Friday 26 June 2009

Claypot Drunken Chicken

I have tried cooking a few kind of claypot chicken recipes and each one of it has it's own taste and speciality. Today this Claypot Drunken Chicken that I am going to share consists of Chicken pieces, mushroom, black fungs, wine and Egg. This can be serve as a one-pot dish meal which is full of nutritious source. We love the thick and creamy gravy which is great to be serve with steam rice.

Since this is called Drunken Chicken, it is bound to have some wine content. So if you are to share this dish with younger kid at home, you can either omit the wine content or reduce the amount used. This recipe call for Kampong Chicken which the meat is much sweeter and cooked resistance for stewing purposes. Posted by Picasa

1/2 Portion of Kampong Chicken
10g Shredded Ginger
10g of Soaked Black Fungus
4 Medium Chinese Mushroom, soaked, cut into quarters
1 Egg
1 Stalk of Spring Onion, cut into section
1 Tablespoon Sesame Oil
1/2 Tablespoon of Oyster Sauce
1/2 Tablesppon Wolfberries
100ml Rice Wine
400 - 500ml Water
1 Tablespoon Corn Starch Solution

1. Wash and clean the chicken then cut into pieces then set aside for use.
2. Preheat the sesame oil in the claypot then saute the shredded ginger till fragrant then add in the chicken pieces and half of the spring onion sections then continue to fry for another 1 minutes.
3. Next stir in the oyster sauce to the chicken mixture till combined then add in the mushroom and black fungus.
4. Give them a quick stir then pour in the water and let the mixture simmer for about 15 - 20 minutes until chicken is well cooked.
5. Lastly, add in the rice wine and balance of the spring onion and wolfberries and bring it to boil then stir in the cornstarch solution to thick the sauce.
6. Remove the pot from heat and crack the egg in the middle, cover for 1 minute then serve with steam white rice.

a) You can replace the Kampong Chicken with 2 Large Drumstick with tight portion.
b) You can replace rice wine with Japanese Mirin or Sake but reduce the amount to 60ml.
c) You can add 1 tablespoon spoon water to 1/2 teaspoon of cornflour to make the cornstarch solution.

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  1. Hi Natasha,

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  2. Hi, I'm just wondering, when do you pour in the corn starch solution? It was not mentioned anywhere in the method?

  3. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for drawing my attention, i must have missed it out in the steps. Thanks again :)

  4. Wow, that looks delicious!


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