Monday 24 February 2014

Weekend Dinner @ Southwest Tavern, Tradehub 21

[Southwest Tavern] Weekend Dinner
When it comes to weekend, "food hunting" is always something that we look forward to whenever we roam around different parts of Singapore. And last weekend while we were in IMM Jurong area, we decided to visit Southwest Tavern which served American style cuisines from one of the participated restaurants in my trustworthy Entertainer Mobile App list.

[Southwest Tavern] Bar Counter
Located in the western part of Singapore, Southwest Tavern serves quiet an unique blend of American style cowboy food like steak, burgers, lamb, pork, fries as well as variations of beers, cocktails and etc which is a great hangout place for after work meal or family gatherings. On a side note, even though the restaurant does not have any air-conditioning for their indoor dining area but they do equipped the area with enough fans facilities to keep you cool throughout your stay.

[Southwest Tavern] Recreation Corner
To us, basically the environment of the restaurant is very cosy with both indoor and al fresco sitting as well as bar counter for those who prefer quick snack and beer. And if you are in good mood for some games, there is also a pool table near the bar counter for you to show off some skills too.

[Southwest Tavern] Main Menu

[Southwest Tavern] Beverages Menu

[Southwest Tavern] Pink Guava vs Blue Heaven
As for the drinks, you would realized they have a wide range of beverages from Beers, Cocktails, Hot Drinks (coffee/tea) to Soft Drinks and Non-Alcoholic (mocktails/smoothies/ice blended). And with my desire for "blue" beverages continued after what I had over at Blue Bali last month I decided to try their Blue Heaven (SG$4++) which was one of the mocktails. Beside that we also ordered Pink Guava Smoothie (SG$5++) which was icy and refreshing.

[Southwest Tavern] Assorted Condiments
These are some of the basic condiments available at Southwest Tavern such as:- Tomato Sauce (ketchup), Chilli Sauce, Mustard Sauce. Tabasco Sauce Salt and Pepper.

[Southwest Tavern] Bloomin' Onion
While waiting for our main dish, we had Bloomin' Onion (SG$12++) which is one of their signature items besides "suicide wings" on their Finger Lickin' Grab list. Just a note, Bloomin' Onion comes in pretty large servings portion which I would recommend this to be shared among 3 - 4 person.

[Southwest Tavern] Bloomin' Onion
We love how each pieces of these onion which was lightly battered and deep-fried till perfection of golden brown. Likewise you could either eat it on it's own or dipped with some accompany Ranch Sauce that gives it a better flavour.

[Southwest Tavern] Fish and Fries Plate (Kid's Meal)
Like most restaurant Southwest Tavern also take care of kid’s menu with usual staple food like pasta, burgers, fish and chips and etc. In this way, everyone in the family would be able to enjoy the meal together with their desire choice of food.

 My boy ordered Fish and Fries Plate (SG$6++) which comes with some hand-cut fries and 2 pieces of breaded fish fillets that are fried till crispy and juicy when bite.

[Southwest Tavern] Fried US Corn-fed Pork Chops
They also have a good choices of main dish ranging from beef, chicken, pork, pasta, burger and etc. And from the photos you would also realized that the presentation of  the main course served were mostly typical American style with big serving portions.  Furthermore, every main course also comes with 2 sides of your choice from:- mashed potato, coleslaw, baked beans, sweet corn, butter rice, potato wedges, roasted potato and salad.

[Southwest Tavern] Fried US Corn-fed Pork Chops
Fried US Corn-fed Pork Chops (SG$20++) comes in really big portion with 2 big pieces of meat coated with bread crumbs and fried till golden brown giving it a distinctive crispness of look and taste. Besides the "huge" pork chops, the main also comes with butter rice and potato wedges as complimentary sides of our choice.

[Southwest Tavern] Rosemary Rack of Lamb
For me I was tossing between Rosemary Rack Of Lamb (SG$30++) or Braised Lamb Shank (SG$22++) but in the end I settled for rack of lamb partially because I am a fans of Rosemary herbs.

[Southwest Tavern] Rosemary Rack of Lamb
My main was served together with 2 sides such as mashed potato with cream coloured gravy that looks like mushroom soup and some salad greens. Although the rack of lamb might look dry and tough but surprisingly it was not chewy at all and it taste just good with the accompany mint and balsamic dipping which makes every bite taste refreshing and appetizing.

[Southwest Tavern] Mayo Chicken Pizza
Other than burgers, Southwest Tavern also offers four different flavour of handcraft pizzas such as Margarita, Veggie lovers, Hawaiian and Mayo Chicken that are freshly made when ordered.

[Southwest Tavern] Mayo Chicken Pizza
Since boy and I are craving for some cheesy pizza, we decided to go for their Mayo Chicken Pizza (SG$18++) which comes in a rectangular shape (in 8 slices) that is about the size of an A4 paper. The thick crust base is topped with generous amount of chicken pieces and meatball like toppings together with melted cheese.

[Southwest Tavern] Chocolate Pudding
For dessert, we ordered Chocolate Pudding (SG$5++) which was their dessert of the day and it was really a hit which we all loved. The rich and moist texture of the chocolate cake makes it a perfect match with the vanilla chocolate chips ice-cream.

[Entertainer Mobile App] Southwest Tavern 1-For-1 Main Course Deal
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Southwest Tavern - Steaks.Burgers.Beers
Overall Southwest Tavern is a great hangout place even thought it is located in the industry area (Tradehub 21) along with others restaurants and bars. I would recommend this place for happy hour drinks with friends or colleagues after a long day at work or grab some hearty American style of cuisine to perk up your week. And I am sure with their large servings portion and friendly staffs it would make your visit worth too.

8 Boon Lay Way
#01-33, Tradehub 21
Singapore 609964
Reservation: (65) 6515 4303

Opening Hours:-
11:00 am - 12:00MN (daily)

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