I ordered for takeaway is at least 4 times more when compared to the normal 10 baht (SG$0.40) serving portion. The thoughtful staff also helps to pack the noodles and soup separately to retain the springy texture of the noodles. Personally I love the soup broth which resemble beef noodles soup that is darker in colour and tastier. On a side note, do go easy with the seasoning (chilli flakes) or else the noodles might end up too spicy to handle. 

Menu from the Boat Noodles Restaurant
As the restaurant is located within the shopping mall, price wise definitely slightly higher as compared to those street noodle stalls. But on a good side, instead of noodles you are also given a chance to try some of the popular local desserts and beverages shown on the menu too.

Spicy Thai-style Noodles from Grand Rama 9 foodcourt (basement)
Another noodles stall that we like is the one located near the entrance of Tops Market at the basement of Central Plaza Grand Rama 9 (located at Rama 9 MRT). This foodcourt offers many delicious local Thai food that might interest you if you plan to drop by the mall. The noodles are soak in sweet and spicy broth serve with fresh ingredients such as sliced pork, prawns, meatballs, veggie and hard-boiled egg for 70 baht (SG$2.80) per bowl.


Food Hall @ Siam Paragon, ground level
The ground floor at Siam Paragon Mall is well-known for its Food Hall that is divided into three different zones with: Food Court & Food Kiosks featuring local Thai food and snacks, Restaurants and Cafes (four season restaurants, after you cafe, harrods, mandarin oriental)  serving International Food as well as Gourmet Supermarket for tourist to grab some souvenirs home.

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Thai-style Meatballs

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Savoury Crispy Pancakes (Kanom Bueang)

[Must Try] Similar to our local Peanut Pancake (bee chian kueh), this thin and crispy snack comes in various sweet and savoury fillings and toppings such as shredded coconut, chopped scallions, fried eggs and etc.

*available at MBK & Siam Paragon foodcourt, Chatuchak Market

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Snack
One of the common Thai snacks which tourists bought as souvenirs because it resemble the crispy pancake but in mini version.

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Deep-fried Sweet Potato Balls
Khanom Kai Nok Krata or Deep-fried Sweet Potato Balls is one of my favorite snacks which I always look for it whenever I am in Bangkok. It is light and crisp with soft and airy bites that makes it so addictive and you cannot resists popping it one after another.

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Sakoo (Steamed Tapioca Dumplings)
Sakoo is one of the popular Thai appetizer is made with sweet (shredded coconut or peanut) or savory (minced meat) fillings. The fillings are steamed with either a thin layer of tapioca flour wrapper or filled within the tapioca sago itself.

A short clip on some of the Bangkok Street Food at Siam Paragon Food Hall.

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Hokkaido Milk Products
Range of Hokkaido milk products available at one of the kiosk in the Food Hall facing the entrance of the Gourmet Supermarket. We tried the chocolate and matcha flavoured milk as well as yogurt with honey which we loved. The price is reasonable and you can even recycle the cute glass bottles for making pudding, yogurt or flower vase.

*available at Siam Paragon (food hall) and Terminal 21 (outside the basement supermarket)

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Lookchoop (Thai Mung Bean Marzipan)
[Must Try] Look Choop; a delicious Thai dessert made from mung bean paste mixed with coconut milk. It is shaped into various fruits design and painted with food colouring before coated with a layer of shiny sugar syrup to make it look like real fruits.You can find this snack from dessert stalls at the foodcourt, supermarkets or weekend markets.

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Lookchoop (Thai Mung Bean Marzipan)
Now you can even find Look Choop in cute animals or cartoon characters like the little ducklings shown above instead of the usual fruits design.

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Coconut Ice Cream & Smoothie

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Coconut Ice Cream
When compared the price of the Coconut Ice-cream sold at Siam Paragon Food Hall is about 15 - 20 baht more than the one we had at Chatuchak Market. Even with the toppings look fresh and good we still find the coconut ice-cream from the weekend market taste better with a much creamy texture and coconut aroma.

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Toppings for Thai-style Cheng Teng

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Thai-style Cheng Teng
[Must Try] Aside from mango sticky rice, Cheng Teng is another must try dessert in Bangkok. For some the soup base might be slightly too sweet so do ask the serving staff to dilute it with some hot water if you are getting the hot version. For 50 baht (SG$2) you get a bowl of dessert overloaded with "ingredients" like crispy mung bean, water chestnut, candied lotus root, red date, longan and etc.

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Assorted Fillings Tau Sar Piah from Mr. Pia-To
Mr.pia-To is a grilled Chinese pastry kiosk at the ground level of Siam Paragon Food Hall. Each pastry is grilled to perfection with slight browned top giving it a crisp outer skin.

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Assorted Fillings Tau Sar Piah from Mr. Pia-To
These delicious pastries comes in various fillings such as red bean, yam, sweet potato, mung bean, sesame seeds, winter melon and etc selling at 10 for 165 baht (SG$6.50).

[Siam Paragon Food Hall] Assorted Fillings Tau Sar Piah from Mr. Pia-To
Here is the cross section of the pastry with generous amount of filling wrapped with a thin layer of outer skin. Very addictive snack which I can have 3 at one go and it is around, flatten and about 5cm in diameter which is rather small in size.

A short clip on the some local Thai food found on streets and foodcourt.

[Terminal 21] Assorted Pastry from April's Bakery

[Terminal 21] Assorted Pastry from April's Bakery
April's Bakery is opened by the former flight attendant Ms Nathanaporn Euawanthanakhun and the bakery is specialized in Cantonese pies with fillings like pumpkin, red bean, taro, sweet potato and black sesame at 30 baht (SG$1.20) each. Do grab some to try if you are a fans of Cantonese pastry because I am sure you won't be disappointed with it.

*available at Terminal 21 (ground level), Grand Central Rama 9 and more here.


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