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Thursday, 5 May 2011

[Giveaway!!!!] NEW BK SHOTS Burgers

Recently Burger King(BK) launched a range of 3 new products targeting on young women specially under the campaign "WHAT WOMEN WANT, WOMEN GET". This new BK SHOTS Burgers compact the flame-grilled goodness of the usual BK burger into bit-size option which can be split into two and shared among friends and families.

Here I have a pair of BK SHOTS Burger voucher to share with with ONE lucky winner so that you too will get a chance to try out these new launched products. If you are interested, just leave your Name and which BK SHOTS burger you would like to try, example "I would love to try the NEW BK SHOTS Rodeo Beef Burger" in the comment box and I will pick ONE Lucky winner on Tuesday, 10 May 2011. Result will be announce on Tuesday, 10 May 2011(Noon). (VOUCHER can only be used in SINGAPORE)

For those who prefer chicken over beef, this BK SHOTS Spicy Chicken Burger will certainly suits your preference with its perfectly fried crispy chicken patty nestled between soft fragrant seedless buns instead of the usual sesame bun. And for extra flavour this chicken patty is also served with spicy BBQ sauce that pairs up heavenly to meet your satisfaction.
Price: BK SHOT Spicy Chicken Burger @ S$2.50 each (a la carte)

And as for the beef lovers, they have two difference choices that you can settle for. This BK SHOTS Redeo Beef Burger comes with it's signature onion rings as one of the stuffing. With this choice you would be able to get a good combination of crispy onion rings, American cheese, flame-grilled 100% beef patty in generous spread of BK Special spicy BBQ sauce.
Price: BK SHOT Rodeo Beef Burger @ S$2.50 each (a la carte)

But if you prefer sauteed onions more than fried onion rings, perhaps this BK SHOTS Grilled Onion Beef Burger will be a better choice for you. These baby burger is pack with perfectly sauteed onions melded in their spicy BBQ sauce that served in soft fluffy seedless bun with combi of 100% flamed-grilled beef patty, cheese and creamy mayonnaise sauce. And this is definitely my first choice to order compare to the other two mentioned above as I love the unique fragrance of sauteed onion.
Price: BK SHOT Grilled Onion Beef Burger @ S$2.50 each (a la carte).

Overall I think this new BK SHOTS Burgers are great for kids and young students due to it's size whereby they can easily spilt and shared the burger with their siblings or friends at a affordable cost of S$2.50 for each BK SHOTS burger or S$4.95 for a meal(with medium fries and medium drink).

Thanks everyone for your participations on this "BK SHOTS Burger Voucher" Giveaway.
Congrats to the Winner (click to View)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Domino's Pizza

Domino's Pizza has finally makes it way back to Singapore after it's hiatus for so many years. I remember this was my favourite takeway during my 2 years stay in Brisbane where we always pop-by to the nearest  Domino's outlet near our area on every Tuesday for their 1-For-1 promotion which you can get 2 regular pizza for less than AU$10.

Since last year, Domino's Pizza has re-lunched in Singapore with better flavour, products and services that capture most of the patrons palates. Recently we received some flyers in our mailbox on their value meals and A-la-crate Pizza offers which comes in handy especially during rainy evenings where we just want to enjoy some comfort food without leaving home.

Here is our "Value Meal 1" that costs S$29.80 nett plus an extra S$2.00 for our "Half and Half" toppings. I always love the idea of having two flavours in 1 pizza as I get to enjoy my favourite toppings without wastage of ordering two individual pizza which we could not be able to finish it up.

For this we have half each of the "Hawaiian Paradise" with 100% mozzarella cheese with smoked chicken breast, turkey ham and juicy pineapple while "Classy Chic" was topped with smoked chicken breast, chicken sausage, onion, green pepper and ripe olive. All these succulent toppings were all resting on top of the light and crispy Crunchy Thin Crust which was flat and thin that enables you to really enjoys the toppings instead of the flour dough. For your information, Half and Half only available for Regular, Large and Xtra Large pizza with the same pizza sauce base.

For side orders we had Cheese Onion Ring, Hot and Spicy Chicken Wings and Twisty Bread. But sad to say their hot and spicy wings taste rather tough and it was served in a pool of salty red sauce that soaked up the wings.

We love this Twisty Bread which was another version of garlic bread but with a softer, chewy kind of texture that topped with lots of yummy garlic powder.

Although we might not be very satisfied with the orders that we had but on the other hand I must compliment on their  good customers sservice which impressed us. Their operating staffs actually took the initiative to call and inform us about the possible of delay after 20 minutes upon order confirmation. And a 2nd call was received around another 15 minutes later to check upon the delivery of the pizza as well as their apology for the delay.

And to compensate their delay in delivery they also present us a FREE Regular pizza coupon which we can use on our next order too. Perhaps this coupon will come in handy for our 2nd trial on their speedy delivery pizza which might turn out better than what we had on this order.

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

[Promotion] Burger King Tendergrill Chicken for S$1.00

(Print or download this promotion advertisement to your phone for redemption)

If you have missed out last week McDonald's 1-FOR-1 great deal. Here is another even better offer from Burger King where they are having a one-day promotion starting tomorrow, 10th March(Thursday) from 11.00am at all Burger King restaurants in Singapore (except Escape Theme Park) for the S$1.00 Tendergrill burger. (Usual price from S$5.25.)


~ Redemption is easy, all you need is to flash the related advertisement or promotion in any visual form when ordering. It can be coupon print out, newspaper clipping, MMS, edm etc.

~ Redemption period is from 11.00am till restaurant closes on 10th March.

For more details you can visit their site at:-
~ Website :
~ Facebook :

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

[Enjoy 1-FOR-1] New McGRILL Burger @ McDonald

This morning I received a tweet from McCafeSG on this "1-FOR-1" coupon which we can redeem 1 FREE item from the A la carte Burgers, Chicken Nuggets and McWings. And the FREE items will be the same as the purchased item. [Eg: For any McChicken Value Meal purchased, you will get 1 FEE McChicken Burger.]

Since last week I could not make it for their official media launch event, today We decided to take this opportunity to try their new launch McGRILL Burger by using this 1-FOR-1 coupon .

The tender and juice Chicken is grilled using chicken thigh meat that is marinated with teriyaki sauce and topped with fresh whole-leaf lettuce, red tomatoes slices which then sandwich in between their Bakery style Sourdough Bun and Chargrill Sauce. Each mouthful taste great with the sweet and chargrill fragrance that is release from the chicken and its' sauce.

For your information this "Teppanyaki Chicken McGrill Burger" will be sold at S$5.50 (a la carte) and S$8.00 as an Extra value meal.

So if you prefer grilled chicken over deep-fried version, do grab this opportunity and download/print this coupon at their website here or visit their official website for more detail @ Promotion Valid till 07 March 2011.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

BK Fish'n Crisp Burger

Recently Burger King has launch a NEW BK Fish’n Crisp burger under their BK A4DABLES menu. This succulent fish fillet is covered with melted American cheese, tangy tartar sauce and cradled between a toasted sesame bun that leaves every bite full of satisfaction.

Each set of the BK A4DABLES meal, priced from $4.95 which includes Burger with medium drink and fries. Below are the 5 BK A4DABLES meals:-

1. *New* BK FISH’N CRISP MEAL - S$4.95


3. WHOPPER JR® MEAL - S$5.25



To pamper yourself for an addition side-order, you can try these black peppery spiced chicken drumlets which infused with a hint of aromatic basil for a spicy fragrance to excite your smell and taste.

Price:- S$1.95 (2pcs), S$3.90 (4pcs); or
Top-up extra S$1.00 to to any Value Meals to receive FREE 2 pieces of Black Pepper Basil Drumlets.
Limited Time Promotion until 31st March 2011.

WIN! 10x BK WHOPPER Meals(worth S$72.50) Each

In conjunction with the BK A4DABLES menu, if you have eaten any “overpriced” meals lately you can simply email a photograph, receipt and description of the overpriced meals to

Burger King will pick out FIVE (5) best contributors featured from 17 Feb – 21 Mar 2011 to win 10x BK WHOPPER® Meals (worth $72.50) each. For more details you can check out their facebook site @

Friday, 18 February 2011

2011 McDonald's Miniatures

Every year around Chinese New Year time, McDonald will come out with all kinds of special New Year collection such as Hello Kitty, Winnie the Pooh, Doraemon Lucky Charms and etc. And this year they have McDonald's Miniatures that comes with cute little food miniatures such as Fillet-O-Fish, Mc Cafe, Apple Pie, Big Mac, French Fries, Double Quarter Pounder starting on weekly basis from 13 January 2011 until while stocks last.

My boy loves McDonald's Happy Meal Nuggets and McChicken since toddler and when he spot the 1st week collection of "Double Quarter Pounder and French Fries" he was so thrilled about it. So from that week, every Thursday he would request McDonald meal for dinner in order to purchase the collection for that week.

You can purchase these miniatures at either S$2.50 per miniature or S$25.00 per box set with any purchase such as sides or drink which not necessarily to be the value meal.
[Array of Burgers]: Left(Big Mac), Fillet O Fish and Double Quarter Pounder.

[Week 2] By the 2nd week we are able to assemble our own set of value meal with drink(Mc Cafe), burger(Double Quarter Pounder)  and fries.

[Week 3] Finally we got hold of the "Apple Pie" launched on the 3rd week to complete our set meal with side dessert. But too bad there isn't any miniature on either Sundae or McFlurry which will be great.

After 3 weeks of eating and waiting for the miniatures to be on shelf, here are our complete set of "McDonald's Miniatures". Have you completed yours too? If not maybe you still stand a chance to grab hold of some left over stock at your nearest McDonald outlets.

Monday, 24 January 2011

8 Chicken Choices from Burger King

Recently as a part of Burger King ongoing commitment to their consumers, they have served up 8 different sumptuous chicken varieties meals for chicken-lovers. Be it grilled or fried, juicy or crispy, spicy or mild, from set meals to snack treats there is sure a deal that suits your choice.

From "The Classic - BK Chicken" to "Mushroom Swiss Tendergrill Chicken" or Snack such as "Mexican Drumlets" to the NEW "Black Pepper Basil Drumlets", Burger King leaves you spoilt with all its chicken varieties that you can enjoy during anytime of the day.

Whenever you look step into Burger King there is always varieties of items on their menu  such as  creating your desire Whopper with any of the different add-ons sauce/toppings, chicken-lover you can select your choice from the 8 different types of chicken varieties or fish burger. With these I am sure there is definitely one choice that sure your mood and taste for the day. 

And if you fancy something spicy and crispy, this "Spicy Tendercrisp Chicken" that made from 100% premium chicken thigh meat, deep-fried to perfection with every succulent and juicy bites would be a great choice. This burger is also served with bed of fresh shredded lettuce, slice of ripe tomato and creamy mayo sauce in between corn-dusted bun.

  [Good News!] From 13 January - 16 February 2011, you can get 2 pieces of Black Pepper Basil Drumlets FREE with any purchase of  LARGE Chicken Meals(comes with large fries and drink). These Black Pepper Basil Drumlets are perfect as an appetising snack or serve it as an extra side for a satisfying value meal. Most of us who tried  it during the tasting love its hint of aromatic basil flavour and spicy black pepper taste.

You can purchase this separately without ordering the set meal at:-
~ 2 Pieces @ S$1.95
~ 4 Pieces @ S$3.90

Furthermore as part of the new campaign for its 8 chicken varieties, Burger King release "NEVER CHICKEN OUT" spoof videos to send a message of empowerment. You could check out the spoof videos  and their facebook fan page contest at the following links for a laugh or
opportunity to win a Microsoft XBOX 360 and Burger King food voucher :-

1. YouTube:

2. Burger King Singapore Facebook Fan Page:

Thursday, 16 December 2010

BK Steakhouse Burger

Recently BURGER KING has launched a new menu where patrons can enjoy a steakhouse dining experience at majority of their outlets island wide. With the new Loaded Steakhouse Burger and Steakhouse Burger, beef lovers would able to discover a new level of satisfaction in a premium steak dinner at lower cost.

A few days ago after passing some souvenir to friends in town, we decided to grab some quick lunch before heading off to some  Christmas Shopping in Orchard area. And since we are around Dhoby Ghuat area, my boy suggests that we could have BURGER KING at Plaza Singapura for lunch. So guess what we ordered!

Yes!!! After scanning through their menu and tossing between the two "NEW" launched Burgers, we finally settle for this "Steakhouse Burger" that comes with the following ingredients:-

New Steakhouse Burger
- 4” Corn-dusted premium bakery Bun
- Premium Angus Beef Patty (4 Oz), flame-grilled
- A.1. ® Thick and Hearty Steak Sauce
- Crispy Onions
- American Cheese (2 slices)
- Creamy Mayonnaise
- Crunchy Lettuce and Red Ripe Tomatoes (2 slices)

Price: S$5.95 for Ala Carte 
Price: S$7.95 meal set (comes with medium fries/onion rings and medium soft drink)

But if you are looking for something more filling and without vegetables topping such as lettuce and tomato, perhaps you can consider the "Loaded Steakhouse Burgers" that comes with similar ingredients compare to Steakhouse Burgers except they replace the veggie with extra Turkey Bacon and the creamy Mashed Potato Spread.

New Loaded Steakhouse Burger
- 4” Corn-dusted premium bakery Bun
- Premium Angus Beef Patty (4 Oz), flame-grilled
- A.1. ® Thick & Hearty Steak Sauce
- Crispy Onions
- American Cheese (2 slices)
- Turkey Bacon (4 ½ slices)
- Loaded with creamy Mashed Potato Spread

Price: S$6.95 for Ala Carte 
Price: S$8.95 meal set (comes with medium fries/onion rings and medium soft drink)

Other than the two choices above, you could also enhance your burger by adding extra ingredients shown below to build your own personal preference.

- Extra premium Angus beef patty (4 Oz)- $3.00
- Extra crispy onion - $0.50
- Extra A1 Thick and Hearty Steak Sauce - $0.50
- Loaded mashed potato Spread- $0.80

While taking my orders the friendly serving staff at the counter also recommend me to try this new "Funnel Cake Sticks" which cost  much cheaper as an add-on for any value meal purchased. Each box comes with 9 bite-size dough sticks that are fried to crispy golden brown then dusted with icing sugar. To be honest these dough sticks are indeed very addicting while having it warm and it taste similar to those sugar donut texture. I would suggest  you could  order a cup of  the premium coffee to go with these for afternoon tea snack.
Price: S$1.95 per box (as an add-on item) or;
Price: S$2.95 per box (as A la carte)

Steakhouse Burgers and Funnel Cake Sticks are available for limited time only from 02 December 2010 – 12 January 2010 at all outlets except Escape Theme Park and Singapore Polytechnic.

In fact, BK takes this irreverence to the next level by collaborating with Sheikh Haikel (Rapper, Artiste, DJ, Host, BK Fan), who is the perfect embodiment of BK’s idea of fine dining. Sheikh has specially remixed his latest hit “Still Steady” (from his latest rap album 10.10.10) for BK, entitled “BK Still Steady”, to promote the Steakhouse Burgers too. For more details you could refer to the official facebook page "".

Note: This is not a sponsored post.

Thursday, 9 December 2010

Fat Boy's The Burger Bar

FATBOY'S - The Burger Bar is a burger place in town that serves appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, milkshakes, floats, beers and etc. It has two branches which one located at Upper Thomson and the other at Mohamed Sultan. The outlet at Thomson normally opens from late afternoon till midnight during weekdays and noon onwards on Friday till Sunday. With its visible location along Upper Thomson Road this outlet do draws quite a number of crowds during evening time where patrons gets to enjoy the meal and some chill out with their wide range of beverages.

The concept of the outlet is design with black and white layout that pairs with high bar tables and chairs on right side and picnic benches on the left.

  And like most of the burger restaurants in Singapore, you can always find a "Giant" menu near the entrance showcasing some of their speciality items. 

  The soup of the day was "Cream of Carrot" during our visit. After about  5- 8 minutes of waiting time, the soup is served in a quite decent size of portion for one for its' price. But the taste of it was kind of dilute and we think this can be better compared to the current quality.
Price: S$5.00 per bowl

From the menu we ordered two different types of burger which is the B.O.D (Burger of the Day) that happens to be "Bolly Wooly".  This burger is made up with juicy lamb patty that served with lots of  lettuce and tomato together with smooth layer of homemade curry remoulade and topped with mango chutney.
Price: S$11.50 per plate

All these yummy fillings are sandwiched together with homemade Honey Oat Bun and some thick slabs of French Fries. The lamb patty taste pretty good with its' right texture and seasoning and it goes well with the curry remoulade too.

Next we have "Salmon Says" where the grilled salamon patty was topped with guacamole (avocado-based dip) and cheddar cheese on whole wheat bun.
Price: S$12.00 per plate

As usual each set of burger serves with extra lettuce and thick slabs of fries as sides. Compared to the lamb patty, the salmon patty was kind of sad to be say as on the downside as we felt that the guacamole was rather a bit sour and it does not blend well with the salmon patty.

So next round when your drop by along Upper Thomson Road, instead of having Chicken Rice or Char Kway Tiao at the Longhouse Coffee Shop perhaps you can consider this for a chance. I am sure the huge portion will be able to fill your hungry appetite.

FATBOY's The Burger Bar
187 Upper Thomson Road
Singapore 574335
Telephone: +65 6252 8787

Opening Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 4.00pm - 12.00am
Friday, Satursday, Sunday and Public Holiday: 12.00pm - 12.00am