Friday 6 January 2012

Pineapple Cakes from SunnyHills, Taiwan

Other than Bak Kwa(BBQ Pork), the next popular item on Chinese New Year goodies list I am sure would be the "well-known" pineapple tarts/pineapple cakes/pineapple rolls that either top or wrapped with generous amount of golden pineapple jam.

On Tuesday afternoon while we were busying with the spring clean at home I received some complimentary Pineapple Cakes from "SunnyHills(微热山丘) which is air-flown from Taiwan. Same as last year (read more) the SunnyHills distributor Mr Damian is kind to send us some samples to try out their products so that we could justify whether the products is still up to our expectation as compared to last year.

These pineapple cakes are made from fresh ingredients that do not contain any preservatives or colourings. From the photos you could see that each brick-shaped pineapple cake is individually packed and sealed to maintain it's freshness till the expiry date.

For ingredients wise it is made with premium New Zealand butter, Japanese gourmet flour and the healthiest plump yolked eggs sourced from their local farm in Taiwan. And these pineapple fillings are so natural that the cakes carry the flavour of the seasons with mellow sweetness in the spring harvest and zestier tang in fall.

As you can see from the above being inspired by the Year of the Dragon, the collection also features artwork depicting the auspicious Chinese dragon in the full glory of the Dragon Dance which believes to bring good luck. This traditional dragon dance artwork can be found on each bag and box label features all four of SunnyHills founders wishing all their customers "Wang Lai(Prosperity Arrives) for the year of the Dragon".

To make gifting even more personalized, SunnyHills' Festive Sets are available in option of:-

~ Box of 10 @ S$25.00 nett
~ Box of 15 @ S$37.50 nett
~ Box of 20 @ S$50.00 nett

* Orders above S$200.00 are entitled to a 10% discount. For more information, please refer to their ordering website HERE.

If you are working or shopping around City Hall area, perhaps you would like to drop by their outlet at Raffles Hotel to personally try out some samples of their pineapple cakes as well as get to know more about their products too.

SunnyHills 微热山丘
Raffles Hotel Arcade
#03-05 325
North Bridge Road
Singapore 188719
Ordering Hotline: 8522 9605

Operating Hours:
Sunday And Monday: 11.00am - 6.00pm
Tuesday to Saturday: 11.00am - 8.00pm

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