Wednesday 9 June 2010

Avocado Delights @ J. Co

During our shopping trip at City Square, Johor Bahru. We saw one of this J.Co Donuts & Coffee outlet located at level 1 of the shopping mall. The 1st thing that comes across my mind was not those attractive donuts but rather on their new promotion item which is on the "Avocado" products.

1st time when I saw this Avocado drink, it was at the outlet in Tampines 1 shopping mall a few weeks back. Tracy and I was still wondering how it taste like to have the combination of Avocado with Coffee. So today, I decided to try their "Caffe Avocado" and "Avocado Dicaprio".

Caffe Avocado was served together with a "Glazzy" donut (sweet honey glazed donut which is so soft and fluffy), which is a complimentary item for every beverage ordered. To us this "Caffe Avocado" is not as fragrance as what we thought of as it contain very little Avocado taste compare to the overpower of coffee in it. But this might be great for those who does not fancy the buttery taste of Avocado, because you cannot really tell the taste of Avocado used in this beverage.

Avocado is always one of my favourite fruit to get whenever I spot it in the fruit stalls or supermarkets. So I also grab one of this "Avocado Dicaprio" when I saw it appears on their Donut Menu. This donut is glaze with avocado cream and coated with some chocolate bits. Personally I don't really fancy the avocado whipped cream filling which I think it makes the donut too greasy and messy when consumed. Posted by Picasa

P/s: You can also get to try these Avocado Delights at any of the J.Co outlets in Singapore too.....

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