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Friday, 27 April 2012

{Photo Friday} Our Bento Dinner

Making Bento is one of our weekly or at least twice a month mother and kid bonding activities whereby my boy and I will agreed on a theme to work together to assemble his bento.  Up till date I have featured about 30 quick and easy kid's bento in Cuisine Paradise and here I would like to share with you two sets of our Bento Dinner which we have made recently.

A bowl of simple steamed rice topped with some Winnie the Pooh shaped roasted pumpkin adds some extra flavour to the plain rice.

A little bit of here and there make up a nicely presented kid's portion of our dinner. Instead of piling all the side dishes on the plate itself, I have divided them into small portion using colourful container to make the food look more appetising.

Here is another simple Bento Dinner which consists of Chicken Nuggets and Popcorn Chickens plus Hard-boiled Egg and some fish floss and baked whitebait on steamed rice. Till then have a great weekend everyone! Cheers!

Friday, 6 April 2012

{Photo Friday} Easter Cupcake Baked In Egg Shells

(photo credited to Celes from Celestial Delish)

Hi everyone, hope you have a wonder Good Friday! Today's post is slightly different as it consists of Photos, Guest Post(from Celestial Delish), and team recipe. Since Easter is this coming Sunday, Celes from Celestial Delish ask whether I am keen to do a Easter Cupcake Project together with her. And my answer is definitely "YES" when she brief me on the plan. So without hesitate, we start sourcing the necessary ingredients and as well as testing some of the egg dying process before the actual baking.

And guess what! After almost about 6 hours in the kitchen starting off with draining the eggs from the shells, washing and drying the shells, preparing colours to dye the eggs, getting the egg batter and filling ready. Finally you can see what we have achieve at the end of the day from the photos shown in this post.

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

{Horrible Act} I Demand A Fair Judgement!

Chinese version of this post on 什么是侵犯版权 HERE.
My mood was badly affected since yesterday after seeing a link posted over at "Munch Ministry - Happy Call Group" at facebook. The link was featured by regarding purchase of Happy Call Pan (link HERE). I was shock to find this link after reading the comments over at the Happy Call Group (as the members mentioned the featuring HCP photos are very familiar to their eyes) because those photos featuring in the advertisement are ALL mine except one of it. And the worst nightmare is the Merchant from "Everything Korean" actually crop and ERASED my watermark and replaced it with their in order to claim the right of the photos. As a food blogger who love to cook, snap photos and devote most of my time in blogging I am really upset over this issue.

So after some thoughts, I decided to post some comparisons photos from the featured links with my original photos over at Cuisine Paradise facebook page (HERE and HERE) as well as and Everything Korean facebook page to create awareness this misused of photos and copyright issue. But sad to sad, both and Everything Korean REMOVED comments posted by me and some of readers without even giving us a clarification on this issue. I am not trying to crate any problems for those parties involved, what I demand is a fair judgement for my STOLEN photos.

Above are some stolen photos of mine featuring at Happy Call Pan Deal which watermarks have being ERASED and replace by the Merchant's "EVERYTHING KOREAN" watermark. You can compare the above photos with my original photos below. They look 1000% exactly the same as my original photos!!!! 

Original Photo from Happy Call Double Sided Pressure Pan - 韩国双面锅 HERE with my copyright watermark "©Cuisine Paradise".

Original Photo from Happy Call Double Sided Pressure Pan - 韩国双面锅 HERE with my copyright watermark "©Cuisine Paradise".

After my emails addressing to plus leaving comments at their facebook page, they finally replied my email this morning addressing that they are in the process of taking down the pictures and they would also look into the matter with the merchant. But my replied to them is to demand them to REMOVE all  my related photos with IMMEDIATELY effect and yet they only remove 2 of the photos featuring my Happy Call Dishes which is shown on the comparison photos below plus they also STOP the featuring deal.

Emails from the person in-charge of "Everything Korean" after see "comments" over at their facebook (which had being removed by them) and as well my emails to From his emails I feel that he is not sincere (as he should seek my concern before using those photos) with his words and after my replied to him to remove all my related photos from with IMMEDIATE effect he did not even bother to reply my email at all till now.

So with all the above, it is sad to say that these people are really unprofessional in handling such case and I did not received any further clarifications or apologise from either or their merchant till date.

First photo above featuring two of my  Happy Call Dishes whereas 2nd photo below has remove the dish photos after my receiving pressure emails and feedback from my supporting readers and friends. But then they still did not remove the rest of the relating photos which you can still see from their link HERE.

My original photos of the above dishes which can be found at Claypot Rice and Sizzling Tofu Post HERE.

Another online deal from "Everything Korean" using my photos featuring at Singapore Bestsite.

Lastly one of my reader from facebook also mentioned that "Home Idea" has taken a photo of mine shown above (link HERE) without my permission, concern or knowledge.

Home Ideas added another some photos and recipes of my Happy Call Pan dishes to their facebook page without my approval. {Updated on: 04 April 2012) Although they have removed all related photos and recipes but this screen captured will remains to act of warning for future theft.

My Happy Call Recipes Post is upload with exactly the same format and words over at Happy Call in Singapore and Malaysia website without my approval or consent. {Updated on: 06 April 2012)

I really hope whoever out there who have done this kind of shameless act please spare a thought for blogger(s) like us who spent time and effort working on food photos and write-up in order to share and benefit our readers. We food blogger(s) are not those who can be easily BULLY so please don't take what we do for granted. If you really likes our photos or required any information, you can just seek for our concern on using the photos of information. Please don'tSTEAL and CLAIM whatever that is not belong to you as YOURS. If you are doing so, it is equivalent like STEALING without my approval.


Email received from management regarding the above issue. Glad that Richin Desai, VP, Marketing and his team has finally removed all my related photos pending to this copyright issue.

Dear Friends and Readers,

If you happen to see any of my photos from this blog being used without proper credit or like this issue, watermark being replaced unlawfully, please leave a comment or email me with details. So that in a way I could contact them as well as posting their shameless act over at this blog/facebook page. Thanks for all the supports.