Thursday 18 May 2006

Chicken & Fresh Coconut Soup

This is my 1st time using Fresh Coconut to stew soup. So far, I had only used coconut milk and shredded coconut for making curry, dessert and keuh. Until recently I saw a few cookbooks have different recipes on Coconut Soup so I mix and match and come up with this version of my own.

Coconut(椰子肉): It is good for good for strengthens the Lungs and nourishes the Qi. So it's actually a great soup for the whole family. Saw from the News a few days ago that actually eating more coconut or using coconut oil in cooking are good for health. When you cooking this soup, you can actually smells the coconut fragrant all around the kitchen. And as you drink the soup slightly warm, you can also taste the sweetness and fragrant of the coconut in between your teethes.

Fox Nuts(茨实): It supplement the internal organs, strengthen Qi, nourish and strengthen the body. They also benefit the kidneys, promote the replenishment of Jin, tonify the Spleen and stop diarrhoea. They are effective in healing indigestion, diarrhoea, poor bladder control and leucorrhoea.

4 Slices Of Bei Qi北耆
1 Tablespoons Of Gou Qi Zi, 枸杞子
8 Red Dates红枣, remove seeds
1 Small Portion Of Fresh Huai Shan, cut into sections
1/2 Fresh Coconut(椰子肉), cut into slices
3 Chicken Drumstick/Half Chicken
50g Fox Nuts(茨实)
1.5 Litres Water

1. Wash and trim the fat of the chicken, scald in boiling water and rinse with cold water, drain.
2. Wash Bei Qi, Gou Qi Zi, huai shan red dates, fox nuts and coconut flesh and set aside.
3. Bring the water to the boil and put all ingredients in.
4. Bring to boil again for about 10 minutes, turn to low heat and simmer for 3 hours at Low heat in a slow cooker.
5. Season with salt and serve.

Notes: You can get fresh coconut at those Indian stall that selling grated fresh coconut. Ask them to remove the dark skin then cut into pieces.


  1. Ellena, if we cannot get fresh huai shan, can we used the dried ones?

  2. Yup.. if u can get fresh huai shan, you can used 4-5 slices of the dried type 1.... HTH... :)


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