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Ochado Chanodo (茶の道)

Recently I have shared a post about the 2 popular Bubble Tea competitors in Singapore where patrons are willing to queue more than 30 minutes just for a cup of their desire bubble tea. And in that post, I also mentioned about a new similar concept bubble tea outlet which is known as Ochado Chanodo (茶の道). (click HERE for post mentioned)

In today’s post, I will be reviewing more about Ochado’s varieties of bubble tea as well as their special toppings, which you might be interested to pair some with your drinks.

Ochado is located in the North area, which might be considered as an inconvenient area for certain people. But despite the location, they do served decent flavour of tea that are up to stardard compare to either KOI or Gong Cha. And I am sure good stuffs are worth for the traveling time and who knows it might taste even better compare to those that you have tried. This shop is just about 2 bus stops away from Yishun Mrt station, and you can easily spot it with its outstanding green and black furnishing outlook too.

James, who is the supervisor (店长) of this shop, told us that actually this shop is partner by a few bubble tea lovers including himself. Before setting up the shop, they actually flew to Taiwan to do research and learn about the operating procedures and also choosing the right type of tea leave for each item on their menu. Other than over seeing the shop, James also in-charge on cooking the pearls and tea. According to him, they will always discard all the unused tea after every 4 hours to maintain its taste and fragrant and this also applies to the pearls where he needs to discard and re-cooked them every few hours in order for the customers to have soft and chewy pearls. James philosophy is, he values his customers and he always make sure each and every one of their customers can get the best quality of Tea upon purchase.

I will review 7 different types of choices, with a few of it are on their popular ordering list. First let’s take a look at this refreshing "OchaDo's Lemonade - 招牌鲜桔茶" which is also known as “Ladies tea” according to James. This is a mixture of green tea with freshly squeeze lime juice (where you still can see the physical lime fruits in it) and top with preserved sour plum (话梅). Great cooling drinks to quench thirst on hot afternoon or after a heavy meal to wash down all the greasy food.
Type: Green Tea
Price: S$2.90 (Medium), S$4.30(Large)

You will be wondering what is “3Q” like when we first heard about this name. "3Q Passionate Tea - 百香 3Q 冰茶" is actually red tea with three types of chewy toppings such as Konnyaku Jelly, Pearls and Aloe Vera. A new combination way to stir up your palate with chewy pearls, crunch aloe vera and soft shredded jelly.
Type: Red Tea
Price: S$3.50 (One Size, Medium)

But if you prefer something lighter that is not too sour or without any sugar added, perhaps you can consider this “Honey Aloe Vera Tea - 养颜蜂蜜芦荟冰茶” which comes with red tea and aloe vera bits. The sweetness of the tea is from honey rather than Fructose (fruit sugar, 果糖) that is used in Ochado’s bubble tea. When you give this tea a sip, you can taste a light honey fragrant in it and at the same time enjoys the healthy bits from the aloe vera cubes.
Type: Red Tea
Price: S$2.90 (One Size, Medium)

James told us this “Grape Yogurt Aloe Vera - 紫色魔力冰茶” is one of the partner’s favourite drinks, which he will always order whenever he comes to the shop. Although the appearance of this drink might not be very eye catching like those shown above, but if you like graph flavour, this is a good choice. It taste a bit sour when sip but after a few mouthful, it will release a sweet scent that makes you crave more for more which indeed matched well with its Chinese description “紫色魔力冰茶”. For this drink they used genius grape flavour yogurt to blend with the red tea so I guess it’s a good choice for ladies too.
Type: Red Tea
Price: S$3.50 (One Size, Medium)

After those non-milk teas above, now it’s time to take a look on our “Star” drinks of the day, “Pearl Milk Tea - 珍珠奶茶”. I am sure more than half of those patrons who visit those bubble tea outlets would usually walk away with a cup of “Pearl Milk Tea”. So what are the main criteria you look for to judge a cup of good and recommending pearl milk tea? Is it the aroma of the tea, the taste, or the soft and chewy bubbles or all the above? I think I would leave this for you to share with me your comment if you do have a chance to try out Ochado’s Pearl Milk Tea…….
Type: Milk Tea
Price: S$2.90 (Medium), S$4.30(Large)

Roasted Tea with Azuki Beans and Pearls - 珍珠红豆烤奶” use roasted tea leaves to brew into roasted milk tea that served together with two different toppings such as azuki beans and pearls. I love the combination of azuki bean and pearls where the sweetness of the beans blends well with the mild taste of the pearls. The first cup of Ochado’s tea that captures my heart and attention is their “Okinawan Matcha Milk Tea - 冲绳抹奶茶” which is a blend of green milk tea with azuki beans topping where I also added some extra pearls in it. But this roasted tea with azuki beans and pearls will be more towards the sweet aroma side due to the type of tea used.
Type: Roasted Milk Tea
Price: S$3.50 (Medium), S$4.90(Large)

Finally we are down to the last review for this post on another popular order called “Pop Eggs Milk Tea - 魔力爆蛋奶茶”. Guess you will be thinking, “Pop Eggs” what is that? From a glance you might mistaken them as pearls, which they are quite similar on appearance and size. But when you get to try them, you will be surprised! These little “eggs” are actually from Japan and they will burst with some coffee liquid when bites so it a good choice for coffee and tea lovers. Maybe you would like to consider this for change from the usual chewy pearls milk tea if you like that popping effect tickling in your mouth like eating some salmon roes.
Type: Milk Tea
Price: S$2.90 (Medium), S$4.30(Large)


Refreshing Tea: OchaDo's Lemonade - 招牌鲜桔茶

Ice Blended: Mango Yogurt - 芒果優格冰沙

Milk Tea: Okinawa Matcha Milk Tea - 冲绳抹奶茶 (with azuki beans in it)

Fushion Ice Tea: 3Q Passionate Tea - 百香 3Q 冰茶

QQ Tea: Pop Eggs Milk Tea - 魔力爆蛋奶茶

Kid's Favourite: Yakult Green Tea - 多多绿茶

Just to share with you some of their special toppings that are available in their store:- from top to bottom which I have label for your reference. You can find:-

1. Coffee Crystal (咖啡水晶) :- which is small cube sizes coffee flavour jelly that is slightly crunchy texture than grass jelly.

2. Konnyaku Jelly (蒟弱):- the jelly is shredded and it comes in two different colour which is white and brown, very unusual to have dual colour Konnyaku jelly in bubble tea.

3. Pop Eggs (魔力爆蛋):- if you like coffee and wish to try something different apart from the chewy pearls or grass jelly, you should go for this toppings. According to the store supervisor (店长), James, these coffee eggs are packed in Japan using freshly brew coffee and it goes pretty well with Mocha or Milk Tea too.

There is another not commonly used topping for bubble tea known as Basil Seed (罗勒子) which in Ochado they have come out with a new drinks known as “Aloe Vera Basil Seed Lemonade - 柠檬芦荟罗勒子”. Maybe I should give it a try next round. And while chatting with some of the patrons whom are queuing or waiting for their orders, they actually shares and feedback to us that Ochado’s tea has its unique taste which makes it the same stand as KOI café and Gong Cha too. But with this review, I hope it has given you a better idea of what Ochado can offer and perhaps you can drop by one of these days to try it out yourself and share with us your comments.

To end the post, Joyce and I would like to thank James (店长) and Noel of Ochado Chanodo (茶の道) for their warm hospitality on inviting us to this bubble tea review in order to for us to share some of their specialise drinks and toppings that might interests you.

Ochado Chanodo (茶の道)

Block 102, Yishun Avenue 5
Singapore 760102
Telephone: 6757 4301

Operating Hours:
Monday - Friday: 11.30am - 10.30pm
Saturday & Sunday: 10.30am - 10.30pm

Special Note:
~ Ochado Chanodo (茶の道) also accept bulk delivery around Yishun and Sembawang area, you can call up the shop for more enquiry about your orders and location @ 6757 4301

~ Click HERE for Drinks Menu or LINK for more bubble tea photos.


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