Thursday 21 June 2007

Lychee Charlotte Cheesecake

This is a very special fragrant fruity Asian kind of cheesecake that I had never try making before. The very first time I saw this cake is from a blog pal's flicker picture. Then after a few months later, my best pal Tracy make this for her cell-group gathering. Base on what she had told me and feedback from her cell-group members on the cake that she had made. I decided to make one using lychee preserved in canned syrup.

You can use any basic non-baked cheesecake recipe, and just include some chopped lychee in the recipe and reserved some whole lychee on top as decoration. To make your cheesecake more presentable you can used some ready bought sponge cake and cut it into half then soaked one side with some lychee syrup and stick it on the surrounding of the spring form or mousse tin then prepare the biscuit based on top.

I can said, this is a very nice and refreshing cheesecake compare to those that I had made or eaten before. It's neither too sweet or cheesy and with the added whipped cream, it made the texture of the cheesecake more smooth and silky......Posted by Picasa


  1. looks good ellena! i love the pink drizzle, what are those? looks very sweet :) wish i hv a chance to taste yr bakes soon :B

  2. Hahaha...thanks evan for your comments.... em..those pink drizzle is strawberry chocolate, cos i think it will goes well with the white lychee and make it presentable, but theni am not good at the drizzling part so it's a kind of messy :(

  3. hi ellena! This is really a very beautiful cheesecake! I hope you don't mind sharing the recipe with me :) Thanks in advance.

  4. Hi Mandy, Sorri i am kind of busy with my work. I will send u the recipe to your email within these few days. K. :)

  5. hi ellena,
    I came to know your blog in paper.Can you send me this recipe?
    My mail is
    Thank you in advance/Grace tan

  6. Hi Grace, thanks for dropping by the recipe that you request I had already email to you le.... :)

  7. wow your cheesecake looks fantastic! could you please share the recipe with me? my email addy is:

    Also, in reply to one of the comments, you mentioned using strawberry chocolate - is that made by adding a drop of pink/red food colouring into white chocolate, or did you mix melted white chocolate with strawberry essence? I've never thought about this strawberry chocolate idea before :) but it sounds good. (i'm not a fan of icing, but do think having pink drizzles over cakes and things would look appealing).


  8. Hi Jo,

    I already sent you an email regarding about the recipe. Hope that you had received it :)

  9. Hi ellena always love looking at ur food creation, do u mind sharing it with me lychee cheesecake recipe ...

  10. Hi ellena
    Wow very nice cheesecake and very unique
    I hope you don't mind sharing the recipe would love to try

  11. Hi Ellena,
    can you sharing the recipe with me please my email is
    Thank you so much

  12. Hi Ellena

    It looks great and must be yummy! Would you mind sharing this receipe with me at Thank you and God bless you with much more creative ideas.

    Siew Tee

  13. Hi Swee Tee, thanks for dropping by my blog. I had being trying to email u the recipe but then it seems like the hotmail address that u provide doesn't seems to be correct as the mails had be rejected back to me. If u happen to see this reply. Pls email me the correct email address Ok.:) thanks


  14. Hi Ellena,

    I'm thinking of making this for my mum's birthday! It looks so beautiful! I was wondering if you could email me the recipe? That would be fantastic!

    Thanks in advance :)


  15. Hi Ellena, I found Mandy's blog then traced it all the way to the source. Your lychee cheesecake looks yummy and very creative. Can you please share with me your brilliant recipe? I would like to try it for my grandma's 89th Birthday. Would you mind sharing your recipe with me at I bet my grandma will love it a lot! Thanks in advance!

  16. Hi Ellena:

    This cheesecake looks so yummy, do you mind emailing me the recipe. My email address is Thanks a lot

  17. Hi,  can you email me this recipe as it inspire me to make 1 for my princess birthday on this coming monday.  My email is, thanks alot Ellena

  18. Nora_smalina9030/12/11 6:52 pm

    Hi Ellena (: would you mind passing the recipe to me, please? To my email : thanks!


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