Monday 14 June 2010

SuperNature Organic Products

SuperNature store is located inside Park House Condominium that is near the road junction of Orchard Boulevard and Tomlinson Road. This organic store was established in 2001 and offers a complete range of organic and natural products in the meat, poultry, dairy, grocery and household care categories in a combined floor space of 4,500 square feet.

At the entrance of the store, you will notice a lot of carton boxes and cooler bags display on the left side of the shelf. These boxes are known as “Farm Box” whereby they offer 5 different range of farm box varieties for customer to select from such as “Asian Farm Box” (popular leafy greens, herbs, tubers and fruit in Asian cuisine), “Juice Farm Box”(different types of fresh organic fruit to blend into fruit juice to quench thirst) and etc.

This place is like a mini supermarket where you can find all kinds of fresh vegetables, seasonal fruits, frozen meat/poultry, dairy products and etc. Although the price might be around 10 – 30% higher than those usual products we get from the local supermarket but I am sure these organic products are worth it penny because of its' health benefit values.

Look at the fresh vegetables section, most of the vegetables such as egg plant, pumpkin, corn, green pea, mushroom and etc are all imported from overseas countries such as Taiwan, Australia, France, Japan, USA and many others. These products are all pesticide and antibiotics free and as well retain its very own vitamins and minerals.

Breakfast items are always one of the most important groceries that I would rather spent more to select some health choice for my family members. So while scanning around SuperNature store today, I am so delighted to find a wide range of Organic breakfast cereal, oats and dairy products. At their dairy section I also saw this “Straus Family Creamery” fresh milk that is imported from Marshall, California.

Next let’s take a look at their Pasta section where they have all kind of pasta such as Penne, Spaghetti, Shell, Elbow and some of them are even made of brown rice and they are “Wheat and Gluten-free”. Apart from the wide range of pasta sauce that can used to cook these organic pasta, you can also find some soy sauce, ketchup or more others seasoning sauce to lift up your dish from mundane to marvelous taste.

There are still many interesting sections in this store that I would like to share with you but due photographing restriction, I can only share some of the items which I find it great for working mum like me because some of these products really makes a great different to what we normally consume. Especially if you have young kids or old folks around, healthy life-style and food are always a great investment for them. Apart from the above, I also read from their website that they are having some "Dumplings"(made from organic pork belly & mushroom, click Here for more promotion detail) specially made for this coming "Dumpling Festival".

Other than the grocery store, SuperNature also has another new "Wellness" store that is location at the other end before the Supermarket near the entrance of the Condominium. Even before you enter the store, the light and refreshing scent of aroma is filling around the air and surrounding area that makes you attracted to the store. As I was rushing off, I only just roughly glance through the store to see what they are offering and I was surprised to find many organic baby food products such as drink, biscuits, cereals and etc.

Another discovery I found in this store is, they actually have "Organic Laundry Detergent/Powder" that does not contain any chlorine, phosphates or other chemicals which dangerous to our health. Perhaps I would drop-by another day together with mum and aunty to find more on their organic household items and beauty products which they might be interested in. If you are keen to know more about this store and the items they offer, you can click on their website stated below or drop-by their store and take a look at their products too. Posted by Picasa

21 Orchard Boulevard
#01-21/23 & 27 Park House
Singapore 248645
Tel:(65)6304 1338
Fax:(65)6735 0366

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