Thursday 27 October 2011

Sunset Grill And Pub(Seletar)

Sunset Grill And Pub is quiet a well-hidden place right behind the Seletar Airbase at 140B Piccadilly Road. Since there is not bus access to that area if you don't drive or take a cab you would have to prepare to walk quite a distance (roughly about 2km) from the entrance of the seletar camp(old entrance). Along the way, upon nearer to the restaurant you will pass by a couple of airplane hangers or jet planes which are quite a sight to recognize (for your information there is a small signboard near the entrance of the hangers showing Sunset Cafe) .

The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating area which similar those western country outdoor Al Fresco dining with checker table lining and plastic chairs which so "country style". We arrived at about 6pm on a Saturday evening and all the indoor seating are being fully taken up so we have to join in the outdoor seating which is almost half full.

Our aim for this trip is to try their famous Buffalo Wings which starts from Level 1 - 10 from the menu or it you can have special order from Level 11 - 35 upon request. And anyone who could finished at least one wing of Level 30 or 35 spiciness will have his/her name written on its wall of fame and receive a certificate too.

Since we have tried Level 2 at Buckaroo(read more HERE) we decided to put ourselves to test with their level 5 Buffalo Wings which recommended by my friend Joyce. At the 1st bite the spiciness level was still quite bearable for level 5 and it's only maybe when you have the 3rd bites you would realize the numbness starting to form from your lips onwards. Out of the 6 wings I only managed to conquer two with 30 minutes interval with at least 4 cups of ice water. However to me there is nothing special about these Buffalo Wings except there were deep-fried coated with layers of "HOT" chilli!!!!!!!
Price: Half Dozen Level 5 Buffalo Wings @ S$20.50

To accompany the Buffalo Wings, we also ordered the "BBQ Platter" which comes with serving of half pork ribs rack and half BBQ chicken with fries and some salad green. Overall nothing very special about this set but at least it is still edible.

Although Sunset Grill might seem sort of run-down with wooden tables, plastic chairs and in-accessible location that puts you off but somehow or rather there are still large number of crowds whom are attracted to this country-side style dinning.

Sunset Grill And Pub
140B Piccadilly Road
Seletar Airbase(Republic of Singapore Flying Club), East Camp
Singapore 797754
Telephone: +65 6482 0244

Opening Hours
Daily: 4pm – 11pm; (Closed on Tuesdays)

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