Wednesday 29 September 2010

Underwater World & Dolphin Lagoon, Sentosa Singapore

Let's continue with our recent Sentosa trip from that Candylicious post last week. Since it was a rainy day we can’t do much of the outdoor activities except to stick with some in-door venture. Since AY and her group were keen to visit the Underwater World, we decided to get the 3-In-1 park tickets, which consists of Underwater World, Dolphin Lagoon and Butterfly and Insect Kingdom.

Underwater World Singapore (UWS) is situated on Sentosa Island and it is a unique and well-known oceanarium showcasing some 2500 marine life of 250 species from around the regions. Since its opening in 1991 till now, about 30 million of visitors have visited this exhibits and the UWS is always actively involved in regular product renewal and program innovation too. And this round it has being a year and a half since our last visit to the UWS and we do find some changes and new attractions added in it as well.

Look at this creature! Can you guess what is this?

These are some of the beautiful "Leafy SeaDragon" at Mid-foyer level. They are given this due to its resemblance to the mythical dragon and the lobes of skin that grow on them also act as camouflage, giving it the appearance of seaweed.

This time round we managed to catch a glimpse of the all-new Dolphin Lagoon which has being moved to its’ new location next to the Underworld World that completes a seamless journey of discovery into the ocean's depths.

For more photographs on the above mentioned post, please click HERE.

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