Wednesday 26 October 2005

Kakiage Don

This is another quick Japanese rice dish which featured deep-fried prawns and assorted veggie. It takes less than 30 minutes to prepare and get everything together before serving. The main ingredients for this dish are prawns and mixed vegetables such as carrot, asparagus, mushroom and etc.

Ingredients: (serves 2)
150g Prawns, shelled and de-veined
1 Teaspoon Wine
1/2 Cup Of sweetcorn kernels
10 Small Stalks Asparagus, cut into 5 cm long
1 Egg Yolk
2 Bowls Of Warm Rice
Tempura Flour Mixture:1/3 Cup Plain Flour
1/3 Cup Ice-Cold Water
2 Tablespoons Cornflour

1. Shelled, wash and pat dry the prawns and sprinkle with 1 teaspoon of wine then set aside for use.
2. Separate the egg yolk and white.
3. Mix the prawn, corn, asparagus and egg until well combined.
4. Next add in 1 tablespoon of flour and stir till well mixed then add in the rest of the flour and cornflour.
5. At the meantime, quickly pour in the ice-water and mix till well combined like a sticky paste.
6. Heat up the pan with oil and place 1/2 of the prawn mixture into a big soup scoop then deep-fry it on one size for 3 minutes then turn over and fry for another 3 minutes on the other side.
7. Repeat the rest of the prawn mixture, dish up the rice and top with the prawn parcel and some seaweeds and sesame seeds.

Notes: The oil should not be too hot or else the prawn parcel will get burnt on the outer-layer not fully cooked inside.

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