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Friday, 19 October 2012

The Yogurt Place plus Giveaways!

Recent years there are many yogurt stores coming up in Singapore such as Yami Yogurt, Sogurt, Sour Sally, Frolick, Yoguru Yogurt and etc. To be honest I seldom visit yogurt stores unless I have run out of homemade yogurt (recipe), but If I did my frequent stores would be either Yami Yogurt or The Yogurt Place.

At Yogurt Place, they have both Frozen and Greek Yogurt depending on your choice and their Frozen Yogurt could be kept in the freezer for about a week (7days) if you intend to purchase in bulks. Although they might not have huge varieties of fancy toppings and some of the fruit compote might be slight sweeter as compared to others. But I love their freshly made "Greek Yogurt" which is smooth and creamy.

Their Greek Yogurt comes in two different flavour such as "Plain" or "Green Tea" in 4 different sizes shown below:-

~ Standard(180ml) @ S$3.90/cup
~ Large(240ml)@ S$4.90/cup (shown in the photos here)
~ Mini Jumbo(360ml) @ S$6.90
~ Jumbo(750ml) @ S$12.90

To add in some extra flavour or crunch you could choose additional toppings such as Strawberry, Mango, Kaya, Fruit Pebbles (more details here) at S$0.90 per serving

Yogurt Place also offers Frozen Yogurt which available in 3 different flavour such as Plain, Strawberry and Fruity Pebbles. These frozen yogurt could be kept in the freezer for about 7 days so that you could enjoy it even at home too.

Below are some of the Yogurt Place outlets for your reference:-
~ Compass Point #B1-16A
~ Jurong Point #03-114/115
~ Toa Payoh HDB Hub (Basement 1 foodcourt)
~ The Arcade Level 1 (beside Raffles Place Mrt Station)
~ Downtown East (Opp wild wild wet)
~ NUS University Town Koufu Foodcourt



As mentioned previously there are so many ways which you could enjoy eating yogurt either plain with honey, topped with your desire fruit compote, fresh cut fruits, granola, or even use it as an ingredient for cooking/baking.

This is a very delicious and easy to make Lemon Yogurt Cake which you could make use of the Greek Yogurt. More detail of the recipe here.

Instead of the usual Hollandaise sauce which is made using egg yolk, butter, lemon juice and pepper, I have replaced it with Greek Yogurt which is healthier and lighter when pairing with the poached egg and bacon. Recipe of this dish will be available in my recipe blog soon.


Thanks to Yogurt Place, I am giving away “S$20 Gift Voucher” each to 5 lucky readers.

To win:

1. Like the the above Yogurt Place Gift Voucher photo on Cuisine Paradise Facebook Page;
2. Share the photo and remember to set your privacy setting to “PUBLIC” so that we know who shares it; AND
3. Leave a comment that you have liked and shared the photo.

Closing Date: 21 October 2012 (Sunday), 9.00 PM.

*only for readers living in Singapore*

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Angel Hair Pasta And Fried Rice Using Lee Kum Kee XO Sauce Plus Giveaways

With more than 120 years of history and relentless efforts in quality and innovation, Lee Kum Lee (李锦记) has became a well-known household brand as well as in the kitchens of many best gourmet restaurants. Today you can also find Lee Kum Kee products in most Asian or Local supermarkets worldwide with their featured range of products.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

iGen Mints plus Giveaways

Recently Huiji (汇集) has launched a new product which is known as iGen Mints. These mints are available in two flavours such as Double Mint (green) and Sour Strawberry (red) with each tin weighing 15g and contains about 75 mints in it.

Since iGen mints are sugar free and delicious, you can enjoy anytime as you want to keep yourself cool and refreshing.  These mints also comes in conveniently packaged ‘click-clack’ tins boasting a unique metal, slide-to-open design that enable you can bring it anywhere.

iGen Sour Strawberry has a strawberry scented taste when you pop it into your mouth and it's tangy taste that linger in your mouth will also keep you fresh and awake. I am sure you would dote these pinky little mints if you like strawberries plus these mints are also sugar free with vitamin C too. 

iGen Double Mint has a refreshing and yet not over powering spearmint flavour which keep you fresher against the heat waves as well as refreshing your breath after meals or beverage such as coffee. Moreover each piece of Double Mint only contains 0.48kcal calories due to it's sugar free content.

So do keep a look out on these iGen Double Mint and iGen Sour Strawberry retail at S$2.20 each at Cheers, FairPrice Xpress and etc.

Furthermore, just for your information recently iGen has organize a facebook giveaway contest for their fans till 15 September 2012. To participate, click on their contest link HERE and answer a simple question (answer can be found in this post) in order to stand a chance to win the "Monster Diamond Tears Headphones".  Remember to "like" iGen Mints page before you could proceed to the contest.


Thanks to Huiji (汇集), I am giving away 4 boxes of “iGen” mints (2 Double Mint and 2 Sour Strawberry) each to 5 lucky readers.

To win:

1. Like the the above iGen mints photo on Cuisine Paradise Facebook Page, AND
2. Leave a comment on facebook photo stating roughly how much per month you spent on buying sweets and which is your favourite to grab.

Closing Date: 06 September 2012 (Thursday), 12 NOON.

*only for readers living in Singapore*

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Food Fest @ 313 plus Giveaway of Dining Wallets

Photo credited to 313@Somerset
Did you know that in conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival, 313@somerset has prepared a series of Food Fest, entertainment and promotions from 27th July till 31st August 2012 exclusively for their shoppers?

And on top of that, shoppers who spend $150.00 on weekdays (max 3 receipts with one receipt from Food and Beverage outlets) will be entitled to 313’s Spend-and-Win and stand to walk away with the grand prize of the new iPad worth $958.

Photo credited to 313@Somerset
And for food lovers, you can purchase the “313 Dining Wallet” at $19.00 (includes dining vouchers worth over S$40 from selected Food and Beverage merchants from 27th 27 to 31st August) to fest on your favourite restaurants or eateries at 313.

How To Use:-
Just present the appropriate coupon  at the participating Food and Beverage outlets and enjoy exclusive deals for lunch, dinner, drinks and dessert. Theses coupons are also coloured coded into different dining option for your easy reference.  (Each coupon can ONLY be used ONCE)

Below is the list of participated Food and Beverage merchants:-

Bee Cheng Hiang, Blue Mountain Café, Charlie Brown Café, F.I.S.H. by Fish and Co., Food Republic, Honeymoon Dessert, JiBiru Japanese Craft Beer Bar, Jollibean, Kenny Rogers Roasters, MaggieMoo’s Ice Cream and Treatery, Malones Irish Restaurant & Bar, Oriental Herbal Tea, Paradise Inn, Prima Déli, Smoosh Juice Bar, The Flyin’ Bread, The Handburger, Trattoria Italian Kitchen, Umi Sushi, Wang Café and Yoshinoya.

Dining Wallet with S$40 worth of food and beverage coupons

Photo credited to 313@Somerset

Thanks to 313@somerset, I am giving away ONE “313 Dining Wallet” each to 2 lucky readers.

To win:

1. Like the 313 Dining Wallet photo on Cuisine Paradise Facebook Page, AND
2. Leave a comment on facebook photo to name the purchase price of this “313 Dining Wallet” and 1 food/beverage outlet that can be found along the Discovery Walk in 313@somerset. (clue:- answer can be found in this post).

Closing Date: 31st July 2012 (Tuesday), 12 NOON.

*only for readers living in Singapore*

Friday, 27 July 2012

Mid Autumn At Swensen's plus Giveaway

Photo credited to Swensen's
Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with cool Swensen’s ice cream mooncakes that comes in six authentic flavors.  This year, let these sweet affair at both Swensen's and Earle Swensen's filled you with mouth-watering Swensen’s signature smooth and full dairy ice creams which encased in a unique pastry skin.

In addition, their special Disney ice cream mooncakes are back again this year which I am sure it will bound to be a winner especially for the little ones.

Photo credited to Swensen's
These cool ice cream mooncakes are presented in an elegant keepsake box that featured the unique Swensen’s Tiffany lamp designs which we all familiar with. And these delightful ice cream mooncakes also come in a box of four (S$29.80 per box / S$8.60 per piece), with a choice of six delicious flavours shown below which you can mix-and-match:-

~ Strawberry Fields Forever
~ Durian Royale
~ Yummy Yam
~ Sticky Chewy Chocolate
~ Cookies 'N' Cream Dreams
~ Mocha Almond Delight

Photo credited to Swensen's
As for Disney fans or parents with kiddo, you can consider to get a box of this adorable Mickey Ice Cream Mooncakes (S$16.90 per box) which is available exclusively at Swensen’s. These mooncakes come in a box of two, with a choice of  either Strawberry Fields Forever and Sticky Chewy Chocolate (or you can also request for one flavour each).

And furthermore, these Disney ice cream mooncakes are thoughtfully packaged in a unique and colourful Mickey die-cut box that features attractive printouts which is perfect for the young ones to keep as a memento.

Swensen's Ice Cream Mooncakes

Photo credited to Swensen's
So if you are a Swensen's ice cream fans who love to try their signature smooth full dairy ice creams which encased in a unique pastry skin. Here is your chance, I would be giving away a box (4 regular ice cream mooncakes) of Swensen's Ice Cream Mooncakes to ONE lucky reader;

To win:

1. Like the Swensen's Ice Cream Mooncakes photo on Cuisine Paradise Facebook Page, AND
2. Leave a comment on the Facebook photo, name TWO flavours of  Swensen's Ice Cream Mooncakes (clue:- answer can be found in this post).

Closing Date: 29 July 2012 (Sunday), 9pm.

*only for readers living in Singapore*

Friday, 18 May 2012

{EVENT ENDED} Gold Kili Coffee plus Frezfruta Jam Giveaway!

Hi! It's Friday again and it's time to slow down your pace and get ready for the weekend break if you have being work too hard for the week. Here I have some new products review plus giveaways to brighten up your day as well as boost up your energy with a cup of fragrant coffee from Gold Kili.

I am sure most of you who stays in Singapore have either tried or heard of "Gold Kili" products before. Since 1985, Gold Kili has being a local coffee manufacturer and distributor with great selection of Instant Beverages such as their ever popular Instant Honey Ginger and Instant Honey Chrysanthemum. And just recently Lion City Distribution, a joint venture between Gold Kili and Frezfruta has launched a total of 7 products on their improved coffee, tea, cereal and jam which some are shown on the post below.

Double Shot Instant White Coffee And Kopi O

Double Shot Instant White Coffee features the strong full-bodied taste of the finest Arabica Beans blended with a rich creamer and as well first instant coffee in the market which has "Inulin(寡糖)" added. Inulin is known to promote the growth of good Bifidus bacteria to help maintain a good digestive systems which worth giving it a Shot!
Retail Price: S$6.50/packet of 15 sachets

Kopi-O 35% Less Sugar is a new and improved from Gold Kili's 2-in-1 Kopi-O (35% Less Sugar) using 100% ground coffee that’s traditionally roasted in Singapore but this new packaging comes with less sugar for the health-conscious. So for those who prefer non-milk coffee this will be a great choice to start your day with.
Retail Price: S$4.30/packet of 20 sachets


For regular consumer, you will notice they orange-coloured Frezfruta Kaya has actually being replace from "tin-can" to a classy glass bottle like what other competitor brands used. Although this traditional kaya might not be of liking to those who fancy thick, creamy and fragrant kaya such as from Yakun toast but in another view this might be someone else favourite too. So for a chance no harm giving this a try on your toast or baguette.
Retail Price: S$2.25/bottle

Frezefruta Peach as well as Frezefruta Apple Blueberry Jam are new fruits jam in the  market made from IQF(Individually Quick Frozen) fresh fruits, with a high fruit content of 50%  that is natural goodness at its best. Although I do make my own jam from time to time(read more on homemade jam recipes here) but it has never come across my mind to combine apple with blueberry into jam. So upon trying their Apple Blueberry Jam it indeed gives me a light and refreshing berries taste which goes well with a few cream crackers and a cup of tea.
Retail Price: S$3.00/bottle

For more product updates and recipes using Gold Kili and Frezfruta Jam, you can follow Lion City Distribution(the official distributor of Gold Kili Coffee & Beverages products, Frezfruta Jam and Kaya as well as other food items in Singapore)at their facebook page HERE.



Thanks to the sponsors Frezfruta and Gold Kili. Here we are giving away a set each of the above items(Peach, Apple blueberry Jams and Kaya, Double Shot White Coffee and Kopi-O Less 35% sugar) to 3 Lucky Readers of Cuisine Paradise. To participate, please please refer to our facebook page HERE.

~ For those who has no facebook account but wish to join in this Giveaway. Please leave a comment on which is your favourite old Kili Beverage or Frezfruta Jam.
Example:- I love Gold Kili Kopi-O 35% Less Sugar

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Chef Sleeve For iPad

Few weeks ago, I received a box of this Chef Sleeve for iPad/iPad2 to review and since sometime I love to reference to some of my online recipe collections instead of the big and heavy cookbooks, I guess this sleeve will be in great help to keep my iPad protected in the kitchen.

Friendly speaking tablets are not cheap and they can be easily crack or break if you are not careful in handling them. Moreover using tablet in the kitchen might be a bit messy with the splat, spill and spread of ingredients during cooking process especially baking where flour mixtures and egg might get a bit tricky if you place the tablet nearer to your access.

(iPad Protector)

Each box consists of 25 sleeves which cost about S$1.00+ each and when you take out a sleeve from the box, there is a flap on one side where you can slide your iPad into the sleeve. To secure it, just remove the thin white strip to expose a sticky part on a flap, fold the flap back over the iPad and it is ready for use. Even though your iPad is protected by the sleeve, you can still use all your favorite Apps while making a mess and it's touch screen works perfectly under the thin protective film.

Although the sleeve is not water-proof but it is certainly makes to water-resistant till some extend to withstand spill of coffee, drinks or water by accident.

If you are looking for quick and easy protection for your iPad in the kitchen or outdoor where there is a risk that it might get dirty or wet, Chef Sleeve definitely works very well. For those who is interested to get this product you can refer to the following:-

~ From SINGAPORE:- Their online ordering site HERE;


~ Chef Sleeve Facebook Page(Singapore) HERE.

Each Chef Sleeve box consists of 25 sleeves that fits both iPad and iPad 2.


Here I would like to share some of these sleeves with 2 Lucky Winners, each will received a gift pack that comes with 5 sleeves in order for your use or share with friends to try out this new iPad protector. If you are interested, please participate the Giveaway through Cuisine Paradise Facebook Page HERE.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Kiwifruit & Lime Cupcakes

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As much as you read about my passion on using fresh fruits in both my dishes and bakes I am rather excited with my new love on using "kiwifruit" as one of the key ingredient. Before my recent encounter with ZESPRI kiwifruit, I didn't know that kiwifruit has so much health benefits or rather it could be so versatile to use in creating our daily meals.

Below is another way that you could in-cooperate kiwifruit in baking some delicious cupcakes to impressive your guests with minimum steps and effort. These serve great for afternoon tea with cup of fragrant tea to balance it's zesty taste.


We love the texture of this cupcake which is soft, moist and infuse with hint of sweet and sour zesty flavour from the green kiwifruit and lime syrup. And it really taste great while eating it warm as a tea-cake or as after meal dessert which gives you a refreshing taste and comfort feeling especially during cold nights.

(makes: 6 | Preparation: 10 minutes | Cooking: 25 minutes)

75g Self-raising Flour
40g Plain Flour
50g Ground Almond
80g Caster Sugar
62g Unsalted Butter, melted and cooled
1 Large Egg
60ml Milk
1 1/2 Ripe Green Kiwifruit, cut into cubes
1/2 Green Kiwifruit, sliced for garnishing

1. Preheat oven to 180°C. Place combined flours, almond meal and sugar in a large mixing bowl. Stir well.

2. Whisk egg and milk together with melt butter and slowly stir into the flour ingredients follow by the cubed kiwifruit.

3. Using a spatula, mix well and spoon mixture into paper cases and bake in preheated oven for 25 - 30 minutes till golden and skewer inserted and comes out clean.

4. Cool in pan for 10 minutes before turning onto wire rack to cool further.


Lime syrup is great to act as an addition toppings to enhance the flavour of  many dessert dishes or as an accompaniment to certain drinks which needs a zesty lift. This syrup can be served warmed or cold with desserts or cold. For a combination you could also used half portion of lime juice mixed with lemon juice instead of using one type of fruit.

(Preparation: 5 minutes | Cooking: 10 minutes)

Zest of 1 Lime
90ml Lime Juice(about 2 - 3 limes)
80g Caster Sugar

1. To make the lime syrup, place lime rind, lime juice and sugar in a small saucepan. Stir over low heat until sugar dissolves.

2. Simmer over medium low heat for 8 - 10 minutes until thickened.

3. Cool the syrup slightly. Use a skewer make holes over the cakes before spooning the sryup over cakes and top with sliced kiwifruit.

4. You could also un-mould cake on serving plates, spoon over extra lime syrup and serve warm.

It has being a few months since my last submission for the monthly Aspiring Bakers event and since this month's theme is pretty easy which base on cupcakes. I would like to submit this quick and easy Kiwifruit And Lime Cupcakes for Aspiring Bakers #13: Enjoy Cupcakes! (November 2011) hosted by Min of Min's Blog.


Lastly I have a good news for all my Singapore readers. The folks from ZESPRI and Edelman team are giving us some complimentary ZESPRI Goodie Bags for 3 Lucky Winners which includes fresh kiwifruit, 2GB Kiwi thumb drive and etc delivered to your doorsteps.

In order to win a set of this goodie bag, leave a comment stating 2 Goodness of ZESPRI kiwifruit(answer can be found from my ZESPRI kiwifruit post HERE) together with your name and a valid email address. To double up your chance, you could also pop over to my facebook page HERE and "Like" the photo together with a comment on how you usually eats your kiwifruit.

Closing Date for this giveaway will be on Monday, 14 November 2011(Noon).

(updated on 14 Nov 2011)