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Saturday 23 January 2010

Pork Rib Soup - 得运肉骨茶

Trying out this Pork Rib Soup - 肉骨茶 stall that is located at Block 417 of Jin San Leng Coffee Shop at Yishun Ave 11 was never list even though we used to patronise that coffee shop after our usual Sunday church service. But after watching one of the episode from "New City Beat - 城人新杂志" whereby they feature all the yummy food that is available at this stall, we decided to join the crowd for a try.

We reach the coffee shop around 5.45pm but there was already a large crowds of customers waiting for their food to be served. So while ordering, the person who takes the ordered alert me that we might have to wait for around 20 - 30 minutes for the food to be ready.

We ordered their famous Prime Rib(排骨) Soup whereby the the meat will be soft and of good quality. The taste of the soup is great which is not heavy infused by the spices or herbs, but I think it can be better if it is slight less salty. (you can also ask for re-filled of the soup if you wish to have a 2nd helping)

Braised Pork Trotter is always one of my favourite childhood food which my dad always cooked it for us at least once a month. Honestly, I think a bowl of good and flavour braised pork trotter lies on the spices and the texture of the trotter. And the braised trotter at this stall is just nice, the layer of "fat" is so soft and yummy when you put into your mouth and the meat itself is also tender to bite.

Other than pork ribs soup and braised trotter, this stall also have other signature dishes like pork liver or kidney soup, steam fish, fishcake and etc. So if you happen to drop by Yishun area, perhaps you might want to give this stall a try. Posted by Picasa

Thursday 21 January 2010

White Bee Hoon @ You Huak Restaurant

Wondering whether you still remember a few week ago, I have shared with you some tasty BBQ Chicken Wing from a coffee shop stall opposite Sembawang Shopping Centre? Today, we will be exploring another coffee shop around the same area which is called "White Bee Hoon - 白米粉".

You Huak Restaurant is located at a corner of the road junction with 3 huge yellow square signboard written with the word "白米粉" which you can see it from far away. In this coffee shop there is only one "Zhi Cha stall - 煮炒摊" that is always packed with waiting customers who comes to patronise their signature dish which is the "Teochew Style White Bee Boon".

For today's dinner, we ordered 3 side dishes plus their signature "White Bee Hoon". Since it is around dinner time, the area is packed with a lot of waiting customers and we waited for about 20 minutes or more before the dishes arrived. First to be served is our favourite "Sweet & Sour Pork - 咕嚕肉" dish which cooked with a mixture of pineapple, assorted bell pepper and etc. Although the appearance of the dish look great and the sauce is appetising, but we find that the pork is rather a bit too tough. Maybe it had being over deep-fried or the type of meat use is rather not suitable. So in this case, we only rate it as 5.5/10.

Next to be on the table is their "Teochew Seafood White Bee Hoon", although this might look rather plain or simple but the taste is indeed good. From a glance around the coffee shop, you can see almost each and every table has a plate of this White Bee Hoon with different ingredient such as seafood, fish, or normal.

This seems to be a cross between zhi cha Fried Bee Hoon and "Hokkien Fried Prawn Noodle - 福建面". Both are fried with prawn or other ingredients then braised with some gravy and egg sauce then served with small lime for that extra fragrant. This dish also come with their special homemade belacan chilli which makes the bee hoon even more tastier.

We also ordered our all-time favourite which is this "Xia Zao - 虾枣". There are a few version of this tradition dish, some of it consists of ingredients such as "prawn, yam cubes, five spice powder and etc". The one that we had from this stall look great on the serving prawn, but the inner filling is too dry and it also taste salty compare to some of the best one that we have tried before. So this is not a recommending dish unless you prefer this kind of texture/taste.

We love this... I think this taste even better than the "Xia Zao". The bitter gourd is cut into slices (which in this case, they cut it slightly thicker than the usual one that we cooked at home). The egg and the bitter gourd is nicely fried and the aroma is so fragrant that you will want to keep on eating it. According to the waitress, they have two different version of fried bitter gourd egg, one is dry which is the one you saw on the above photo while the other is the wet version which consists of gravy and egg sauce.

Other than these 4 simple dishes, they also have a lot of signature dishes that you might be interested to explore with. I saw people having crabs, flower clams(la-la), crayfish and etc... all are worth trying.....

Monday 18 January 2010

Pizza Hut @ Causeway Point

Today we are having our dinner at Pizza Hut as Rey suggests that he would like to have pizza tonight. As usual, we arrived at the nearest Pizza Hut outlet near our area which is location at level 1 of Causeway Point Shopping Mall, just beside John Little Department Store.

While looking at the menu, we are caught up by this great promotion which cost S$11.90 for a 5 course delights which included starter, soup of the day, choice of your main course(pizza, pasta or bake rice), beverage of your choice and dessert of the day..... So without further delay we start off with our order......

The Soup of the Day is one of my favourite which is "Cream of Mushroom". At least this does not taste like those "Instant" soup or so, you still can see generous slices of Mushroom in it. Overall we are still satisfy with the taste of the soup, but if they comes with a slice or two of garlic bread for dipping it will be even better :)

We ordered two sets of the 5 course deal and one of the main course is this Chicken Pomodoro. I have heard and read a lot of good review of their new pasta range, so we decided to get something new from the menu. Chicken Pomodoro is made up with Olive, freshly made tomato sauce/diced tomato with Italian herb like Basil. Overall this is a very refreshing dish and we love their pasta sauce which taste just nice for us.

From the menu, they suppose to give us the CrissCross Fries but according to the staff who takes our order, she told us that it had being replace by the Starry Munchies which is the star-shaped hash browns fried to golden perfection. Rey loves this, as it comes with a crispy outer skin and he ate one portion of the two servings.

Other than the Chicken Pomodoro Pasta, we also ordered one of our all-time favourite which is the "Hawaiian Pizza" that spread with succulent chicken ham and juicy pineapple chunks. Although the flavour it still the same as before, but I think we didn't specify that we prefer a thin crust base so in the end the pizza that served to us was those soft and fluffy texture which we don't really fancy.

After an hour of so of waiting and eating, we finally finished our dinner and now it's time for our dessert. I guess that day was pretty crowded in the restaurant and we waited roughly about 20 minutes for our "Ice cream". In the end I still have to approach 3 different waitress before the dessert is finally being served to us. Posted by Picasa

Friday 1 January 2010

B.B.Q Chicken Wing @ Sembawang

Along Sembawang Road after the Chong Pang Camp, you will find an range of eateries opposite the newly renovated Sembawang Shopping Center. The formerly Yishun Seafood Village has now being take over by S11 Coffee Shop and within the coffee shop itself, you can find a lot of yummy local Singapore food like Satay, Fried Hokkian Mee, BBQ Stingray and etc.

In the S11 coffee shop, it will not be hard for you to notice the stall that is selling BBQ Chicken Wing and Spring Chicken. The stall is always crowded with people queuing up with orders and they also accept bulk orders for gathering or BBQ function.

Look at the colour of their BBQ Chicken Wings, isn't it look great. The wings are evenly cooked through and it taste great and fragrance with the seasoning. These wings are also serve with their special made chilli sauce which add extra flavour to the taste. Each wing is sold at S$1.30 each and the stall opens till 1am might night or while the food last. Posted by Picasa

Thursday 31 December 2009

Buckaroo BBQ & Grill

Time flies fast, today 31st December marks the last day of year 2009 and almost everyone is preparing for the countdown to welcome another brand new head start of the year 2010. In order to avoid the New Year crowds, we decided to have our celebration dinner one day ahead. Since we prefer to eat at somewhere nearer instead of going to the town, we decided to settle our dinner at Buckaroo BBQ and Grill.

Had about this place a few years back when my mum used to patronise their food with her boss and colleagues. Buckaroo is sort of a typical American restaurant that is located at Andrews Avenue near Sembawang Park. You can take Bus No. 882 from Sembawang Bus Interchange which you can drop at the bus-stop near Sembawang Park around 1st Car park Entrance. They opens from Wednesday to Monday from 4.30pm to 10.30pm.

Since they have a very good reviews from magazine and media on their special Buffalo Wings, we decide to get it a try too. Base on the recommendation of the waiter, we order half dozen of Grade 2 spiciness wings with 1 normal for the kid. According to the menu, they have 3 different level of spiciness for their Buffalo Wings. For your information, Buffalo wings are often fried chicken wings that are coated with special sauce. This sauce can be made with a variable amount of spiciness corresponding to the level of heat, such as mild, medium, or hot. The main ingredients in the sauce are a vinegar-based cayenne pepper hot sauce and butter.

This is the Grade 1 Buffalo Wing which does not have any sauce coated onto it. The outer skin of the wing is very crispy and overall the chicken is very well marinated with the herbs and spices. From what we see, we guess that the different between each Grade of spiciness might be due to how much sauce the wings have being coated with. Which means, the more sauce, the more spiciness it is. The price of this Buffalo Wings might be slight higher at S$18.80 for half a dozen which mean around $3 per wing, but if this suits your tastebud, I am sure it will be worth for the cost.

Look at this, isn't it gorgeous! It has always being in our thoughts to try Escargot after our last taste many years back. And so happening, when we saw this appetizer appears on the menu list, we decided to order without much hesitate. To our delight, this appetizer is great with the combination of butter garlic sauce and addition herbs and mashed potato. This is indeed worth the price of S$16.80 for half a dozen.

After the appetizer and finger food, here comes our Main Course for tonight. We are having this Medium Well done Beef Tenderloin with Mushroom Sauce that served with Bake Potato and Mixed Vegetables. The Tenderloin is juicy and nicely done to our liking and it really taste great with the Mushroom Sauce which infuse with a little buttery taste when you eat it. Posted by Picasa

Afterall, we think the food served in this restuarant is of their standard depending on what you ordered and what is your preference of liking. If you want to find a new and cosy place for gathering, drinks and maybe have a try of those Buffalo Wings. Maybe you can give this place a try, but the price of the food and drinks might be a bit towards the higher side even though it is not a High class restuarant. So do take note when you place your order :)

Sunday 29 November 2009

Char-Grill Bar

Saw some good reviews from some food bloggers site about this Western Stall in one of the coffee shop at Yishun Ave 11. And after taking a close look at the address, I realised that it is actually near-by to our Church cell-group venue. So today before dropping mum to the cell-group class, we decided to try out the food in this stall.

The stall has indeed a nice fast-food style menu with pretty lights and a bar counter with tall seats. They have many variety of food too, from different types of meat like chicken, beef and lamb to fish and even pastas. Other than food, they also serve alcoholic beverages like Long Island Ice Tea and the stall is open till 3am on weekends.

For the start, we try their soup of the day which is the Cream of Mushroom that comes together with the set meal that we have ordered. The taste of the soup is ok, cannot expected too much from a coffee shop stall, but then at least it is not salty and it still taste good.

This is the Grill Fish Italian Herbs which come with a huge serving of Dory Fish Fillet, Salad and Cut-in Fries at the price of S$5.80 per set. You can choose any two side dishes with the main course from raisin rice, fries, salad, baked potato, pasta and etc.

Other than the fish fillet, we also ordered the Single Rock Burger Set, which come with coleslaw and baked potato. The Single Rock come with a piece of Handmade Beef patty that is sandwich before the burger bread and top with their special sauce. Posted by Picasa

While dinning at the coffee shop, at the place where we were seated which is just directly from the stall. We can see that most of the tables were fill with either the Italian grill fish or steak. So I guess these must be the popular dishes of the stall.

Sunday 15 November 2009

Lobster Feast @ Sakae Sushi

It's another food venture time at Sakae Sushi. Today, we are going to have Seafood Melody at Sakae Sushi and everyone of us are so excited about it...... So, if you want to know more about what is going on at this Seafood feast........ Don't wait anymore, click on the Read More link now.......

Sakae Sushi at Sembawang, Sun Plaza Shopping mall is one the revamp outlet whereby they have this kids' corner which is like a small playground for kids to hang around while the parents can enjoy their meal and at the same time supervise their kids at a visible distance. Other than the kids' playground, this outlet also have a little conveyor belt corner especially cater for kids to enjoy their version of kids' sushi and bento.

As usual, we have to settle the kid first before our meal. Rey will always request for his favourite Tamago Nigiri to go with Ebi Tempura. And Ebi is the only item that he likes to eat as a finger food during our visit to Sakae. But sometime, he will reject this if the prawns are over-fried or the crumbs have soften by the time this dish is served to us.

This is the first time I ordered Warm Sake from Sakae Sushi. Since we are having seafood and the weather is pretty cooling due to the raining season, we thought maybe we can get a bottle of this to warm up our stomach before the meal. And according to their Beverages menu there are 3 different types of Sake that you can choose from. The taste of the Sake that is quite similar to the Chinese Rice Wine - 米酒 which is sweet and fragrance. But at a glance you might thought it look more like plain water than wine........

From their promotion pamphlet on the weekend Teppanyaki, whenever you order any set menu, you are entitled to purchase 1 Fresh Oyster which is direct air-flown from France at a special price of S$1.50 each. So with this great deal,on hand, we decided to get two. One which is raw while the other I choose to have it grill with white sauce. But whichever method it served, both are great for it's taste.

We ordered the special promotion on Boston Lobster Set for 2 which comes with these following dishes as well as salad, rice and miso soup. The first side-dish to set on the table is this 4 Half-shell Scallops that are cooked with special sauce and minced garlic.

A plate of Assorted Stir-fry Vegetables which consists of mushroom, assorted beansprouts, onion and minced garlic. We love the crunchiness of this stir-fry vegetable which is fresh and not over-cooked.

I am not sure how they prepared this chicken dishes, to me it taste sweet and somehow rather like honey chicken or maybe grill chicken pieces with Teriyaki Sauce. But this is another dish that goes well with their Japanese short-grain rice and miso soup.

Here comes the STAR of tonight's dish which is the Boston Lobster. The chef divides the lobster into a 3 different parts and served it in different cooking methods. First to be served on the table is these two huge Lobster Claws which they thoughtful crack the hard shell into easier breakable parts that allows us to eat the meat easily. I must confess that even at the claws part, the meat is sweet and tender.

The Lobster head is chop into smaller portion and simmered in an aluminum foil to cook into a savoury Lobster broth. The broth was fragrance and full of flavour and goodness that are released from the sweetness of the lobster meat.

Out of the 3 different cooking method and portion of the Lobster, I guess most of you will aim on this Lobster Tail which is cooked with a kind of creamy sauce that consists of butter, mayonnaise and herbs. The meat is so succulent and each bites is full of satisfactory from the combination of the sauce. Although this set costs around S$49.90, I guess it is still worth the price for the taste of the freshness of this Boston Lobster which you can eat from Head to Tail.

After a hearty meal, it will be great to end with something sweet and luxury..... So we decided to order a Tempura Ice-Cream which is hot on the outer skin but cold and creamy inside. This is absolutely a great dessert to accompany those wine, seafood, vegetable and meat.......Posted by Picasa