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Thursday 24 May 2012

Feet Haven Reflexology @ East Coast Road

Take a moment to rest your feet with a soothing massage can be a powerful brief solution to loosen the nerves in the leg. Recently I have visited "Feet Haven Reflexology" which is a premier foot reflexology spa located at 136 East Coast Road (about 5 - 7 minutes walk away from the new 112 Katong Shopping Mall). And since my brother and his friend are regular customers who shared good feedback about their services, I decided to join them for a session too.

{Luxurious Ambiance} Feet Haven has established in April 2011 and customers can choose from its many services such as Foot, Shoulder and Neck or Body massage to cater for individual needs and preferences. Upon entering the shop, I am captured by its luxurious ambiance, calming fragrance and soothing music as well as their friendly greeters. And the place give me a very smooth and relaxing feeling which I am comfortable with.

{Plus Points} There are also some cards with words like ‘I like it hard’,’ Soft touches’,’ moderate please’, ‘Silence is golden,’ ‘I don’t mind small talk’’ extended to customers where we could pick  our preference for the level of strength and whether we wish to be disturbed during the massage. And on top of that,  all customers also gets to enjoy free flow of hot tea or Pineapple juice of their choice during the massage session.

{Skillful Masseurs} From a glance and a friendly chat with the person in-charge, it is said the company has a hire local and senior policy, where seniors and locals are given priority when recruiting masseurs and these masseurs are very experience in their skills which received much praises and good feedback from customers. I, myself has experience the before and after effect from this foot reflexology massage as I could feel the different and changes in my body, as in my gastric and aching problem shows improvement after the session.

Feet Haven Reflexology
136 East Coast Road
#01-01 Singapore 428821
Telephone: 6344 7311

Opening Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 12 noon - 10.00pm;
Friday to Saturday: 12 noon - 11.00pm

Feet Haven Basic Foot: S$28.00 / 45 minutes session
Feet Haven Shiok Basic Blend: S$38.00 / 60 minutes session
For more other prices, discount or packages, please refer to their website for more details.

Sunday 20 December 2009

AZUR @ Crowne Plaza Hotel

Christmas Season is around the corner, and this is always a wonderful time for family members to get around together to have meal and at the same time update on each others latest progress. Since this weekend, Church service is at Indoor stadium, we decided to go for an High-Tea Buffet at Changi Airport, T3.

Azur is located on the 2nd level of the Lobby Lounge of the Crowne Plaza at Changi Airport Terminal 3. It has two show kitchens with chefs serving the best of the Eastern and Western international cuisines. The environment and layout is great for family gathering of food and chat.

The High-Tea Buffet starts from 12.30pm to 4.00pm. You can choose from finger foods like deep-fry fish fillet to spices chicken drumlets to Japanese Ramen. Or you might fancy some of their cold seafood like prawn, crayfish and mussels.

I am those who will always go for the dessert section in any buffet instead of the main eatery. I love to try out all kind of their special in-house dessert. Since now is festive season, they are having some Christmas Pudding and Pumpkin Logcake. Out of the local Singapore Kueh and dessert, we love the Durian Pengat(which is sort of like durian puree mixed with coconut milk and coconut sugar). This is sure a great dessert for the day for those Durian lover like us. Other than Durian Pengat, there is this Mango & Passion fruit gel/jelly that caught our attention. It has a very light and refreshing taste and Mum alone can take about 5 portions of this.

Since this is a High-Tea Buffet, you can see a lot of different kind of Nonya Kueh in the pictures. But personally I still perfect the western cakes and pudding, especially during this Christmas Season.

We also managed to take a few shots of these cute little Christmas Cookies and Gingerbread Man house. My son was so thrill when he saw all these cute goodies. I think this is really a good time for kids to enjoy with food and gifts. Posted by Picasa

Overall, the food served at Azur is of their standard and with Citibank Credit Card, you will still enjoy a 20% discount over the total bill.

Saturday 28 November 2009

Jia Xiang Sarawak Kolo Mee

The famous Sarawak "Jia Xiang Mee" has about more than 6 outlets scattered in different area of Singapore. Till now, we have tried about 3 times in their Vivo City, Compass Point and Thomson branch. According to the menu and write up, their noodle is Air-Flown fresh from Sarawak Kuching and their wanton skin is thin and smooth. They have different choices of dried Kolo Mee such as Abalone, prawns, wanton and etc.

The photo feature here is their Signature Dish of Kolo Mee with Abalone slices. Friendly speaking, you can ask for more when you pay for a bowl of noodle at S$8.90. But we are just curious on what kind of Abalone they will be using.... and I guess from the photo you can see whether is it worth to pay the S$8.90 :p Other than the so called "Abalone slices", there were plenty of ingredients such as - lots of green vegetables, minced pork, char siew, fried wanton and in the separate bowl of soup there are 2 prawns and 3 wantons.

Em... for me as I was in a mood of having curry, I decided to give their curry noodle a try. I have tried a few curry noodles from those famous stalls selling Chicken Curry Noodles but the curry at Jia Xiang taste much different from the local type. I personally find that the curry don't really goes well with the Kolo mee as it taste a bit blend or maybe the noodles has not adsorb the gravy from the curry. There is also a powdery taste in their curry gravy so I guess is not my cup of tea. Posted by Picasa

Sunday 15 November 2009

Sarawak Noodles Vs Indian Rojak

There is this coffee shop located at Block 248, Simei Street 3 which is directly opposite, Eastpoint Mall at Semei MRT. Since we are having Church service around Singapore Expo area, we decided to drop by Eastpoint Mall to have our lunch and stock up some daily groceries too.

Heard from friends that there is a stall selling Sarawak Noodles in that coffee shop that attracts quite a number of people. Or we decided to give it a try. From the menu, they have both dry and soup version and you can choose the type of noodles that you prefer, from flat/thin noodles to kuey tiao (flat rice noodles) and etc.

From the photo shown you can see the serving is actually quite a large portion with lot of ingredients in it. A bowl of this dry noodle cost S$3.50 each and it comes with a little bowl of Ikan Bilis soup which is tasty and fragrance.

From the same coffee shop, I spot an Indian Rojak stall at one of the corner. I was attracted by all the fried coconut flour balls, prawn fritters, egg tempura, fried tofu, vegetable fitters and fried tempe. I remember when I was a kid, I love to eat the Indian Rojak together with my late dad. It is him that both of us share a lot of common food compare to other members of my family. After you pick your choice of items from the shelf, they will re-fried it then serve with a bowl of dipping sauce which is red, hot and spicy with some mixture of toasted sesame seeds and crushed peanuts. Posted by Picasa

Monday 19 October 2009

Jin Long Seafood @ Bedok North

"Jin Long Seafood Restaurant - 金隆海鲜菜馆" is always crowded and reservation is definitely necessary or else you will have to wait for a very long time before you can get a place or till the food to be served. From the waitress, we heard that the stall is going to shift over to the opposite block whereby they will have their own air-conditioning restaurant in a couple of weeks time.

When it comes to Tofu Dish, making a choice to order this "Jin Long's Signature Chai Poh Tofu - 菜脯豆腐" will never disappoint you. The Chai Poh(salted turnip) - 菜脯 topping was so crispy and light that I thought it was minced garlic at a glance of it. The tofu itself is very smooth and silky which you can hardly imagine something after deep-fried can still be so yummy that will melt in your mouth when you eat it.

Egg Omelette or "Furong Dan - 芙蓉蛋" is one of the most commonly egg dish that is found in Zhi Char stall - 煮炒摊. A plate of good and tasty Furong Dan depends on the skill of the chef as how he control the fire while frying the egg omelette. The omelette served in Jin Long is just nice with it's slightly crispy outer layer that gives you a very special aroma when eaten.

This look similar to one of my favourite dish "Coffee Pork Ribs - 咖啡排骨". But according to the waitress this is known as "Baked Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs - 港式烤排骨". The pork ribs are marinated with their special sauce then baked it until soft and tender. To us the taste of the pork ribs is good but the meat seems to be a little tough for older folks to chew it.

Lastly comes the "Deep-fried Scallop Combination - 千叶带子" which is also one of their signature dish where you can enjoy a few taste and texture in one dish. The ingredients that found in this dish are: scallops(you can see from the photo, the scallop used are of thick flesh), prawns, banana and bak kwa. Each layer of the scallop is sandwich with fresh prawn and banana that topped with a piece of bak kwa and deep-fried with their special batter. We have waited for at least 30 minutes for this dish to be served until we almost cancel this order, but luckily the end products was still worth the waiting time. Do give this a try, it's definitely worth the price of less than S$20.00.Posted by Picasa

Updated New Address: January 2010
Blk 412, Bedok North Ave 2
#01-114, Singapore S460412
Telephone: 6442 9398

Sunday 4 October 2009

Old Airport Road Food Centre

Old Airport Road, Block 51 Market & Food Centre is located somewhere near Geylang. In this food centre you can always see people queuing at most of the popular stalls like Cha Kuey Teow, Prawn Noodles, Wanton Mee and etc. Today, we happen to drop by that area due to the Church service at the in-door stadium.

There are really too many choices of food to choose from, I was so excited about those food that I can't decide which food that I want to try out on. While walking around the food center, I saw quite a number of people carrying/buying/eating Otah. After searching around, I found this stall known as "Tan Beng Oath Delight", they have different size of Oath available for your selection and on top of that, they also sell Nasi Lemak. So without hesitate, I grab a pack of Egg and Fish Nasi Lemak together with their famous Otah. The Oath taste great and you can either eat it together with the rice or just plain on itself. The lady boss is very friendly and nice, she even gave me a name card and say that we can call to order in bulk for party or BBQ. If you are interested, you can give them a call at: 9436 0738 or 9694 5755.

I recommend this "Xin Mei Congee", a must try at this Food Center, the congee although cost slightly higher in price, but the texture was great. It's so fragrance and smooth when you eat it hot. This stall offer a good range of congee from fish, chicken, meat and etc. And something special about this stall is, they actually made their own deep-fry fritter(you tiao - 油条) which is so crispy and goes well with the congee. My boy who is a picky eater, finished almost half of the congee and the you tiao which he comments is nice and tasty.

Facing the main road entrance of the Carpark, there are two Prawn Noodle stalls together in the same row just a few stalls away from each other. The one that we decided to try is this "Albert Street Prawn Noodle" while the other down the corner is the "Whitley Road Big Prawn Noodle". We waited for about 15 minutes or so before the noodle was served to our table. The outlook of the noodle seems great, with about 2.5 medium size big prawn that is being cut into half. And from the photo, you still can see there are some egg roe in the prawn and it also comes with some extra chilli powder which you might prefer to add into the soup. Overall, the soup base is sweet, fragrance and worth trying. Perhaps next round, we shall order a bowl from "Whitely Road" stall and see what is the different between the two stalls. But if you have tried both the noodle from both the stall before, maybe you might be able to share with me your view.........

Sunday 20 September 2009

Astons Specialties @ East Coast

Astons has many branches located in different parts of Singapore range from Shopping Center to neighbourhood coffee shops. So I am sure no matter which area you are from, there is always a Astons outlet near you. Today we are visiting the outlet at East Coast Road which is opposite Katong Mall after hearing a lot of good comments from friends, especially on their Wagyu Beef Set.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is great with it's furnishing and warm and prompt services. First to be served is their Cream of Mushroom soup which is very good. The soup itself is very thick and creamy which is towards our liking.

From a quick glance on this post, you can see that we have actually ordered 3 different "Beef" set which are "Porterhouse Cut", "Prime Ribeye" and their famous Grade 6 "Wagyu Beef". This Porterhouse Cut served with Potato Salad and Garden Veggie which gives it a brighten up colour contract from the cut.

Medium Well cooked Prime Ribeye comes with Onion Rings and Pasta Salad. The beef is nicely grill and it is still soft and juicy when cut through. This is sure worth the price of S$16.50 including two side dishes.

Finally comes the STAR of tonight dishes which is their Grade 6 - Wagyu Beef. This slice of 200g beef cost S$38.90 with 2 side dishes of your choice and a drink. It is kind of high for such a pricing to enjoy a small piece of beef but if the chef has done it well, I am sure it will worth it price for that.

Finally here is my Salmon Spaghetti which I was kind of disappointed with it. This seems to be like a chunk of fish meat coated with tomato sauce placed on top of the cooked spaghetti. Overall it is kind of an affordable restaurant for Western food as there is no extra GST or 10% service charge in the total bill as in you only pay for the price that you see from the ordering menu.

Sunday 26 July 2009

Ikea - Tampines Branch

IKEA has two branches in Singapore that is located @ 317 Alexandra Road and 60 Tampines North Drive 2. Both offer a wide range of well designed, functional Home Furnishing products at reasonable prices that many people will be able to afford them.

And other than the wide range of imported furnitures and home accessories. They also have their own IKEA Restaurant which offers "Traditional Swedish Dishes" like Swedish Meatballs and Poached Salmon at less than S$7.00 a set for adults. Little kids also have special kid's meal which is less than $3.00 and there are microwave available to warm up baby and toddlers food in order to cater for everyone needs in the family.

I love their Poached Salmon served with potatoes and broccoli and topped with a buttery cream sauce that does not taste or feel greasy and it really blend well with the salmon. Other than the poached salmon, we also try their famous Swedish meatballs. Em... the overall taste is great, but then we don't really like the fragrant of the meatball which taste a bit odd for us :)

Other than the above, I also get a bowl of their soup for the day which is - Cream of Mushroom but I am kind of disappointed with it as it taste kind of salty and I can't really get that touch of mushroom taste in it. But as usual, their fried chicken wings are still as good as before. The taste is great and it's best to eat while hot so that it is more crispy and tastier.

Saturday 25 July 2009

Sakae Sushi - Parkway Parade

There are about 40 Sakae Sushi branches all around Singapore which offer a wide varieties of affordable Japanese cuisine delights which range from Sushi, Ramen to Teppanyaki. Since we are in the East Coast area today, we decided to have our lunch at one of the Sakae branch located in Parkway Parade.

There was quiet a long queue due to the weekend lunch crowd but we still managed to get a seat in less than 20 minutes. Upon seated we were quiet impressed and amused by the different varieties of sushi plates available on their conveyor belt. The first item that caught our eyes it something similar to the California Maki that is top with fresh mango slices, cream cheese and black fish roe. The taste really blend well and the fresh mango slices do give it a refreshing fragrant and taste.

Second items that we grab is the Nigiri sushi that top with a thick gorgeous slice of smoke salmon which is coated with some ground black pepper.

Third items that we pick is a sushi roll wrapped with cream cheese and Japanese cucumber and also top with extra cucumber slices, prawn mayonnaise and fish roe.
Rey is a Sakae fan who loves their Nigiri Sushi, especially Tamago. He will have at least 3 plates of that whenever he dine in at any of the outlet. And today he is very surprise to find this new outlook of Tamago that they served in this Parkway branch. Look at the slice of Tamago on to of the rice, it is such a big serving that we have ever seen in other outlets before.

Next comes our main course other than the sushi plates that we had. I order this Seafood Set Lunch @ S$12.90 which consists of Half Shell Scallop, 2 Large Prawns, A slice of Pan-fry Salmon, Stir-fry Assorted Vegetable(beansprouts with onion and lot of garilc), Miso Soup, Crab meat Vegetable Salad and with a top-up of another S$2.50 more you can also enjoy their Garlic Rice.

Em... personally, I felt that they have added too much garlic and sauce in preparing the half shell scallop and the assorted vegetables which makes them pretty salty. But overall the salmon and prawn is great, especially the prawn that taste so fresh and "Q".

Although this is the very first time I tried their garlic rice, I was kind of impress by the taste and the extra topping of dried krill. Overall we give this set 75% for the taste and presentation :)

Lastly, if you are a Sushi fan, and happen to be around that area, you might also want to consider their Sushi Buffet at a reasonable price during the specific hours indicated in the pamphlet. Posted by Picasa