Friday 1 September 2017

[recipe + video] Matcha Banana Loaf

I simply love to explore different recipe using banana as one of the ingredients. Recently I made this hassle free Matcha Banana Loaf using the last two overripe banana that I had in the pantry together with my favourite matcha powder. Furthermore the steps are easy to follow as it requires only mix and stir before you pop the batter into the oven.


You can have the loaf on its own or lightly toast it then serve with a slab of butter or even ice-cream. Oh ya since this is a stir and mix method, do not tends to over mix the batter or else the texture will be tough and chewy. 

Watch how we made this delicious Matcha Banana Loaf.

Recipe adapted from DIETITIAN, Matcha Banana Muffin here.

(Yield: 2 (6x2x2") loaf | Preparation: 10 minutes | Cooking: 40 minutes)

250g self-raising flour
2 - 3 teaspoon matcha powder
120g caster sugar

Wet Ingredients
160-180ml milk
1 medium egg (60g with shell)
280g mashed banana (1.5 large banana)
60ml oil or melted butter
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract

1. In a large mixing bowl, sift in flour and matcha powder then add sugar and mix well.

2. In another bowl mashed banana and egg till combined.

3. Next stir in vanilla extract and oil then follow by half portion of the milk.

4. Pour wet ingredients into flour mixture and slowly stir till no trace of flour with the remaining milk (you might not need all the milk).

5. Divide batter into muffin cups or loaf pan, bake in 180°C (356°F) oven for 40 minutes or until a skewer inserted in the center and comes out clean (or 25 minutes for muffin).


(分量:2个(6x2x2")模具   | 准备: 10分钟   | 烘烤时间: 40分钟)

2 - 3 茶匙抹茶粉

160 -180ml牛奶

1. 在一个大碗中筛入自发面粉和抹茶粉,然后加砂糖拌均匀。

2. 接着另一个碗将香蕉和鸡蛋用叉子搅拌均匀直到香蕉变泥状。

3. 然后加香草精和油中搅拌,再倒入一半的牛奶。

4. 将湿材料倒入面粉中再慢慢搅拌和加剩余的牛奶拌到没有面粉的痕迹(如果面糊太水你可能不需要所有的牛奶)。

5. 将面糊倒入模具然后放进180摄氏度烤箱中烘烤40分钟如用松饼模具就烤25分钟)。

(on 09 September 2017)

Made another batch of Matcha Banana Loaf to test the recipe again after receiving some feedback from readers. Most of them face a common issue where their loaf turns out to be dense and gluey. Although I am not very sure what might be the caused but out of all the 3 tests using the recipe above mine turns out to be fine with well raise and airy texture.

Cross-section of the slice
So below are some tips which I hope it will be useful for those attempting the recipe.
- if your loaf is dense and gluey it might be due to over mixed of the batter;

- wet ingredients might not be fully mixed before adding into to the dry ingredients;

- type of flour used might affect the texture (please follow with self-raising flour);

- control the amount of milk added into the batter as it should not be too runny.


These two beautiful banana loaves and muffins made and shared by our readers who tried out this recipe.

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