Thursday 17 June 2010

Kau Kee Mee Suah - 九杞面线

Kau Kee - 九杞 (wolfberry leaves) is a kind of leafy vegetables that comes in long stalks and sharp thorns on it. You can get this from most local supermarkets or tradition wet markets near your area. I normally cook this vegetable together with minced meat and egg. But in this post I am sharing another version by  transforming it into a noodle dish.

To make the soup more tasty and nutritious I also added in some fresh prawn together with minced meat to enhance the taste. As for noodles since I only have Mee Suah/Mian Xian (面线) available in my pantry I will just go for that. And for those who had read about my previous post on “Herbal Fish Mee Suah”, I am sure you already have the ideas that mee suah is actually made from rice flour and is very brittle in uncooked form as the strands are really thin.

(Yield: 2 | Preparation: 10 minutes | Cooking: 10 minutes)

2 - 3 Strands of Mee Suah, 面线
8 Medium Fresh Prawn
1 Packet of Kau Kee Leaves
150 Minced Pork
4 Slices of Ginger
3 Cloves Garlic, minced
2 Eggs
1200ml Hot Water

1. Carefully snip off the leaves from the Kau Kee stalks and soaked them in water for a few minutes. Rinse, drain well and set aside.

2. Season minced pork with some light soy sauce, sesame oil, pepper, corn flour and grated ginger (optional) for at least 15 minutes before cooking.

3. Preheat a small saucepan with 1 teaspoon of oil, saute ginger and minced garlic till fragrant, stir-in minced meat and roughly break them out and cooked till slightly brown in colour.

4. Next add in kau kee leaves and continue to stir till the leaves wilted and cooked through, add in hot water and wait for the mixture to come to boil.

5. Add in prawns and let it simmer on medium heat till the colour changed and cook through.

6. Remove the string from the mee suah, rinse it with water then add it into the simmering soup, give it a quick stir before breaking in the eggs.

7. Use a chopstick, stir the egg through the mixture and let it simmer for another 30 second before dishing up.

8. Lastly, top with extra cut chilli and dried shallot before serving.

~ Mee Suah must to be cook just a few minutes before serving or else it will soaked up all the soup and became soggy.
~ Usually I will cook individual portion rather than all so that it will be cook easily and the mee suah won't dried up too fast due to the cooking time.

This is another quick and easy meal which requires less than 30 minutes of cooking time and it definitely comes in handy as a comfort meal on busy weekday night.  The dish might look simple but I can promise it taste really good with the mixture of the ingredients used. So do give it a try! Ok I shall leave you with this recipe till I am back from my trip next week. Cya! Posted by Picasa

p/s: For more details/photo of Kau Kee, click HERE.


  1. Ellena, I love one dish meal like that. I made your Claypot Minced Pork Rice for dinner and it was delicious. I like how your recipe only serves 2, easy cooking for me and Aaron! We drizzled a dash of La You (Chili Oil) and it was delicious!

    This recipe, I want to make!!! I cannot find Kai Kee in Australia la...I am bad with my vegetables name. Can I use napa cabbage? I like them. We call it napa here but some parts of the world call it Wombok or Chinese Cabbage. You do know which one I'm referring to right???

  2. This is such a warmly comfort food! Simply delicious!

  3. Wolfberries isn't called 枸杞? Why is it called 九杞? Kindly clarify thank you.

  4. Quinn: Yup yup i know Wombok, i love that when i was in Oz. I used to cook it with minced pork and fishball :p Guess u can replace that with Kau Kee too :)

    Kitchen Corner: Thanks for your kind comment :)

    Pui Fun: Yup u are right, Wolfberries is known as 枸杞, but this "九杞" actually comes after the dialect name of "Kau Kee" :)


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