Tuesday 15 June 2010

Seafood Kimuchi Don @ Sakae

Recently it has always being raining in the afternoon or late evening and I guess having a bowl of piping hot rice will definitely warm up your body. Today we are going to try out one of rice item on Sakae’s new menu which is known as "Seafood Kimuchi Binbinba Don". Actually I have struggle for quite some time on whether to order this dish as I am afraid it might be a cold dish like “Salmon Don”.

Due to the dinner crowds, I waited for more than 20 minutes before my main course is being served. So while waiting, I ordered "Macha Ice Cream with Warabi Mochi". I have being craving for this dessert ever since I have tried it twice at Sakae. I love the taste of the Matcha ice-cream which really makes me drool for more, so I can't wait till finished my dinner before having this dessert.

Finally here comes my "Seafood Kimuchi Binbinba Don" that is being served in a scorching hot stone pot. The rice is well-blended with kimchi sauce together with decent amount of prawn, squid and half portion of soft-boiled egg. Although the rice is piping hot but it is not cooked in the stone pot itself so you won’t find any burning rice at the base of the pot like claypot rice.

Overall I find this Kimuchi Rice very appetising especially eating it on raining day as it gives you that kind of warm-hearted homecook food feel. This can be a good recommendation for those who love seafood and kimchi combination. Posted by Picasa

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