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Friday 10 August 2012

Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) Food Trail 2012 - Singapore Jurong Bird Park

Continue from my previous WRS (Wildlife Reserves Singapore) Food Trail 2012 post, here is the second part of the food trail journey where we headed over to the east side, Jurong Bird Park to have an interesting Lunch with Parrots.

The concept is quiet similar to the one we had for "Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife" at Ah Meng Restaurant mentioned in the previous post here.

"Lunch With Parrot" is an Asian-style  Buffet which starts from 12 noon to 2.00pm whereby the showtime is allocated at 1.00pm in order to let the guest enjoy their lunch before the show. Reservation or enquiry can be made by telephone call at (65) 6360 8560.

Although the lunch buffet does not have more varieties like breakfast we had over at Ah Meng Restaurant, but you still can find some local delight such as fried rice, fried noodles, fried chicken, prawns, curry, fresh fruits and etc along the buffet line.

Surprisingly their Laksa taste quiet good with a fragrant broth that is not too over powder with the coconut taste.

Yummy Cereal Prawns which is fried and coated with crispy aromatic cereal that makes you crave for 2nd or 3rd helping.

Fried Chicken (original) and Spicy Mexican Chicken

These are our lunch spread while enjoying the interesting Parrots performance. Overall the buffet items were quiet good based on the price and it do served with coffee/tea and dessert such as ice-cream too.

While enjoying our buffet lunch, we were also able to watch the 1.00pm Parrot Show which was  very entertaining especially for little kids. And for those who are keen, you could also be a volunteer and have fun performing together with the parrots.

Pikasso is the one and only Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo that paint and guests can also purchase one of Pikasso’s works while the proceeds of the sale will go to the conservation and upkeep of the birds in the Park.

Ippy is the Scarlet Macaw that loves to teach the audience how to keep fit by doing back flips and sit-ups

After lunch we walked over to the "Southeast Asian Birds Aviary" opposite Songbird Terrace where it has the largest collection consisting of 260 Southeast Asian species and showcasing 100 of the region’s most exotic and endangered birds.

The Birds N Buddies Show (11.00am and 3.00pm; daily) at the Pools Amphitheatre is one of highlight programme among visitors. In order to grab a good seat for a better view of the show, remember to be there at least 15 minutes earlier to avoid the crowds.

Little Audience enjoying her participation of the show.

After the 3.00pm show we went over to "Kings of the Skies Shows" (10.00am and 4.00pm) at Hawk Walk. Here we were able to see the most of the majestic birds such as eagles, hawks, falcons, vultures and owls in one arena.

One of the brave audience who had a close-up encounter with the magnificent falconry.

On that day, my boy also had a chance to have such a close encounter with the Owl.

After the Kings of the Skies Show, we walked over to the Breeding and Research Centre which was just next to it.

The Breeding and Research Centre (BRC) is where the incredible journey of life begins for some of the Park’s resident birds. And here we are able to go behind-the-scenes and get a first hand glimpse into the growth process of these birds.

In the Incubation Rooms, eggs are kept snug and warm in their special incubators which equipped with automatic egg turners to keep the temperature and humidity of each egg constant. At maximum capacity, each incubation room can hold up to 180 eggs of various species.

Next at the Nursery is the place where the hatched chicks are to be fed and looked after. The hatchlings are housed in brooders, a temperature and humidity-controlled environment in order to keep them safe and warm. And from the clear glass panel, you can also see how these adorable juveniles are fed by their “bird nannies”.

From the brooders, chicks move on to the Weaning Room when they are fully grown to help them acclimatise to the environment as well as get ready to join the rest of their family in the respective exhibits.

Photo credit:- Celes
Our WRS Food Trail 2012 day programme ended with a happy "nest and egg" photo taken outside the Breeding And Research Centre before we headed back to Night Safari (upcoming post) for the evening programme at Ulu Ulu Restaurant.

Till then have a great weekend ahead. Stay tune for the last post of our WRS Food Tail 2012 at Ulu Ulu Restaurant, Night Safari (updated on 21 Aug 2012).

Thursday 9 August 2012

Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) Food Trail 2012 - Singapore Zoo

Two weeks ago, I was delighted to be invited by the Wildlife Reserves Singapore to join their Food Trail 2012 which is organised in conjunction with the Singapore Food Festival. It is a full day event from 9am - 8pm where invited media, bloggers and lucky members of the public are being hosted in the various wild dining experiences at their parks, including popular programmes such as Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife and Lunch with Parrots (upcoming post).

Furthermore in the evening we were also being brought behind-the-scenes for an exclusive kitchen tour at Night Safari’s Ulu Ulu Safari Restaurant (upcoming post) together with the company of Chef Kelvin Low.

Wednesday 17 February 2010

Hollywood Dinosaurs @ Jurong Bird Park

Wow.. I am sure upon looking at this photo you will be feeling just as shock and excited like us. Imagine if you are able to walk into the long lost world of ancient Dinosaurs to see and understand more details on their life-style isn't that be great and wonderful.......

Although this Hollywood Dinos Events started since last year mid December but unfortunately we are not aware of it until Mum got these complimentary tickets from one of my uncle during Chinese New Year. According to the ticket, the last day of this event will be on this coming Sunday, 21 February 2010 from 10am - 10pm.

Since there is a long holiday during Chinese New Year period, we decided to use these ticket on the 3rd Day of New Year. In order to go for New Year visit, we decided to set off at our destination early in the morning and hope to reach by 10.30am to as to avoid the noon crowd or hot weather. But....... these photos proofed that we were wrong, when we reached the traffic junction along "Jalan Ahmad Ibrahim" towards the "Jurong Bird Park" entrance. We were shock to see the Super long queue of cars along the road from the traffic junction all the way up to the car park entrance of the Bird Park. I think we waited for at least 30 - 40 minutes before entering the car park.........

Rey was very very excited even though we were stuck in the car during the waiting time. He was very eager to take a lot photo shots during on the Bird Park signboards, traffic jam, tress and etc. This was because, last week during his school "Field Trip" to Jurong Bird Park he was very upset as he didn't managed to take many photos due to camera battery die off(partly because I forgot to charge the battery for him and secondly he has being taking too many photos of his classmate in the bus during the journey).

But today he managed to take all these photos before the entrance of the Bird Park which he wanted to show me badly during his field trip. (p/s: this set of photo above is taken by him.... :p)

After spending some photo taking time at the entrance, finally we are in the world that is full of "Dinosaur's". At the entrance of we greeted by a "Therizinosaurus" which look pretty real and scary. Most of the kids in front of us was very excited and kept touching it's crawls and body but Rey on the other hand was kind of held back on the photo taking/touching.

In the 1st cave, there is this walking "Dinosaurs" that will dance with the background music and most of the kids/adult were enjoying it. This dancing dino will suddenly attack the audience in the first row without giving any warning sign and you can heard scream and laughter during the 10 minutes show.

Next we move on to the "Vine Lizard - Ampelosaurus" which is about 2 meter tall or above. According to the information given, this is found in France's Paleontogoist in 1989. Most of the little kids love this "soft looking" dino which seems to be more friendly for the kids.

Round the corner we were at the entrance of the 2nd cave, the 1st Huge Dino that greeted the visitor is this "Tyrannosaurus" which means tyrant lizard that appear during the late Cretaceous Period.

Passing through the second cave, it will lead you into the 3rd cave which is pretty dark and with sandy floor. There is also a rocking wooden bridge which you can walk over it and experience yourself in forest or so with dinosaurs chasing after you. In this cave, you can find "Suchomimus" which is a large spinosaurid-type dinosaur from the middle Cretaceous period. Rey was kind of turn off by the gaint flying lizard which is known as "Quetzalcoatlus" where their first fossils were found in Texas.

There are all kinds of Dinosaurs which is either display in door(in the dark caves with special effect) or outdoor which can look real from far. Despite which is your selection, I am sure this is a very good and interesting Educational Tour to bring your kids along during this coming weekend if you are interested before the ending of this event on Sunday, 21 February 2010.

There is also a time map at the resting tank after the 3rd caves where the kids can read and refresh their memories on those Dinosaurs that they have saw along the journey.

The whole visiting time takes about an hour to an hour and half depending on the kids and the photo session during the peak hours. All visitors are also encourage to take part of the lucky drawer where you need to answer 3 simple questions where you can find the answers along your dino hunting journey. At the end of the tour, you will find a little souvenir shop which is selling all kinds of Dinosaurs products, from soft toy, bags, caps and etc..... But the price is......errrrr....... to expensive.. imagine a medium size(about 2 feet or more) dino soft toy cost around S$120.00........

Overall, this is still a very worth going trip for kids to know more about Dinosaurs as well as seeing/touching them in real life. For more details about this event, click HERE. Posted by Picasa