Tuesday 12 June 2007

My Without Feet Macarons

Wow..... finally after so many tried and error, I managed to get my macaron a decent look and sandwich it with cream and give it a bite. Although I still have not master the perfect macaron with those little "feet" that original macaron had. I still already very happy with my end result, at least it's getting better each tried.

This round, I used another recipe that is different from the previous 3 unsuccessful macaron. I got this easy and well explained recipe from Tamami's blog through a forum. I have half her recipe and managed to come up with about 8 macarons which measure around 1.5". I had pipe the macaron batter on a Silicon Baking Sheet instead of the normal baking paper as from some comments it shows that Silicon sheets do give better "feet".

I bake these macaron at 160 degree for about 10 minutes then removed, leave it aside to cool then sandwich half of them with chocolate cream and the other half with peanut cream.

My son and mum loves both the favour but their find that the peanut cream goes better with this almond macaron shell. I guess it because of the almond taste. The case is very crunchy and chewy and I am very happy with the end result. So I will continue to carry out the experiment until I find a good way to develop the "feet" so that I can make a perfect macaron too......Posted by Picasa


  1. u will definitely get better, trust me! you're already improving. and ya im using silpat to bake my macarons, they do indeed give better feet. i think your silicon baking mat works the same way too. you esp. bought it for baking macarons? =)

    i think you've got the fundamentals correct already. jiayou!

  2. Thanks Evan for your encouragement, but i am still far too behind compare to all your gorgeous macarons :p For my target i just wish to bake something that is edible and ok for the outlook that's my main aim. So i will continue to work hard on that.

    Em....based on your experiment can u advice me why there is no "feet" develope for my macaron? And how come the surface is not shiny but matt with a bit crack huh? Is it becos of the added cocoa powerder, cos i try a batch without cocoa powder and it's shiny and smooth..... Thanks for your advice :)

  3. hi there ellena, i dropped you an email in yr hotmail acct =)


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