Thursday, 4 November 2010

Vietnam Delight ~ Bún Thit

Bun Thit is a simple and delicious meal in Vietnam consisting of cold rice vermicelli mixed with fresh vegetables and usually topped with barbecued pork. Served with nuoc cham sauce(pouring sauce) which is a good summer dish that is light, low fat, healthy and cooling.

Mum who has being to Vietnam shared with us this version of “Bun Thit” in Singapore taste much better compared to those she had in Vietnam because their sauce there are far too sweet towards her liking.

The dish is served with mixture of fresh vegetables such as beansprout, lettuce, Vietnamese basil, various kind of mint leaves and fish sauce. Other than all the fresh vegetables, this dish also comes with a layer of rice vermicelli that top with grilled lemongrass chicken, some toasted peanut and green onion. Overall it has a very special refreshing taste due to the "mint leaves" and fresh ingredients used.
Price: S$5.00 per bowl

Would like to try out their beef noodles and Vietnamese spring roll too. You can find this Vietnam Delight just beside the Hakka Abacus seeds stall located at basement 4 of Food Opera, ION Orchard.

Food Opera

Opening Hours:
10.00am - 11.00pm daily

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Dessert Ministry (甜品部)

These two years Singapore is surrounded by all kinds of dessert shops from either Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan or local home brand. Last month, “Dessert Ministry(甜品部)” which opens by Edmund Koh(the founder of Singapore 1st Homegrown fast-food restaurant, Super Dog) has set its foot at level 1 of Cathay Orchard Cineleisure. From a glance on their menu you could find wide varieties of mouth-watering desserts and drinks which inspired by concocted recipes from both East and West.

While waiting for the desserts to arrive, we started with a scoop of this Homemade Mango Ice Cream that is freshly made from mango that are imported from Thailand. Each spoonful leaves you with the lovely mango scent scattering around in your mouth with bits of fresh mango in it. And for those who loves ice cream, you could also try their “Ice Cream Series” on Matcha, Black Sesame or Strawberry too.

For Mango Lovers who always ordered Mango dessert, this "Mango Supreme - 芒果至尊" is a not-to-be-missed item when you visit Dessert Ministry. As the name suggests, “Supreme” consists of all kinds of “mango” items such as their homemade premium mango ice cream, mango pudding, fresh mango cubes, scoops of watermelon and honeydrew as well as pomelo in a sea of mango puree. So how can you resist all these wonderful ingredients in one combination?
Price: S$8.80 per plate

On the other hand, this “Mixed Fruits Sago in Papaya with Lemon Jelly - 爱玉西米三瓜盅” was not really towards our liking compared to the Supreme Mango above. We find this mixed fruit combo seems to be a bit too complicated in taste with all the mixture of items. Perhaps by removing either the sago or lemon jelly would be a better choice.
Price: S$6.50 per plate

What is your preference in ordering cream paste dessert? Do you like almond paste, black sesame paste, peanut paste or? For me, almond and black sesame paste is always one of my favourite choices compared to the rest. In Dessert Ministry you can either order “Individual” or “Combo” flavour with extra sticky rice balls as sides to go with the paste. According to Chef Meis, all these paste are freshly made from roasted and grind ingredients that sieved through once in order to achieve an extra smooth and creamy texture. And each day he would also sample all the ready cooked paste in order to make sure that they are all of good quality before serving to the customers. Too bad Chef Meis shared that the black sesame paste is not up to his standard for that day so he could not serve it to us. But he recommend this "Almond and Peanut Cream - 花生杏仁糊" combo which I really love it's smooth and creamy texture.
Price: S$5.50 per set (serves with 3 sticky rice balls and crushed peanuts)

For a Durian craze like me, this "D24 Durian Sago - 榴莲西米露" would definitely be something new to challenge our taste buds. Imagine having a mouthful of pure D24 durian together with some fresh coconut juice and runny bits of sago tingling around in your mouth. You would have to try this at least once in order to experience the combo of these two fruits together.
Price: S$5.50 per bowl

When comes to the drinks menu, Dessert Ministry also have their special range of cold and hot drinks that can either quench your thirst or nourish your body. While flipping through the menu I was fascinated to this “Red Date with Longan Tea - 红枣桂圆奶茶” because the usual longan tea that we used to drink is without milk and it is normal boiled with some ginger. So when Chef Meis brings out this pot of freshly brews tea, I was totally amazed by it’s lovely fragrant and milk infused taste with the Longan tea.
Price: S$5.50 per pot (serves 2)

With the recent Bubble Tea trend current bursting among the KOI and Gong Cha lovers; here we have some healthier choices from either pure fruity base or adding of fresh milk or coconut milk to go along with their toppings such as pearls, jelly, aloe vera or sago. This cup is one of their popular choices known as “Papaya Milk and Honey Jelly - 木瓜奶昔爱玉爽”. You can see it is divided into 3 different layers of colour where the white at the bottom is “fresh milk”, follow by honey jelly and orangey red for the fresh papaya juice. This is a very refreshing drink that is good for digestion and provides extra dose of calcium for your bones.
Price: S$3.80 per cup

This is the Daifuku (大福) counter which is located beside the cashier. According to Chef Meis he could made around 80 Daifuku per day with array of fillings such as Durian, Strawberry, Mango and Matcha. And the most pouplar choice from patrons would be the "D24 Durian Daifuku" @ S$4.20 for 2 pieces.

You definitely won’t missed out this shop with it bright and glaring furnishing of Yellow Wall, Red and White Chairs with a huge wall poster on their signature “Supreme Mango Sago with Pomelo” in the m. And for your information, Dessert Ministry is just next to Burger Bench & Bar (read more HERE) so after your movie you can either grab some burger or dessert for supper.

Lastly, I would like to thank Mr Jansen Siak from Word of Mouth Communications Pte Ltd and Dessert Ministry for hosting this tasting event.

Dessert Ministry
8 Grange Road
#01-03 Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Singapore 239695
Telephone: 6887 5347

Opening hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 11.00am – 11.00pm
Friday, Satursday & PH: 11.00am – 2.00am

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee

Last week we had dinner at one of the Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee (香港街老珍记) Cze Char stall near our area and I was surprised to see they have quiet a number of unique dishes featured in their menu. And from one of the banner hanging near their stall, it stated that they are also one of the recommended stalls from Channel 8 Food Show, Sizzling Wok(煮炒来咯). Here are 3 of the dishes that we have tried.

First we have Sum Lo Hor Fun - 三捞河分 which we think the texture can be better because most of the rice noodles seems to be bundle and stick together which makes it very lumpy. But overall the taste is still good with that slightly burnt wok taste and generous amount of fish slices.

Next we also ordered one of their signature dish known as "Golden Dragon Beancurd - 金龙豆腐". As you can see from the photo, each tofu cube consists about 3 different layers of colour. And each different layer, the chef used different type of vegetables such as spinach, carrot and dried fish to blend with soya bean milk and steam each colour layer by layer together with a layer of Japanese seaweed sheet to achieve the colourful effect. Lastly the steam beancurd is cut into cubes, deep-fried and top with floss and mayonnaise which makes this a unique and appetizing starter.

"Mongolian Pork Ribs - 蒙古排骨" might not look appealing on sight due its colour but it has a very sauce that goes with the deep-fried pork ribs. This sauce taste a bit spicy and creamy with the combination of curry leaves, black pepper sauce, mayonnaise and etc. I would recommend this for a change of the usual usual sweet and sour pork or pai gu wang.

For those of you who frequent Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee I am sure all these dishes are not new to you. If you have any recommend dish from their outlets do let me know so that I could get the chance to try them out too. I also spotted something seems to call “Smoke Dual Duck - 双色熏鸭” but the waitress told us that dish need to pre-order as it cannot be done on the spot. Have anyone of you tried this duck dish before? If yes, do let me know your view on it.

Hong Kong Street Old Chun Kee (Yishun Branch)
Block 293 Yishun Ring Road
Singapore 760293
Telephone: 8264 4116

Monday, 1 November 2010

Thai Red Duck Curry

This Thai Red Duck Curry is one of my favourite curry dishes during my 2.5 years in Brisbane. I remembered we used to drive at least 3 hours once a month to and from our home to Chinatown in order to get roast duck to make this dish. And I must admit that duck meat definitely goes well with something sweet and sour like plums sauce so in this case this dish blends well with lychees and pineapples as one of the ingredients.