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Monday 4 January 2010

Streets Cafe Restaurant @ IMM

Streets Café Restaurant - 街头茶餐厅 has a few branches located in different area of Singapore. Eg, IMM Jurong, Bukit Panjang Plaza, City Square Mall and etc. As we are going to IMM to grab some stuffs and it's around lunch time, we decided to get our lunch in this Hong Kong style cafe.

Although this is not my first time patronise a Hong Kong Style cafe, but it is rather my first time visiting this Streets Cafe. There are not many tables being occupied despite of nearly to lunch hours. After scanning through the menu, we settle for the following drinks and main dish. Their Ice Milk Tea is serve using a very special cup which look sort of like a jar but with handler. But the taste of the milk tea is kind of average which compare to even our local coffee shop standard milk tea.

I love the combination of Mango and Pomelo, so while looking at the drinks column, my attention was being caught with this "Ice Blended Mango Pomelo". Before this drink is being served, I actually think of it to be serve on a bowl with shaved ice and mango puree which sort of like our local dessert, "Ice Ka Chang". But when the drink is served, I was totally amazed by it's attractive and colourful combination. This is indeed another great way to try this famous Hong Kong dessert.

Their "Beef Hor Fun with Gravy" comes in a big serving plate with everything mixed together. So on the glance of it, you might feel "Errrrrrr" what is this? Or maybe I can put it as the presentation of the dish is not very good, the look of it makes the dish look like a plate of mixed vegetable dish rather than Stir-fry Beef Hor Fun....... But thankfully, the taste is still good and the beef are still tender to taste.

The Ying Yang Baked Rice came with 2 sauces which is the white sauce and tomato sauce. The sauce split right in the middle and topped with generous amount of Mozzarella Cheese. The texture of the rice was just nice, but we think the taste of the sauce can be improve much better.

Sunday 11 October 2009

Curry On @ Toh Yi Drive

There are so many different stalls and restaurants selling their own version of "Indian Curry" around Singapore range from Hawker Center, CoffeeShop, Food Mall to well-known Restaurants at "Little Indian" near Serangoon area. But no matter which place you like to patronize, there must be something interesting that caught your attention. Today, we are going to try this newly open stall called "CURRY ON!" which is located in a Coffee Shop at Toh Yi Drive. (about 5 - 8 minutes walks from Bukit Timah Community Club)

This is a very special food sampling outing that I have done so far. It starts about two weeks ago when I received an email from the stall owner, Mr Anil who personally invite me to go for a food sampling at his newly set up stall. I was overwhelming by his invitation and at the same time very excited in doing my very first food sampling through an invitation. Furthermore, I have being in love with Mutton Curry since young under my dad influences. So this invitation is indeed a "Bonus Treat" for me to eat my favourite food and do a write up to share our view on the food sampling.

"CURRY ON!" is located in one of the stall in 7th Miles Coffeeshop at Block 18, Toh Yi Drive. Kiren(Anil's sister) together with her mum(the chef of the stall) and her aunty will usually get all the dishes ready by 10.30 am. Anil starts this stall with the intention to feature his mum's SPECIAL RECIPES in making her very own 3 unique curry dishes which are prepared traditionally from scratch. So come, let me share with you what are the dishes that they have in their menu ..........

After having a short conversation with Kiren, she asked us to take a seat while she get ready the food for us. The first dish that is being serve on the table is their special "Briyani"that comes with a portion of their homemade salad and papadum. Kiren share with us that the Briyani are made using
host of spices, Pandan leaves, Rose water and Ghee . The moment I saw the Briyani, I knew that I would love it because of it's vibrant colour combination. The rice itself is very fragrant, my mum and I both agreed that it taste sort of like the Hainanese chicken rice due to the ingredients like Pandan Leave, Ginger and Garlic. This Briyani is very different from the usual type that we had from other stalls, which you usually will find some trace of nuts, raisin, cloves and etc. But the one here that serves at Curry On! is definitely something worth to try and you will be surprised by it. The small setback that my mum feels is that if the rice can be a bit less greasy it will be Great to go along with the curry sauce.........

After the rice, let's proceed to the STARS of the menu. First to be on the list will be their Chicken Curry, you might be shock or backoff by the colour of the gravy which is very "RED" at first sight. Upon seeing this I check with Kiren will the taste of the curry be "VERY SPICY" because I am afraid that we might not be able to take the SPICY level :) She explained to us that it all depend on individual, some of her customers feel that the spicy level is just to their liking while others might have range it as too hot. So we take our courage to try and to our surprised, even though the colour might look "fiery" the taste was great, the spicy level is just nice for us, overall the chicken and gravy are very fragrant due to the "Spring Onion Paste".

We were all so curious to learn more from Kiren on using Spring Onion paste to whip up this special Chicken Curry. As you can see from the photo, there is still traces of chopped Spring Onion in the curry sauce. So if you like chicken + spicy curry, then don't hesitate, come and try this Chicken Curry which goes well with the Briyani rice or some French Baguette.

Next is my favourite Mutton Chop Curry which is the "Signature Dish"of the stall. According to Kiren, the mutton chops are marinated with spices before cooking. The curry is infuse with great aroma that serves with generous pieces of Mutton Chops and potato chunks. I love the consistency of the gravy which is just nice to act as a dipping sauce for bread such as French Baguette or even Roti Prata. This dish is very well mask-up with the use of spices that even my mum who don't take Mutton because of it "smells" takes her courage to try and give thumb up for this dish.

Lastly comes the Mutton Rib Dalcha (Lamb in Lentil Sauce) which is more diluted for its' gravy. This curry is cooked using very little of coconut milk, assam and lentils. To me, this curry is taste sort of like spicy, tangy and you can even drink it like one of those "Tom Yam Soup". Although Mum and D comments that the ribs are rather a bit tough for their liking compare to the Mutton Chop and Chicken. I was not in line with them, I find that the ribs is great because of the chewing texture maybe it is due to my liking for ribs.

Afterall, this is really a very great experience of food sampling for curry lover like us. So if you are staying around Bukit Timah or Toh Yi Drive area, maybe you would like to pop by one of these day any try out their very own Homemade Curry Delights that will spice up your tastebuds. We really thanks and appreciate Anil for his compliment of the above dishes and Kiren for her warm serving and sharing with us on the preparation of kitchen tales.

~ The operating hours are:-
Monday to Sunday from 10.30am - 8.30pm
(Rest on Alternate Monday)

~ Recommending Dish:-
According to Anil, their Chicken Curry is very popular with customers who don't take mutton. And I must comment that their Chicken Curry gravy is very special with the refreshing aroma from the Spring Onion Paste.

ABC Brickworks Food Centre

ABC Brickworks Food Centre is located in Bukit Merah District. According to some google search that I have made, this placed used to be the site of a brewery in the 1930s. And the ABC food center got its' name from the Archipelago Brewery Company which was set up in Alexandra road in 1931.

I got to know this place from the food review introduction by "U-weekly - 优1周" magazine on their 196 issues in September 2009 on Penang Laksa - 槟城辣沙. I remember there used to be a Penang Laksa stall near our area many years back and I still can re-called the taste of it's sweet and spicy soup.

Today, based on the information given in the magazine, we managed to find Jason Penang Cuisine which is located at #01-113 in the ABC food center. The signboard and colour of the stall was kind of attractive in "Bright Yellow" colour as it easily caught our attention. After finding a good place to settle down, I went forward to take a look at their menu on what are their speciality.

Although from the photo, you might not find the dish as appetising as it look, but when you give it a try, you might like it according to your preference. To me, the soup is still not to the standard that I expected it to be. But overall, you still can give it try for the small size portion. Other than their famous Penang Laksa, I also saw some good reviews on their Penang Cha Kuey Tiao. Maybe we might give it a try next round when we visit this market again.....

Walking around the food center, we spot this Western cuisine stall known as "WOW WOW WEST" where they have this HUGE Cheese Sausage that caught our attention. The atmposher of the stall makes me feel like I am having western food in a foreign country...... Look at the texture of the cross section of the cross section of the sausage, isn't it look great!

Wow Wow West
Unit number: #01-133

Other than their signature Pork Cheese Sausage, they also have a good range of Western set dishes like, Chicken Chop, Chicken Cutlet, Pork chops, Steaks, Fish N Chips and etc. We saw that most of the table around the stall are having Chicken Chop, so without hesitate we also order a plate of it which is served with huge portion of chicken cutlets, crinkle-cut fries, beans and salad. The chicken cutlet is well cooked and it is drenched in a tasty black pepper sauce that left you to crave for more.

For those who stays or work around this area, I am sure you have tried most of their dishes and agreed that the portion is really huge to be handle by one person :)

Thursday 24 September 2009

Fancy Delight - Assorted Egg Tarts

Come across this bright orangy colour stall known as "Fancy Delight" at level one of IMM Building where they display many different varieties of unique Egg Tarts. The tarts are very different from the usual one that we had at Dim Sum restaurant. Their tarts are shaped like a little cup that comes in around 20 or so different flavours range from sweet & savoury. So after some discussion we decided to settle with these 4 flavour.

Banana Tart - which topped with slices of fragrance fresh banana gives it an irresistible Goreng Pisang taste. This is Rey's favourite compare to the Double-Chocolate Tart that he pick because of the sweet and tasty aroma of the banana that is infuse in the custard.

My pick is this Green Tea Tart as I was attracted by the bright green colour of the crust and also I love the fragrance of any green-tea products. And true enough, the tart shell is very fragrance and it match well with the inner custard which release a very refreshing taste when consume.

This Double-Chocolate Tart is chosen by Rey but in the end he prefers the Banana Tart over this. It has a chocolate marble tart that is filled with chocolate milk custard and top with extra chocolate chips.

We keep this Durian Tart for the very last as we are afraid that the taste of the Durian might over power the rest of the tarts. But then we are kind of disappointed with the taste as we think the amount of durian flesh added is still not enough to bring out the flavour of the tart.

But overall, it is still worth to try out these tarts and I will sure to get back with some of their new flavour like pepper chicken, gula malak, orange chocolate and etc.

~ IMM Jurong
2, Jurong East St. 21, IMM Building, #01-K05.
Monday to Sunday. 10.30am to 10pm or while stock last.

~ Suntec City
3 Temasek Boulevard, Suntec City Mall (Tower 3), #01-140F (near Carrefour).
Monday to Sunday. 10am to 10pm or while stock last.

~ Tanjong Pagar
Block 1, Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #01-04.
Monday to Friday 7.30am to 7.30pm
Sat 7.30am to 5.30pm.
Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday.

Saturday 19 September 2009

Dairy Farm Nature Park

Recently there is a new hiking area called Dairy Farm Nature Park which is opened next to the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve. This new discovery make it easier for older walkers and young children to pause and check out the nature beauty, butterflies, birds and plants.

Unlike the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve, which has many uphill trails along the way, Dairy Farm Nature Park has flatter trails which is more relax and enjoyable for hikers. There are two carparks within the park where Carpark B near Bukit Timah Express way, has the nearer access (about 15 minutes walk) to the Wallace Education Center.

Along the walk to the Wallace Education Center, you can enjoy the beauty of the nature by looking at these beautiful flowers, plants and trees. Kids will sure to enjoy the walk as they will find many interesting insects such as butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies, beetles and etc.

Outside the Education center, you will find interesting road sign and interesting creatures. We did spot some lizard and monkeys on that day. There is also a Wallace Trail near the Education Center which is about 1Km. This trail cuts through secondary forest and you will find fruit trees such as Durian and Rambutan also you might able to spot some bracket fungi and beetles.

Wallace Education Centre is a former milking shed that has been restored into an information centre that traces the history of the area. They also have interactive information kiosk that has pictures of the biodiversity found in the area.

About 3 minutes away away from the Education Center, you will see a one-storey abandoned old fashioned English garden house which is believed to have been built in the 1920s. Outside the house, you will find a small garden planted with ixora, lantanas and hibiscus which makes it a very popular photo shot area.

After back to Carpark B from the Wallace Education Center, we move on to Carpark A where we start another 30 minutes walk to the Singapore Quarry Trail. As you can see, along the walk we discovered a lot of interesting view, flowers and Rey also spot some Banana Trees.

At the entrance of the Singapore Quarry, there are a lot of Orchid flower planted on the left side of the gate which add extra beauty to the area. This former quarry has been transformed into a wetland where they is a viewing deck with a sheltered area.

Releasing of fish or other animals into the wetland is prohibited as it will disrupt the eco-system. We are also not allow to capture any insects such as butterflies or dragonflies or bird. This place is indeed full of nature peace and you can see that it's such a beautiful place to indulge in. So do try to squeeze out some of your time from your busy schedule and take a walk along these trail to enjoy the beauty of the Nature Park.