Thursday 14 June 2007

Green Tea Macaron With Chocolate Ganache

Em... most of you all will be wondering why I also follow the trend on making macaron! Hahaha..... Actually I find it very challenging when you actually achieve something that you always want to make but failure after a few attempt. The moment when you gets the finally product right, the feeling of achievement is nothing that can be bought with. I had 3 total failure batches that can't even be eaten. Then 4th batch is at least something that is presentable and edible.(but I guess like some feedback I had, I might have overbaked it compare to this batch, cos it's very crispy and it won't turn soft even if you leave it in room temperature after sandwich it with cream)

Then finally after more research and gathering of tips from forum pal, I managed to find the Key to successful. The main issue is to DRY the macaron shell completely before baking, and the oven temperature is also very important. Too hot, the shell will crack and no feet develop.

From making these macarons I had tried 3 different recipes from over the blogs that I research which I think that had the easier steps and clear instructions to follow for beginner like me. I just use the normal macaron recipe without the Italian Meringue because I don't have a candy thermometer to measure the boiling point of the sugar syrup. So I won't be able to try out what's the different between a Normal Meringue and Italian Meringue. You might wonder why I don't stick to the same recipe instead of changing one after another, that's because I love to do experiment with my baking. I love to try out what's the different between each recipes even though they called for the same ingredients. Some one o two steps that are different from each recipe will end out having different result. This is the same philosophy as life, if you make a different decision in a matter the result will end up in different way. So why that's why some people will stick to one decision while other might like to change according to the situation.

So after much hard work and failure. Finally I am able to come out of my own macaron. But I still need to practise to perfect on the shape and "feet". Really thank a lot to all those members who provide me with all the valuable information from Imperial Kitchen and my blogger pal Evan. Posted by Picasa


  1. congrats, they look beautiful!!

    btw, r u still working?

  2. Thanks even, I had received your email leh... but then i don't have time to reply yet. Thanks alot for those valuable information, i really really appreciate it...

    Yup.. i am working le. Very busy at work.. so STRESS>>>> :)

  3. Personally i dnt knw why u hang with this evan person. i hav heard so many negative things about her, watch out. she's tormented my friends. thank goodness ivenever spoken to her before. be careful of this maniac

  4. Hi..thank for your advice "anonymous" whoever you are. Afterall she is one of my blog pal that we can chat along well nia...nothing of anything. And i believed there is sure some1 that one likes or don't. Thanks for your concern. :)

  5. hahaha! ellena, u must be careful of me hor, im a maniac. take reyon and run far far away! LOL

  6. Well, from the looks of it, yes you are. 4 of my friends have been terrorized by your vulgar language and jealous behaviour.

  7. Ellena, congrats on the success of your macarons, the colour is very pretty :)

  8. Thanks Angie....I had tried so hard to make these :) After so many failure.. finally i managed to get it right... My aim is just to learn and make for my friend and family memeber to eat.. so no nid to be of those very very perfect type de...lolz...

  9. Hi there!

    Lovely macarons you made there!
    Great job!

    I made a few batch of macarons too and the shells look prettier and better each time.
    UNTIL the last try I had last week, where there were NO feets that appeared at the shells!!??! I was puzzled+disappointed!
    Any ideas?

    It looked something similar to your first few 3 tries. I had left the shells to dry at room temperature for a long while and the oven was not too hot.

    Question to you: How high do you pipe your macaron batter? Just one round or?

    Looking forward to hearing from you!

  10. Hi Pat,
    Thanks for popping by my blog :) Em.... Wow.. you are very into macaron making too! That's great!

    As for your recent encounter on no "feet" macaron, er...
    a) Did u change anything in the recipe that you previously tried? Eg. the ingredients?
    b)Or is your shell completely DRY when touch b4 you baked?

    Em.. haha... i nv go take much notice on how high i pipe my macaron.. er.. i guess is around 0.3cm or so..

  11. hi again you mean, the shells are not supposed to be completely DRY??!!
    The last try that I had, I dried it for about 8 hours! That's very long time...cos I was in the midst of doing something else and I couldnt get it done in the oven earlier.

    So...your suggestion, to dry the shells ONLY for about 1 to 2 hours, rite?

    Maybe maybe, that's the reason behind it!

    Hear from you and thanks for replying!

  12. Hi pat,

    Em..what i meant is the SHELL must be completely DRY before you can put it in the oven to bake. And it depend on how you DRY the shell..but then u took 8 hrs it's kind of too long... :)

  13. hi again

    i was just wondering if i dried the shells too long...cos the last few times,i only dried them for about 2 hours..and the unsuccessful batch, took me 8 hours to maybe it took too long to dry.

    anyway, i will give it a try soon.

    oh, btw, i am also a singaporean! :-) ....and very busy with 2 young children!

    thanks and take care!

    ps: is interesting reading your blog!
    you are a tough lady! doing and handling well with your life! Great job!


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