Wednesday 10 May 2006

Dang Gui, Huai Shan, Black Chicken Soup

Soups can actually be regarded as the source of health for any family. Due to the hot weather and hectic working schedule of most Singaporeans, it's good to have a bowl of nutritious soup at least 3 - 4 times a week. A bowl of good homemade soup will actually helps to replenish the lost of fluid, clear the body heat, uplifts the spirit and benefits Qi and etc.

Today's Soup for the dinner is "Dang Gui, Huai Shan With Black Chicken Soup"(当归淮山黑鸡汤). It moistening vtial essence, replenishing vitality and tuning up the functions of the body. As I had mention before:

Dang Gui 当归: It tastes sweet hot and of warm nature. It benefits and balances the blood, regulates menses, treats pain and soothes the intestines. But don't consume in large amount or too often as it's might be heaty for certain body type.

Huai Shan淮山: It tastes sweet and of neutral nature. It nourishes the lungs and kidneys, strengthens the spleens, stops diarrhea, uplifts the spirit and benefits Qi. Usually I used those Fresh Huai Shan instead of the dried type.

Black Chicken黑鸡: Being rich in protein, helps to supplement pneuma and enrich blood. Cooking it only after scalding ensures that the soup does not became murky.

1 Medium Size Of Fresh Huai Shan, 淮山
1 Tablespoon Guo Qi Zi, 枸杞子
1 Black Chicken(黑鸡), at 600g
2 Slices Ginger
4 - 5 Slices of Dang Gui(当归)
1.2 Litres Of Water
1 Tablespoon Rice Wine(米酒), optional

1. If using fresh huai shan, rinse and wash away the sand and dirt from the stem. Peel off the skin, wash and cut into thick 2" long Section.
2. Wash, trim and remove the skin and fats on the chicken the scald the black chicken in boiling water for a few minutes then rinse with water.
3. Place all the ingredients into the stewing pot, add rice wine and boiling water.
4. Place in a steamer or a pot to boil over high heat for 20 minutes, then switch to medium heat to boil for 2 hours.
5. Or you can put everything in a slow-cooker, cook on HIGH heat for 1 hours then switch to Low Heat for another 2 hours.
6. Season with some salt to your preference before serving.

Notes: If you can't find Fresh Huai Shan, replace it with 40g of Dried Huai Shan slices. Posted by Picasa


  1. hi ellena, I just bought a black chicken and found your recipe for making this healthy soup. How much dang gui you need to put in?

  2. Hi pingmouse, thanks for dropping by and drawing my attention that i have actually left out the amount of dang gui used in this recipe.... :( DOn't worry i have added in le. There is also a few black chicken soup recipe under the "Long-Stewed Soup(老火汤)" menu, u can take a look 1st.


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