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Saturday 21 August 2010

Sakae Feast

Last week, I organised a simple "Japanese Cuisine Dinner" for to share with our weekly cell group members. Instead of the usual home fellowship session, we held a short and simple one at a Sakae sushi outlet near our area. These are some of the foods that 14 of us ordered during the dining/fellowship session.

While everyone was busying flipping through the menu and thinking of what to order, I was attracted to their August Oyster Theme promotion. From the menu, I ordered this "Golden Oyster Maki" which is shown above. This comes with two deep-fried breaded crispy oyster resting on top of the maki and top with some fish roe and most of us love this new item and it's attractive presentation too.

As some of the cell group members rarely tried any Japanese Cuisine so I have to take the lead to order most of the dishes for them. To begin with any main course sushi, I am sure they will prefer something warm and smooth like Chuwanmushi which most of us prefer. Normally, my choice is always surrounded with " Sakae Chuwanmushi" but I would still prefer their Pumpkin Chawanmushi which is already no longer in their menu list.

For quick bite before the Teppanyaki sets are ready to be served, we have some assorted Temaki. These two are "Ebi Tempura" and "Unagi".

Soft Shell Crab and Salmon Mango Temaki.

"Golden Crispy Oyster" is also one of the item under the August Oyster Theme menu. Instead of Oyster and rice maki like the previous one above Gold Crispy served together with yummy deep-fried mashed potato Patty instead of rice.

Esther, together with her kids and helper ordered two bowls of the Teriyaki Chicken Ramen to share among themselves.

While Monica prefer this Teriyaki Chicken and Hotate Mentaiyaki Bento which served with rice and miso soup. This set comes with four yummy baked cheesy scallop other than the teriyaki chicken.

Since the outlet we are in also provides Teppanyaki menu, I decided to order a few sets for them to try too. And the way the teppanyaki chef prepares the dishes really captured some of the kids attention too.

I ordered two premium seafood sets and one premium beef set which all comes with stir-fried assorted vegetables, rice and miso soup. Most of us loves this stir-fried bean spouts with mushrooms which is just nicely done and not over fried.

Premium Seafood Set consists of Prawn, Cuttlefish and Bamboo Clam.

While Premium Beef Set consists of Beef, Foie Gras (made of the liver of a duck or goose) and Half Shell Scallop. Although we ordered medium rare for the beef but when served we find that the beef cubes are rather too tough to bite.

The half shell scallop is infused with lovely stir-fried garlic which make it so delicious to go with either steam rice or their special garlic rice.

Everyone enjoys themselives happily with the yummy sakae dishes and we are too full to have any dessert by the end of the meal. Other than Ramen, Hand Maki, Chuwanmushi, Teppanyaki sets, we also have a few plates of their fresh Salmon Sashimi. Posted by Picasa

p/s: We would like to thanks the lovely staffs and friendly outlet managers in North Point for their prompt services and cheerful attitude towards all the customers too.

Tuesday 27 July 2010

Sakae Power!!!

Remember this "Power Pro Bento” set which is launched during 22 June 2010, at the "Sakae Welcome The World 2010" event. This bento set is to tie in with the upcoming Youth Olympic Games whereby it consists of protein rich ingredients that help to increase strength, muscle development and improves athletic performance. This is what we have ordered at one of the Sakae outlet which look a bit rather different from what we saw during the event if you compare both the photos. (Click HERE).

The set comes with appetiser, main dish, rice/noodles, steam egg and cut fruits. For starter we tried the "Ebi Avocado Tofu" where you can only see a slice of avocado on it and the "white" tofu seems kind of messy with the pouring sauce all over the surface.

The broth of the "Seafood Kaminabe Hotpot" has being infuse with the sweetness of the seafood and vegetables which makes it great to go with rice. We love the broth which is just right for our taste buds.

The Fish Roe seems to be missing from our "Gindara Cod Fish" plate and the taste of the fillet seems rather odd with its sauce. If you have tried this "Power Bento Set" before, do share your experience with us on the items. Perhaps different outlets will have different end results.

"Sakae Chawanmushi" was still smooth and fragrant as usual and it is always one of our favourite items on the menu too. But sometime I do missed their "Pumpkin Chawanmushi" which has being removed from their menu.

We choose Udon over rice as we prefer something soupy to go with the sushi that we pick up from the convery belt. But you can always choose rice to go with the Seafood Kaminabe Hotpot.

After the meal, you can pamper yourself with some seasonal cut fruits to make this bento set a more complete meal. This “Power Pro Bento” set which cost S$22.90 will be available from now till 31st August 2010. And 15% of the proceeds from this “Sakae's Power Pro Bento” will go to the Singapore Sailing Federation. Posted by Picasa

Saturday 3 July 2010

Sakae @ Wheelock Place

This is our 1st time dining at Wheelock Place Sakae Branch that is located at a corner of level 2. The setup of the place look bright with some full-length windows facing the road that shows certain view of the ION building across the road. The last round when we dine at Wheelock Place was during last year December where we went over to eat pasta at "The Pasta Shop" by Sakae too.

As we are planning to have some small meals in between our shopping trip around Orchard area we decided to grab a few colour plates on their sushi belt. I am not sure what is the name of this sushi, but it seems like some diced shittake mushroom with sauce and topped with spring onion. Taste rather refreshing if you love mushroom.

Recently it seems that Sakae has replaced their usually "Red" pickled ginger to this normal "yellowish" type. Em... wonder what is the reason behind it :)

Soft Shell Crab Roll is the second item of our list which we find it rather normal.

This new Ebi and Salmon Mango Roll is one of my top choice because it consists 3 of my favourite ingredients into 1 dish. Imagine when you put into your mouth, the combination of the crispy fried ebi wrapped with rice and topped with salmon and mango. Em.... the sweetness and mango fragrant….really makes you crave for more.

Mum prefers this Prawn & Avocado slice because she doesn’t really fancy raw salmon as I do most. Overall we find the sushi served at this outlet is very fresh due to its colour and taste but on the other hand, we think they should really improved their customer services as it is quite disorganized when they took more than 10 minutes to serve the drinks and forget the items that I requested for at least thrice. Posted by Picasa

Sakae Sushi @ Wheelock Place
Orchard MRT Station
501 Orchard Road
#02-18 Singapore 238880
Telephone: 6737 6281

Opening Hours:
11:30am - 10:00pm (Mon - Thu & PHs)
11:30am - 10:30pm (Fri - Sat & PH Eve)

Friday 25 June 2010

Sakae Tenno Gozen

Last week, we have ordered this "Tenno Gozen" set from Sakae Sushi as the main course for our weekend dinner. We choose this because of it great varieties of items in it such as Lobster Tofu, Tempura Moriawase, Mini Udon, Sakae Chawanmushi and Beef Hotplate. This set is great to satisfy our family preference where each of us gets to eat what we like this bento set. For starter we can have the Lobster Tofu which is light and refreshing or you might prefer the Sakae Chawanmushi which is slight warm and silky to taste. After the appetiser, you can either start off with the beef hotplate or have your mini udon with the tempura moriawase.

Crispy Salmon Skin @ S$3.99 is a new item on the list that we have not try since it launch in March. So today when we saw it roll towards our table on the sushi belt, we decided to pick a plate up as our starter before our Tenno Gozen is served. These strips are very crispy and tasty which makes it very addicting when munching as snacks.

While munching the above crispy samlon strips we also grab a plate of "Unagi Tama Maki" whereby you can see a thick layer of Unagi on top of the egg maki roll. Em.... yum yum....

After about 15 minutes or so, our Tenno Gozen bento arrived with 5 individual items in the set. For starter we can have the Lobster Tofu which is light and refreshing(this item can be found in the A-la-Carte menu for $3.99) or you might prefer the Sakae Chawanmushi which is slight warm and silky to taste. After the appetiser, you can either start off with the beef hotplate or have your mini udon with the tempura moriawase.

The Beef Hotplate is served in a shallow metal plate with broth, assorted vegetables and mushroom which add extra flavour to the beef. The plate of beef seems to be quite a big serving which you might need to cook it in two batches instead of one so that the texture of the beef will be tender and not overcooked. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday 22 June 2010

Sakae Welcome The World 2010

Yesterday, 21st June 2010, Sakae Sushi has organised a one-day carnival event at Sakae Sushi building located at 28 Tai Seng Street. During the event, we also get a chance to see Sakae Sushi’s latest “Power Pro Bento” set before it is officially being launch in their restaurants in Singapore.

The “Sakae Welcomes the World 2010” event will be held at the Sakae’s new Tai Seng Headquarters with Mr Teo Ser Luck (Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports) gracing the event as the Guest-of-Honour. Sakae also invited over 200 students from Red Swastika Primary School to participate in a day of fun with sports with the Singapore Sports Council’s roving sports truck.

Although it was kind of a cloudy/rainy Monday noon, but the kids, parents and most of the organisers are enjoying themselves with those exciting mini games such as Table-tennis, Handball, Basketballs, Football and etc. The aim of this event is to promote healthy eating and an active lifestyle.

This is the “Power Pro Bento” set @ S$22.90 which is launched during yesterday event to tie in with the upcoming Youth Olympic Games. This bento set consists of protein rich ingredients that help to increase strength, muscle development and improves athletic performance. It consists of Seafood Kaminabe Hotpot, Gindara Cod Fish, Ebi Avocado Tofu, Kinoko Soup, Sakae Chawanmushi , choice of Rice or Udon and fresh cut Fruits.

Also 15% of the proceeds from this “Sakae's Power Pro Bento” that available from now till 31st August 2010 will go to the Singapore Sailing Federation. So do try this out if you love grill cod fish and seafood hotpot.

These are some of the finger food that are being served during the event. Look at these, isn't it look great and health for both kids and adults!

Each guest is given a lunch ticket whereby we can use it to redeem our sushi lunch box and a bottle of Mineral Water(with cute Sakae wrapper on it). Each box consists of 8 pieces of freshly made sushi which are:- Kani Makimono, Ebi Nigiri, Lobster Salad Gunkan and etc. This is indeed a special experience of us to enjoy our favourite Sakae Sushi in a lunchbox at the void desk of Sakae Sushi building during raining day afternoon…

These are some of the items found in my boy’s goodies bag which consists of Sakae design notepad, photo frame, mini electric fan, cap and a plush toy (my boy kept it). Thanks Sakae for the invitation, although they might be some disappointment on the event and weather but overall we still enjoy ourselves with the food and etc. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday 15 June 2010

Seafood Kimuchi Don @ Sakae

Recently it has always being raining in the afternoon or late evening and I guess having a bowl of piping hot rice will definitely warm up your body. Today we are going to try out one of rice item on Sakae’s new menu which is known as "Seafood Kimuchi Binbinba Don". Actually I have struggle for quite some time on whether to order this dish as I am afraid it might be a cold dish like “Salmon Don”.

Due to the dinner crowds, I waited for more than 20 minutes before my main course is being served. So while waiting, I ordered "Macha Ice Cream with Warabi Mochi". I have being craving for this dessert ever since I have tried it twice at Sakae. I love the taste of the Matcha ice-cream which really makes me drool for more, so I can't wait till finished my dinner before having this dessert.

Finally here comes my "Seafood Kimuchi Binbinba Don" that is being served in a scorching hot stone pot. The rice is well-blended with kimchi sauce together with decent amount of prawn, squid and half portion of soft-boiled egg. Although the rice is piping hot but it is not cooked in the stone pot itself so you won’t find any burning rice at the base of the pot like claypot rice.

Overall I find this Kimuchi Rice very appetising especially eating it on raining day as it gives you that kind of warm-hearted homecook food feel. This can be a good recommendation for those who love seafood and kimchi combination. Posted by Picasa