Thursday 13 February 2014

[Valentine's Bakes] Chocolate Flourless Cake and Chocolate Raspberry Tart

[Valentine's Bake] Chocolate Flourless Cake
One more day to Valentine's Day and I am sure most of you have already prepared or going to get some lovely gift(s) for your dearest. But if you are still looking for quick and easy valentine's day recipes; here we have a ready in 30 minutes (including preparations and baking) Chocolate Flourless Cake recipe for you.

To prepare this cake, you can easily get the "heart-shaped pan" from Daiso like what we did then grab some good quality of Dark Chocolate (I bought the Cadbury 70% dark chocolate) and Strawberries and  you are ready to make one.


[Valentine's Day Bakes] Chocolate Flourless Cake

[Valentine's Bakes] Ingredients for Chocolate Flourless Cake

*English version of the Chocolate Flourless Cake recipe is @ Bake King recipe site here.

(Make: 6.5" Hearshaped Cake | Preparation: 10 minutes | Baking: 18 minutes)

材料: (6.5" 心形烘盘)
100克黑巧克力 (70% dark chocolate)
80克杏仁粉 (ground almond)
100克浅棕色的糖 (brown sugar)

可可粉或糖霜(icing sugar)

[valentine's Bakes] Step-by-step guide on making Chocolate Flourless Cake
1. 把烤箱預熱至180度C,然后在烘盘涂上少许牛油后放一层烘焙纸,

2. 小锅里进牛油,黑巧克力,可可粉和水,用小火煮到巧克力完全融化之后把锅放一旁冷却。

3. 将蛋白和蛋黃小心分开,用搅拌机把蛋白打至企身起角,放一旁。

4. 用另一个碗,将蛋黃和糖打到乳白色然后加入拌好的巧克力糊(巧克力和杏仁粉混合均匀)拌匀,接着分三次加入打发的蛋白。

5. 把面糊倒入预备好的烘盘,放进烤箱烤18分钟,测试蛋糕有没有熟透(测试时蛋糕会有一点微干的粘湖是正常的

6. 最后等蛋糕完全冷却后,洒上糖霜和用草莓装饰即可。

[Valentine's Day Bakes] Chocolate Flourless Cake
For the decoration, you can also used whipped cream to pipe some simple design instead of icing sugar or used other berries that are in season too. Just let your imagination runs and create your very own unique Valentine's Bake for your dearest.


February is the month of love so other than Chocolate Flourless Cake shown above we also will be featuring Chocolate Raspberry Tart too. If you are interested in making this tart do follow Bake King Facebook page for latest recipes update.

[recipe updates] Chocolate Raspberry Tart recipe can be found @

With these beautiful roses, I would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!

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