Friday 17 September 2010

Swensen's @ Northpoint

To start off our dinner at Swensen's, we have the "Clam Chowder" soup that is served in a sourdough breadbowl which is enough to feed two person due to it's huge serving. The soup is full of yummy ingredients such as baby clams, diced potatoes, carrot, onion and etc in creamy soup.

Here comes our main course which is the "Seafood Lasagna" with succulent shrimps and crab sticks between generous layers of pasta that accompanied with that attractive jade green creamy spinach sauce and topped with golden fried potato sticks. This dish might look good but it taste rather cold which we thought it might have being taken out from the freezer and just reheat in the microwave or so. And when eating, this cold dish gives us that greasy and odd feeling too.

For dessert, we ordered this "White Chocolate Blondie" and "Sticky Chewy Chocolate". The Chocolate Blondie is filled with rich white chocolate blondie sizzling with maple butter syrup and served together with Ol' Fashioned Vanilla ice cream and a shower of pistachios, peanuts and almonds. This really taste great for after meal dessert and it makes you crave for more after each mouthful.

My boy's favourite dessert which is "Sticky Chewy Chocolate" that he loves so much because the whole cup is full of chocolate! But before eating, he will scoop off all the whipped cream which he dislike the taste of it.

This Swensen's outlet at North Point Shopping Mall has being around since the opening of the shopping mall more than 10 years. And their newly renovated concept do add extra points to the dining environment. Posted by Picasa

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  1. Swensens food is getting from bad to worse. Its never been nice for now. You should try the food as well as dessert from Hog's breath. Its famous for its steak. So those steak lovers should go and try but its quite costly. $30++ for a 300g steak. I tried once at australia and i love it so much. Then when i came back to singapore i saw an outlet at vivo i was so happy. But unfortunately the outlet at vivo had closed but there are still other outlets in singapore. I tried the dessert " Mud Pie" its big as well. It can be share between 2 person. Reccomended for lovers. Mud pie had great taste of chocolate. So chocolate and steak lovers what are you waiting for? :)


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