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3 Recipes Using Hokkaido Fresh Milk

Hokkaido is well-known for its delicious dairy products, beautiful scenery and fresh seafood. In fact I still miss the Hokkaido Fresh Milk which I had couple of years back during my Japan trip. The good news is now you can find Hokkaido Fresh Milk without traveling to Japan.

Hokkaido Fresh Milk is as good on its own or you can pair it with breakfast cereal, granola, cakes and pastries or even use it to create quick desserts, bakes or even Japanese favourite "royal milk tea". In this article I will be sharing 3 fool-proof recipes which can be easily done in less than 20 minutes.

Hokkaido Fresh Milk is flown in fresh from Hokkaido and they are produced by renowned Yotsuba Milk Product Company, which is a company established by dairy farmers in Hokkaido. In order to have top quality products, the cattle are raised freely in a no-stress environment on vast tracts of land with great care of the dedicated farmers. They are fed with a mixture of nutritious coarse feed and milked only during their prime years. Furthermore the cool climate, fresh air and rich grass of Hokkaido also contribute a bonus point for the cows to produce quality milk too.

We love the smooth, creamy and "clean" finishing taste of the fresh milk especially when it is served cold as a mid-morning/afternoon treat.


Milk Tea is a popular beverage in Japan where you can easily find in cafe menus, supermarkets or even vending machines. On top of that there are pastries, chocolate, cookies and other snacks that are available in milk tea flavour. Below is our quick recipe on homemade Royal Milk Tea using premium fresh milk from Hokkaido. Much different from other brands of dairy products, the Hokkaido Fresh Milk enhances the texture of the milk tea, tasting better as it leaves a creamier aftertaste.

(Yield: 2 serving cups | Preparation: 5 minutes)

400ml Hokkaido fresh milk
9g black tea leaves (3 regular Ceylon tea bags)
Sugar or honey, optional

1. In a small saucepan simmer milk over low heat till it almost comes to a boil.

2. Add in tea leaves and remove pot from stove.

3. Stand pot aside, covered and let the tea leaves steep for 2 - 3 minutes.

4. At the meanwhile warm tea cups with hot water. When the milk tea is ready strain it through a tea strainer into warm serving cups.

5. Serve immediately with sugar or honey to sweeten the tea.

皇家奶茶是日本人常饮用的一种饮料。你可以直接用温牛奶来冲泡红茶或加点热水先泡茶之后才加入温牛奶。我个人比较喜欢浓郁的奶香味所以我采用纯北海道鲜牛奶 (无加水),喝起来有一阵清甜的奶香味真叫人回味无穷而且搭配下午茶蛋糕或奶油饼干更是绝配。

(分量: 2人份 | 准备: 5 分钟)

1. 将牛奶倒入小锅中用小火煮到即将沸腾时,加入锡兰红茶包。

2. 熄火后把锅放置一旁等2-3分钟,直到茶汤闷出颜色及香味。

3. 最后将奶茶倒入预备好的温杯 (用沸水加热) 依自己的喜好加入少许糖或蜂蜜调味即可饮用。


Steamed Papaya with Milk & Snow Fungus is one of the nourishing desserts for ladies. It is known to have moisturizing benefits on skin because papaya itself can help to purify the blood, cleans liver and strengthen stomach. This hassle-free and delicious dessert can be easily prepared at home with simple ingredients like papaya and fresh milk.

For me I often add in extra snow fungus to enhance the taste as well as extra crunch and bite. Besides that snow fungus is also a valuable nutrient tonic which helps to detox the spleen and increases appetite as well as nourish the body, lungs and stomach.

This dessert tastes creamier and smoother with the use of Hokkaido Fresh Milk. We love the fragrance of sweet milk emitted.

(Yield: 2 | Preparation: 10 minutes | Cooking: 30 minutes)

250g fresh papaya, cut into 1" cubes
500ml of Hokkaido fresh milk
10g snow fungus, soak till soften
Some red dates, optional
3 knots of pandan leaves
Cane-sugar to taste

1. Soak snow fungus and red dates (if using) in warm water till fungus expand and soft. Trim off the yellow colour portion and cut the cluster into smaller pieces.

2. Bring 150ml of water to boil. Add in snow fungus, red dates, pandan leaves, cane-sugar and simmer over low heat for 10 - 12 minutes . Remove pan from stove and set aside.

3. Peel and remove seeds from the papaya, cut it into smaller pieces.

4. Divide papaya, red dates, snow fungus (add in 1-2 tablespoons of the reserved snow fungus soup to sweeten the taste of the dessert) and a knot of pandan leaves into 2 ceramic pot (you can do two individual serving or one big pot).

5. Pour in Hokkaido fresh milk, cover and place the pots into a slow-cooker, electric steamer or a big soup-pot over the stove and double-boiled on medium low heat for about 30 minutes.

A short video clip on how to prepare Steamed Papaya with Milk & Snow Fungus (木瓜炖鲜奶).

木瓜炖鲜奶有滋润养颜的功能而且木瓜本身还能净化血液,平肝养胃。因此您不妨也来动手做做看这道美味又容易准备的甜品。所需要的材料也很简单;只有木瓜和鲜牛奶。不过依照各人口味你也可加入雪耳,南北杏, 红枣等。

(分量: 2人份 | 准备: 10 分钟 | 蒸煮时间: 30 分钟)
250克木瓜, 切成1"块
10克雪耳, 浸泡到软

1. 雪耳用温水泡软,剪小片。

2. 将剪碎的雪耳放入小锅内,加150毫升水, 香兰叶和冰糖用小火煮 10-12分钟。 熄火并捞起雪耳备用。

3. 木瓜去皮和种子然后切小块和香兰叶, 红枣, 雪耳 ( 可以加如一至两汤匙煮银耳的糖水调味) 一起放进炖盅里。

4. 接着倒入鲜奶盖上盖子再把炖盅放进炖锅或电蒸锅用隔水的方式煮大约30分钟左右即可。


Hokkaido Milk Pudding is another popular dessert in Japan which we can now replicated at home using this premium Hokkaido Fresh Milk and gelatine. Here is a fool-proof recipe which you can easily prepare in less than 15 minutes. With that I added in some pumpkin cubes and mashed pumpkin to enhance the taste and sweetness but by all means you can stick with original version (omit pumpkin) or add in fresh fruits like strawberry, mango, blueberry or etc according to your preference.

The difference in taste, compared to other dairy products is significant, and therefore Hokkaido Fresh Milk would be the choice as we love how intensifies the creaminess of the pudding and the smooth well balanced aftertaste.

(Yield: 6; 100ml bottle | Preparation: 10 minutes | Chilling Time: 3 hours)

500ml Hokkaido fresh milk
3 1/4 teaspoon gelatine powder
100g pumpkin cubes
1 tablespoon honey, optional

*alternatively: replaced 5 gelatine sheets with gelatine powder
- 1 teaspoon gelatine powder = 3gm; 1 gold gelatine leaf = 2gm

1. Steamed or microwave pumpkin cubes till soften, reserve half and mashed the remaining until smooth. Set aside.

2. Warm milk with honey in a small saucepan over stove or microwave.

3. Dissolve gelatine powder with 50ml of warm milk before adding the mixture back into the warm milk and stir well.

4. Pour milk over a strainer to remove lumps of undissolved glelatine powder.

5. Fill glass bottles (sterilized glass bottles in boiling water before using) with a few pieces of steamed pumpkin before pouring in the milk mixture.

6. Chill milk pudding for at least 3 hours (mousse / custard like texture) or overnight (more firm).

7. To serve, top with some extra mashed pumpkin puree and/or pouring cream.

A short video clip on how to prepare Hokkaido Milk Pudding with Pumpkin (北海道牛奶布丁).


(分量: 6人份 | 准备: 10 分钟 | 冷藏时间: 至少3小时)
3 1/4茶匙鱼胶粉

1茶匙鱼胶粉= 3克1片金色鱼胶叶= 2克

1. 南瓜块用蒸或微波炉煮到软化,然后将一半用叉压成泥状;备用。

2. 北海道鲜牛奶和蜂蜜倒入小锅里用小火加热到接近80度(你也可以选用微波炉加热)。

3. 取出50毫升的温牛奶和鱼胶粉搅拌均匀然后拌入锅内的温牛奶。





For your information Hokkaido Fresh Milk is available at Fair Price Finest at SG$6.45 per 1-litre pack. Hope you enjoyed these quick recipes above.

* Disclosure: This post is brought to you in partnership with Hokkaido Fresh Milk.

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