Sunday 17 June 2007

Assorted Macarons

Wow.. it seems like I am getting Macarons CRAZY these few days. Just like what other bakers do, when you starts to get the hang of it, you seems to be addicted in making them. It like even though you use the same ingredients, but each time you will gets kind of different result for your macarons.

So far I only tried making 4 different Flavours which are Chocolate, Black Sesame and Green Tea. The 4th one which is the Rose scented I was not able to get it done correctly due to the batter consistency. It had spread too much and the end result was very bad just like those 1st few failure batches macarons that I had.

Out of all these assorted macaron, I still loves the Green Tea with Chocolate Ganache. Maybe it's because I love anything with green tea content. Em.... so maybe next weekend then I will try making other flavour if there is still volunteer who want to try. Actually I also love Coffee flavour, maybe I will try to experiment with it too.Posted by Picasa


  1. hi may i noe wad recipe u use?? thnks

  2. hi ellena, these look great!

    oh and if you're intending to get silpat someday, get from BIY. i got it at $30+ only. a very big sheet and i had to cut it to fit my oven. i wish i had a built-in oven like yours =( i love your kitchen, its neat, tidy & cozy!

  3. Hi elsa, i got my recipe from another link. U can find it from "My Without Feet Macarons" post in my blog. HTH :) If u do try pls update me. Thanks

  4. Oh evan thanks, But now that i am working i must see when i got time to go down, unless u want to get it for me when u are there...lolz :)

  5. hi ellena, sure sure no prob. i can get it for u. want?? coz i need to go n get the cupcake tray inserts. see which weekend u free we meet up again. BUT u must let me try your macarons ok?? otherwise im going to charge u for transportation fee. haha!


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