Wednesday 16 April 2014

Weekend Brunch @ GRUB, Bishan Park

Weekend Brunch @ GRUB, Bishan Park
After reading a few recommending cafes to visit from food blogs and Instagram photos, GRUB has being on our visiting list for quite sometime.  So last Saturday since we do not have any plan  except getting our usual weekly grocery. We decide to settle our brunch at GRUB which is located at one end of Bishan Park (510 Ang Mo Kio Ave 1) along Sin Ming Ave which is opposite Block 408.

For your information, GRUB don't not accept reservation on weekend so be early before noon to avoid long waiting time.

[GRUB] Latte (front), Cappuccino (back)
While waiting for the food we start off with some coffee to relax a bit as it took us quite a while to find the place because the location display on Google map was wrong and we end up in the opposite end of Bishan Park (almost give up after 15 minutes going in rounds). So for those who drives, locate the Bishan Park Carpark entrance which is located along Sin Meng Road (opposite block 408, near Bright Hill Road), you will see GRUB directly opposite the car park across the bridge.

Latte and Cappuccino both @ SG$4.50. Taste wise average, latte art not very impress too.

[GRUB] GRUB Breakfast Set
One of our bunch order was GRUB Breakfast Set (SG$15++) that comes with grilled focaccia, scrambled eggs, mushroom, salad and garlic thyme pork sausage. Nothing special to rave about for this breakfast set. The scrambled eggs served were rather bland and the miserable portion of the portebello mushroom was like over burnt making the set look quite disappointing. But on the other hand at least their garlic thyme pork sausage was still good to add on some points. 

Note: With SG$2.50 top up you can also upgrade to enjoy Liberty Hot Coffee or Dammann Teas too.

[GRUB] Crispy Fish Burger
Since I am sharing the main dish with my boy, I ordered his favourite Crispy Fish Burger (SG$14++) that comes with some handcrafted chips plus a cup of Apple Juice (SG$3.50) for him. The fish burger is best to be eaten hot with the hake fillet still crispy and juicy to bite. And while helping R to cut the over-sized fillet into smaller portions, I am glade to notice that the fillet was not oily as compared to most of the deep-fried food. Also their handcrafted chips still remains crisp even after about 15 minutes or so.

[GRUB] Churros
Actually this was the main reason why I am here at GRUB, because I am craving for CHURROS!!!!!

[GRUB] Churro
If you are new to "Churro", it is actually a sweet Spanish snack that comes in a strip of fried dough (some said it's looks like our Asian fried you tiao) that dusted with sugar or cinnamon. You can either have these yummy snacks or dip them in chocolate sauce.

The Churros (SG$9++) at GRUB served with creme anglaise and chocolate sauce. Although they were good with a nice and crisp bite but I think they is still room of improvements for their dipping sauce because the dark chocolate was really too sweet and the creme anglaise is not fragrant too. For me I prefer churros with stronger taste that are coated with cinnamon sugar or dipped in rich dark chocolate sauce. But if you prefer a lighter taste perhaps this might suits you in a way too.

Total DAMAGE for our brunch and If you ask will we be back to try out other items on their menu, I would said perhaps not so soon or unless we are around that area because nowadays there are to many new cafes in Singapore waiting to be explored.....

Having weekend brunch at GRUB is always something that I wanted to do especially to be able to enjoy a cup of good coffee to go with their churros. Overall even though the food did not leave us with deep impression but at least we enjoyed the atmosphere with cooling weather (drizzling morning), surrounding of greenery and most importantly the companies.

* Between do you have any cafes with good coffee and cakes to recommend?

GRUB @ Bishan Park
510 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1
(Car park along Sin Ming Ave, opposite Blk 408)
Singapore 569983
Telephone: (65)6459 5743

Opening Hours:
Tue - Fri: 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm
Sat - Sun: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, 5:30 pm - 10:30 pm

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