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[Day 2] Chatuchak Weekend Market and Street Food

On Day 2 we decided to visit weekend market in the afternoon after meeting up my brother for his house viewing appointment. Chatuchak is popular "must-visit" wholesales weekend market for both tourists and the local Thai people. With more than 8,000 retails and food stalls that occupied the 35-acre area do prepare yourself with some sunblock and water to brave the crowds and heat during your visit.

[Pullman King Power Hotel] Pool View
The hotel has a beautiful outdoor swimming pool which is surrounded by green garden where you can refresh yourself with a few laps in the pool before breakfast or in the evening. As for us we often drop by during the evening to relax on the sundeck with views of the garden and cooling breeze of the night.

(Pullman King Power Hotel, Bangkok)

Our hotel accommodation includes daily buffet breakfast at Cuisine Unplugged that is located at the lobby area facing the Koi fish pond and garden. The restaurant is with an open kitchen concept featuring international cuisines like sausage, bacon, various type of eggs, pizza, porridge and noodle, dim sum, sushi counter, wide selection of fresh fruits and more.

[Cuisine Unplugged] American style breakfast with sausage and omelette.
There are a few cooking station where you can order hot food such as noodles and omelette. You can request the omelette to be done with your preferred ingredients at the Egg Station where the cook will prepare it on the spot.

[Cuisine Unplugged] Thai-style Noodle Soup
Noodles Station is always one of my favourite pick because I love to enjoy a bowl of hot food in the morning to perk up the day. You can select your order from a few types of noodles like flat rice noodles, glass noodles, egg noodles and vermicelli  to go with ingredients like meatballs, fishballs, vegetables and/or beansprouts.

[Cuisine Unplugged] Porridge and Dim Sum Station
As for the Asian Food Station, they provide at least two different choices of porridge rotating between plain, seafood, chicken or minced pork balls and you can serve it with your desire toppings from the wide range like roast peanut, fried anchovies, coriander, salted egg, shredded ginger and etc.

Besides porridge and noodles there are also quite a number of delicate dim sum to pamper your tastebuds with like siew mai, har gao, steamed glutinous rice, steamed buns and etc. Personally I like their steamed glutinous rice parcel and custard bun.

[Cuisine Unplugged] Freshly Baked Homemade Bread
At the far end corner opposite the main kitchen there is also an unique bakery situated within the dining area which produce home-made fresh breads and croissant and you can enjoy them with your choice of jam and spread.

For a light breakfast you can grab a cup of freshly brew coffee or tea to enjoy with some freshly baked Artisan Bread or warm pastries.

[Cuisine Unplugged] Cold Cuts, Sushi & Fresh Fruits
Or take a look at their sushi, cold cuts and fruit stations and grab a glass of freshly pressed fruit juice or homemade yogurt to start your day.

A short video clip on the buffet spread from Cuisine Unplugged located at Pullman King Power Hotel, Bangkok.

Cuisine Unplugged @ Pullman King Power, Bangkok

Pullman King Power Bangkok
8/2 Rangnam Road
Thanon-Phayathai, Ratchathewi
Bangkok 10400, Thailand
Telephone: +66 (0) 2680 9999

Opening Hours:
6.00 am - 10.30 pm

(near Phra Ram 9 MRT Station)

Bangkok BTS Station
After breakfast, we took the BTS to Asok station (beside Terminal 21 Mall)  for a transfer to their underground MRT line (Sukhumvit) to Phra Ram 9 (connected to CentralPlaza Grand Rama 9 Mall).

[Tips] Read more on "Getting Around Bangkok" using their public transport such as BTS, MRT, TukTuk  on another post here

Outside Terminal 21 Mall
While walking towards the MRT station we saw some orderly queues outside the mall (opens at 11:00am) entrance which was rather rare compared to Singapore unless there are close-door sales or big events. 

[Condolette Midst Rama 9] Pool View @ level 8
My brother was waiting for us at Phra Ram 9 station as we are joining him for apartment viewing. Condolette Midst Condominium by Pruksa Real Estate is located at Rama IX Soi 17 that is about 5 minutes walk from MRT Phra Ram 9 and shopping mall. The 30-story building is divided into; 2nd - 7th Floor: Parking space; 8th Floor: Fitness, Swimming pool, Residential units, 9th – 30th Floor: Residential units and a Rooftop Patio Sky Garden.

[Condolette Midst Rama 9] 2-Bedrooms Unit
This two bedrooms unit occupied 2 levels with rooms and a sharing toilet on level 9; kitchen, toilet and living room at level 8 facing the garden view.

Here is a short clip on the 2-Bedrooms unit at Condolette Midst Rama 9, level 8.

(near BTS Station, Mo Chit)

Chatuchak Weekend Market
Chatuchak Market is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 09:00 in the morning till 18:00 in the late afternoon (Fridays 18:00 – 24:00). Whereas Plant sections are also open on Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 07:00 - 18:00. You can get to Chatuchak Market by public transport such as BTS (skytrain) to Mo Chit Station (exit no.1) and follow the crowd until you see a small entrance to the market.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Outside Kamphaeng Phet Station Exit 2
Alternatively you can also take the MRT (subway) like what we did to either Chatuchak Park or Kamphaeng Phet Station then follow the signboard to the entrance of the market. You will see the well-known "coconut ice cream" stall just outside the exit of the Kamphaeng Phet Station (refer to the map below on "1")

Chatuchak Weekend Market Map
Before your shopping spree remember to grab hold on one of this area map which shows all the different sections and stalls available at the weekend market for your easy access. Furthermore the entire market is divided into sections which then branches into series of numbered alleyways called Soi 1, Soi 2, Soi 3, and so on hence with a map on hand it will helps you in a way too.

For those who want to send some souvenirs home or for friends, there is a Post Office within the market place that is located at Section 27 (left-hand side of Kamphaeng Phet MRT exit).

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Clothing; Section 2
To us chatuchak weekend market is like a shopping paradise within a huge maze so it is a must to grab hold of a map so that you can mark the locations that you are looking for instead of walking round and round through the rows of shops between the lanes (soi 1, soi 2 and etc).

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Kitchenware & Homemade Items; Section 2 Soi 39
[Must Visit] Basically if you look at the map carefully you will notice the whole area is divided into a sections which allocated for fashion, household, food, pets, gardening and etc that helps you to identify a specific section on the items that you are looking for.

Sample on how I use the mini tingkat for one pax lunch.
Example if you are looking for some European style household utensils or enamel tingkat container (layer lunch box) or mugs. This is definitely the stall that you are looking for and this is also one of my favourite stall that I spent quite a bit at the weekend market.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Coconut Oil Products for cooking, hand cream and etc.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Local Snacks: Dry shredded coconut & mango, durian roll, sweet and etc

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Craft section 

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Local Souvenirs
While walking around you can find some Natural Handmade Soap that comes in different design such as fruits and animals from LABOTE SPA SOAP. The price is much cheaper as compared to those selling in shopping malls at about 3 for 100 baht (SG$4.00) instead of 150 - 200 baht.

A short video clip on our trip to Chatuchak weekend market.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Thai Coconut Ice Cream, Section 2
[Must Try] Remember to grab one of this refreshing "Coconut Ice Cream" (40 baht - SG$1.60) which is located between Sections 1 and 2 (near the entrance of Kamphaeng Phet MRT). You can choose a scoop of coconut ice-cream, slices of coconut flesh and two toppings of your choice (sweetcorn, peanuts, glutinous rice, crispy mung bean and etc) together with a complimentary cup of fresh coconut juice to beat the scorching heat.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Local Street Food
Along the way you will find similar stalls like the above selling quick bites such as Thai fish cake, fried quail eggs, BBQ chicken and etc to fill your tummy while continuing your shopping.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Thai Street Food; Section 23, Soi 31-33
For your information Chatuchak market is a food galore with more than 500 food stalls selling Thai street food, Japanese food, Vietnamese food, Halal food and more. The Food and Beverages stalls are spread across different sections (section 2, 3, 4, 23, 24, 26, 27) around the area for your convenient. Although the quality of the food might not be the best you can get but at least you get a chance to see and try out different  types of food within the area.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Thai Street Food; Section 23, Soi 31-33
Fries, nuggets and spring roll are great finger food for both adults and kids to snack along the way.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Thai Street Food; Section 23, Soi 31-33
Fresh BBQ prawns where you get to see them pick up the live prawns and cook on the spot using charcoal.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Deep-fried sweet potato balls
This deep-fried sweet potato balls which taste similar to mini sugar donut is one of my favourite street food that I always eat whenever I spot them.

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Freshly squeeze Thai orange juice
[Must Try] This freshly squeeze Thai Orange Juice is just what you need on a hot day while braving through the heat. Each sip is sweet and fragrant without any added sugar or artificial chemicals which you can see them made on the spot. It comes in two sizes small (30 baht - SG$1.10) and big (60 baht - SG$2.35).

[Chatuchak Weekend Market] Mango Sticky Rice
Mango Sticky Rice (Khao Niaow Ma Muang) is one of the popular desserts among tourists and you can find many places (example: along the roadside, shopping mall, night bazaar) selling this in Bangkok even at the Airport duty free shop too. A good portion of the mango sticky rice should consists quality sticky rice with slight chewy in texture, drizzle of fragrance coconut milk and right sweetness of the mango instead of plain and sour.

Overall we had a great afternoon at the weekend market getting stuffs that we wanted despite of the hot weather which hit 37 degree celsius and cranky the boy whom was tired and restless due to the hot weather.   

(@ Siam Paragon Mall)

In the evening we meet up with bestie and her family at "paragon food hall" which located at ground level of Siam Paragon Mall. Beside those stalls that sell local Thai delights there are also numbers of restaurant, cafe and food kiosk available for your selections too.

[Siam Paragon] Thai-style Noodles
Since we wanted something local, we ordered these Thai-style Noodles in Tom Yum and Beef Broth. The tom yum version is cooked using the well-known brand of "instant noodles" in Bangkok together with ingredients of your choice from seafood, fish or chicken. I had the seafood version for 130 baht (SG$5.00) which serve with huge prawn, thick slices of fish, squid and soft-boiled egg.

[Siam Paragon] Pad Thai
[Must Try] Mum had Pad Thai which is a common local street food found in most eateries.  The flat rice noodle is being stir-fry together with eggs, firm tofu and other flavouring ingredients such as dried shrimp, garlic, tamarind pulp, fish sauce, chilli pepper and palm sugar. Often this noodle is serve with chopped roast peanuts and vegetables like bean sprouts, garlic chives and etc.

[Siam Paragon] Mango Sticky Rice

[Siam Paragon] Coconut Ice Cream @ 69 baht each
After dinner J's husband went to get some desserts for everyone and he came back with some mango sticky rice and coconut ice cream as he heard us mentioned them through the conversation on our earlier trip to chatuchak market. Although the price is slightly higher (about 20 - 40 baht more) than those sold at the weekend market or shop along the streets but the quality and quantity given are still good and worth a try.

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