Saturday 29 October 2005

Non-Baked Oreo Cheesecake

I am sure KRAFT Philadelphia Cookies and Cream Cheesecake is also one of your all-time favourite despite of your age. This cheesecake serves well as a after meal dessert or as birthday cake for celebration too. It is pretty easy to prepare because of its non-baked method. All your need to do is to mix, stir and chill the cake for a few hours in the fridge till it set.

Ingredients: (make a 5” size cake)
150g OREO cream sandwich cookies, finely crushed
60g Butter, melted
250g Block PHILADELPHIA cream cheese, cubed
2 Tablespoons Caster Sugar
120ml Thickened Cream
1½ Teaspoon Gelatine Power
30ml Warm Water
50g TOBLERONE White Chocolate, melted
50g Cadbury White Chocolate, melted
1 Lemon
5 Pieces OREO Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

1. Cut cream cheese into cubes and leave it in a mixing bowl to soften while preparing the cookies.
2. Place OREO cookies in a zip-lock bag and crush it finely with a rolling pin.
3. Pour crumbs in a bowl and slowly add in melted butter and stir until well-combined (just a note:  you might not need all the butter).
4. Wrap a heart-shaped cake ring with aluminum foil to secure the base or you can use a spring form tin.
5. Press the cookies mixture into it and refrigerate in the freezer while preparing the cream cheese mixture.
5. Dissolved gelatine power in warm water and set aside for later use.
6. Place chocolate in microwave safe bowl, zap on medium for 1 minutes then stir thru and continue for another 30sec until everything melted and smooth.
7. Beat cream cheese with sugar until smooth then pour in the cream, lemon rind and ½ of the lemon juice and beat till well mixed.
8. Next add in gelatine and melted chocolate and beat for another minute.
9. Break up the OREO chocolate cookies into pieces, stir through into the cream cheese mixture and pour mixture into the base.
10. Cover and refrigerate for another 2 hours or overnight.
11. Remove cake from mould and serve into serving size.

- The purpose of adding lemon rinds and juice is to enhance the taste of the cheese so that it won’t taste too creamy or sweet.
- If you want to make a Dark Chocolate Cheesecake, just replaced the white chocolate with dark cooking chocolate instead.
- Serve your cheesecake together with some fresh berries enable you to draw the full flavour of the cake as well as tone down the creamy taste of the cheese too.


  1. is tis cheesecake very cheesy? any alernative to make it less cheesy or sumthing? thanks! :)

  2. Em..... to me this is not a very very cheese cheesecake, becos of the added oreo cookies and lemon juice. If you are afraid of cheesy...then maybe u can try making sometime sour abit like blueberry or mango or even the lychee cheesecake cake which is more towards the light side. :) HTH

  3. thanks!! will try it out soon!` :)

  4. Hi Ellena mummy,

    Where can i get this "Thickened Cream"? Im new in baking ;)

    Michelle Goh

  5. Hi Michelle,

    You can get it from any leading supermarket at the dairy section where there are butter, cheese and cream :) Hope that help.

  6. can the thickened cream be replaced w yogurt?

  7. Errr You can replaced it with yoghurt but the overall texture will be that creamy and fragrant :)


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