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Friday 11 April 2014

Chong Pang Chong BBQ Chicken @ Geylang Bahru Food Center

Located within Block 69, Geylang Bahru Food Centre, Chong Pang Chong (忠邦忠) is one of the franchise outlets of Chong Pang Huat (忠邦发). The stall is facing towards the open car-park together as the same row with Hainanese Pork Chop Rice and Western Food. And beside selling BBQ chicken they also provides supply of "cooked or uncooked" chicken and satay for party and event too.

So whenever I visit Kitchen Capers to get some baking items I would usually drop-by during dinner time where we could at the same time indulge ourselves with some of yummy food there such as the BBQ Chicken, Wanton Noodle or Western Food.

Friday 3 August 2012

{Hawker Food Trail} Tiong Bahru Market & Hawker Centre

Once again we are back to our favourite "Hawker Food Trail" whereby Maureen (miss tam chiak) and Derrick (sgfoodonfoot) will organized a day where we get to feast all the yummy local hawker food at a specify Food Centre.

If you still remember this is our 3rd Hawker Trail, after the 1st at Old Airport Road and 2nd at Ghim Moh Food Centre. As usual we set up a budget of S$10.00 per person to conquer at least 10 different dishes. And for this round, we spent about S$9.00 on average with 10 dishes plus 2 desserts sharing among 6 persons per table.

Stall Unit: #02-58
Price: S$3.00 per bowl (Green bowl)

178 Lor Mee is one of the well-known stores in Tiong Bahru Food Centre. With their signature deep-fried "Shark Meat" in crispy batter that goes well with flat yellow noodles and thick gravy sauce has makes it something different from the usual Lor Mee with hard-boiled egg and ngoh hiang.

Stall Unit: #02-80
Price: S$3.00 per bowl (Yellow bowl)

Tiong Bahru Lor Mee has it's own group of regular customers who prefer its traditional lor mee than the new one with "shark meat" from 178 Lor Mee. If to compare both, most of those seated on our table prefer this traditional Lor Mee with ngoh hiang, fish cake, braised meat, braised egg, fried dumpling and etc which makes it a hearty bowl of noodles.

Stall Unit: #02-18/19
Price: S$7.60 (2 Big Bao, 2 Char Siew Bao, 4 Siew Mai)

Previously whenever we comes to Tiong Bahru Food Center, we always bought back some steamed buns and egg tarts from "Tiong Bahru Pau" for supper or breakfast. Despite the fact that their "dao bao" does not come with slice of "hard-boiled" egg like others but the flavour of the meat and texture of the bun skin are good enough to cover the missing "egg". But recently the texture of their bun is not as good as it used to be.

Stall Unit: #02-25
Price: S$2.00 per plate (Vegetarian Glutinous Rice)

Surprisingly the this plain looking vegetarian glutinous rice taste good from HarriAnn's Delights. This is recommended by one of the group member, Yan Cai who love their glutinous rice. But since it is vegetarian I guess we can't expect much on their chilli sauce which seems to lack of certain ingredients and flavour when compared to those non-vegetarian.

Stall Unit: #02-11
Price: S$4.00 per plate

Tiong Bahru Char Kway Teow here seems to be drier and did not feel and taste as oily as it looked. The S$4.00 portion that we ordered included things like Lup Cheong, Sliced Fishcakes, Bean Sprouts and Cockles as well as "pork lard". If you like Char Kway Teow perhaps you would also like to try the famous stall, Lao Fu Zi Char Kway Teow which located at Old Airport Road too!

Stall Unit: #02-05
Price: S$2.40 for 8 pieces

When compared to the well-known Bedok Chwee Kueh, this old time favourite, Jian Bo Shui Kueh which located at Tiong Bahru has it's own unique taste too. I love taste and fragrant of their chye poh which might be slightly salty but it did blend well with the plain chwee kueh which brings up it's flavour. Overall this is still quiet a good choice for either breakfast or tea-break despite of those "oil" flooding around.

Stall Unit: #02-30
Price: S$5.00 per plate (Wanton noodles with pig's armpit char siew)

Zhong Yu Yuan Wei Wanton Noodles is one of the famous wanton noodles stall out of two in Tiong Bahru food center. Their Char Siew noodles is famous on using the the 不见天 (never see sky) or aka armpit meat of pigs to make their char siew. And each plate of wanton noodle comes with springy yellow noodles, top with slices of incredibly tender, well marbled and glazed char siew. No wonder customers are willing to queue for at least 20 minutes for a plate of delicious wanton noodle like this.

Stall Unit: #02-31
Price: S$4.00 per bowl

When the prawn noodles arrive on the table, I was quiet shock to see something usual such as meatballs appeared in it. Mum said she always request the stall owner to do away the meatballs as she is not a fan of it. Overall I find the taste of the prawn broth is on the lighter side which could be improved with a strong prawn flavour will be better.

Stall Unit: #02-60
Price: S$10.00 per plate (assorted roast meat)

Lee Hong Kee Roast Meat has being around at Tiong Bahru for many forty years or more and their price is quiet reasonable with the amount of meat you paid for. Their char siew is cut thickly which offers a very satisfying bite which most of us love. The plate that we had above consists of roasted pork, char siew and lup cheong (Chinese Sausage). Personally I love the taste and fragrant of their lup cheong which i think it would goes well with a plate of plain steamed rice or even best to be added into claypot rice.

Stall Unit: #02-60
Price: Approx S$5.60 per plate

Although I don't really like fishballs with soup or  noodles but I love those deep-fried fishballs; or fishcakes that are dipped with chilli sauce. Here at Tiong Bahru Fishballs, they have a few types of fishball and fishcake which taste quiet good with springy texture that is worth trying. But there is a little set back on their chilli sauce which can be improved as it is quiet dilute and the taste is slightly blend.

Stall Unit: #02-75
Price: S$2.00 per bowl

After meal we have some cooling dessert to clench our thirst from the afternoon heat. We tried two dessert from Liang Liang Garden which are the Milo Dinosaur Ice Kachang and Shark Fin Cheng Tng.

I love this Shark Fin Cheng Tng more than the other. It is so cooling and refreshing with bits of pieces ingredients such as red beans, water chestnuts, sago, dried longan and etc plus the shredded "shark fin" alike jelly toppings. Indeed this dessert is a good way to end a hearty meal.

Once again thanks Maureen and Derrick for organist this wonderful food outing. Look forward for the next one soon.

Sunday 29 January 2012

Chinese New Year @ Malaysian Food Street plus Sentosa Flowers 2012

Every year during the 2nd day of Chinese New Year our family would usually take a half day off in the morning from the usual house visiting before heading to my mum's place. And since I miss out the earlier Sentosa Flowers 2012 media preview, we decided to drop-by on our own to take some snap shots of thematic photo points such as Dragon Gate, Dinoland and etc.

On top of that we also take the chance to visit the newly launched "Malaysian Food Street" locate at The Bull Ring which is just beside Universal Studios entrance.


Malaysian Food Street at Resorts World Sentosa (RWS) is officially opened on 12 January 2012. This is a spacious foodcourt standing at 22,000 square feet that seats up to 516 guests comfortably. It has 17 food stalls offering Authentic Malaysian street food such as Fung Wong Confectionery, Heun Kee Claypot Chicken Rice, KL Jalan Alor Hokkien Mee, Penang Ah Long Lor Bak and etc.

As you can see from the photo above, the place is designed to look and feel of the streets in Malaysia, with facades of old shophouses, detail street stalls and replicas of 1950s-style coffeeshop furniture and street fixtures to set the dinning mood.

Fung Wong Confectionery(Kuala Lumpur)is a well-known pastry business for more than 100 years. Today Fung Wong Confectionery is a famous brand name in Kuala Lumpur with it's tradition and homemade recipes behind the freshly baked and delicious pastries such as their crispy Char Siew Siew Bao and fragrant egg tarts.

Operating Hours: 11.00am – 10.00pm Daily

I have heard good reviews about their egg tarts and how fast it is sold out in the afternoon. So without hesitate, this is the first stall we started our queue because I want to try out this "so-called" famous egg tarts.  Luckily we were early that day(around 11.10am) and we are the 4th on the queue before it gets longer after 20 minutes of waiting time. I was also shock to overheard from those queuing in front us that they orders are at least 6 boxes (6 tarts each box) each.

So when the 2nd batches of egg tarts are out from the oven we were all so excited to see whether it would be our turn to chomp those hot and mouthwatering tarts. Each egg tart is price at S$1.20 each. Their egg tarts are really fragrant with smooth and not too sweet egg custard nested in crispy parties that makes you crave for more after each bites.

Kampung Nasi Lemak (Halal)  -  Nasi Lemak is one of Malaysia’s national bestsellers sample food that has won many hearts over with its simple yet delicious flavour. The simple halal dish includes moist coconut flavoured rice, traditional sambal chilli ikan bilis that served together with tender fried chicken or beef chunks.

Operating Hours: Wednesday - Thursday: 11am – 9pm; Friday – Sunday: 9am – 6pm
Closed on Monday and Tuesday

When having Nasi Lemak, I would first look at it's rice as whether is it flavorsome and whole grains instead of soggy rice with no coconut fragrant. After that I would go for their sambal chilli which cannot be too spicy or else it will overpower the taste of this wonder condiment. Overall we gave this stall 4/5 rating for their rice and sambal chilli which I think it taste better than the Fried Hokkien Mee(below).

They have 3 simple choices pricing at:-
~ Normal(rice, egg, peanut and sambal chilli) @ S$3.00
~ Rice + Chicken (rice, egg, deep-fried chicken pieces, peanut, sambal chilli) @ S$4.00
~ Rice + Randang (rice, egg, beef, peanut, sambal chilli) @ S$5.00

Ampang Yong Tau Foo(Ampang) - If you do a Google search on "Ampang Yong Tau Foo, Singapore" you would see a list of entries showing you different stalls around Singapore where the popular stall is around 928, Upper Thomson Road(featured in ieatishootipost, HERE or Misstamchiak, HERE). So with a local stall via authentic Malaysian style in mind, I also join in the queue(waited around 20 minutes) to try out this popular dish.

Operating Hours: Monday And Thursday: 11am – 9pm; Friday – Sunday: 11am – 10pm
Closed on Tuesday and Wednesday

A set like this is known as Small (6 pieces @ S$5.00) comes with fried tofu, brinjal, bitter gourd, fried wanton, chilli and etc stuffed with fresh Parang fish paste. On top of that you can choose from either plain rice(S$1.00 per bowl) or yam rice (S$1.50 per bowl).

Friendly speaking this Yong Tau Foo is nothing of WOW factors and their yam rice is not as flavorsome as what mentioned in some write-up.  In fact we have eaten better one and even the Yong Xiang Xing Tau Foo, 永祥興豆腐(read more HERE) serve better quality that worth the queuing time.

KL Jalan Alor Hokkien Mee(Kuala Lumpur) has a recipe perfected for over 30 years and it is also renowned for its dark sauce that infuses the noodles with a fragrant aroma and paired with the freshest ingredients making it one of Kuala Lumpur’s signature dishes.

Operating Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday: 12pm – 10pm;
Friday and Saturday: 12pm – 12am
Closed on Wednesday

Me and a few friends were attracted by the advertisements on "Today" and "The Straits Time" featured this mouthwatering dish as on it's write-up cover. But the few of us were quite disappointed with this dish which looks and taste totally different from the write-up. In fact there are about 3 cooks whipping this same dish and each has different style and end products. As you can see from the photo above, mine was slightly lighter in color and the paring chilli sauce is so watery.

Overall we(my friends and I go in separate days) the standard of this dish not consistent and most of the time it is lack of that "wok" taste. With a plate like that, noodles and fish soak in black sauce plus a few witted vegetables cost S$6.00 per plate which I think my Cze Char stall downstairs can produce better Malaysian style Hokkien Noodles than this.

For photos of the Malaysian Food Street stalls can be found over at Cuisine Paradise Facebook page HERE.


This year for the zodiac year of "Dragons" you can see various shapes and forms of dragons arrived at Sentosa Flowers 2012 (圣淘沙春节花会), in time to celebrate the Lunar New Year! The one week exhibit starts from 22 January till 29 January from 10am - 10pm daily.

For the 7th years of the events Sentosa Flowers 2012 has featured a couple of new highlight such as "First Sand Sculpture" and "Mount Faber Debut". The above shows the "Dragon Gate" entrance unfolds the story of three playful kids as they venture out to discover the beauty of spring!

Floral Zodiac Dragon near the Merlion Walk.

Floral Decorated Memo located at the "Sea World" trail together with other sea creatures near Beach Station.

And if you are there this year, remember to join and submit 3 of your best photos taken at the Sentosa Flowers 2012 to qualify for the "Magic Moment Digital Photography Competition" with Grand Prize worth S$2,000(more details HERE)

Saturday 22 October 2011

{Hawker Food Trail} Ghim Moh Food Centre

Sometime it is fun to gather a few friends who loves to eat and keen to try different types of food from different locations. And for the month of October, with the opening of the 12 new stations from the Circle Line,  Derrick from "SG Food on Foot" has organized a food trail to Ghim Moh Food Centre(CC22 - Buona Vista) whereby we get to try some of the Best Hawker food found within that food centre.

With 16 Adults and 2 Children we conquer 10 different local delights plus 2 dessert with a spending of S$8.00 each Adult. Looking at these spread above I am sure this is a good catch for our October hawker food gathering.

Stall Unit: #01-15
Opening Hours: 6.00am – 2.00pm, Daily

First we have 3 signature dishes from Haven's Indian Curry such as Putu Mayam, Thosai and Appoms. As you can see for both Putu Mayam(vermicelli-like noodles) and Appoms(disc shape with egg in the middle) are served together with some fresh grated coconuts and orange sugar. Personally I love their Appoms which is sort of  wafer-thin and super crispy with soft, chewy and slightly sticky central. To eat it you can top with some grated coconut and orange sugar to have different texture and flavour on your each bites.

Stall Unit:#01-30

For your information Lian He Carrot Cake is just beside the Ghim Moh Chwee Kueh mentioned below. Out of the 5 person from our group this plate of fried carrot cake scores 2 votes out of 5. Most of us feel that it is still not well fried with the amount of scramble eggs and dark sweet sauce, perhaps a tiny bit more of minced garlic and chye poh will add extra flavour to this. But for those who prefer your fried carrot cake to be lighter in colour and taste, this might be a good catch if you are staying around that area.

Stall Unit: #01-45
Opening Hours: 11am – 7.30pm (Closed on Wed)

Next we try this plate of trio-platter with Roast Pork, Char Siew and Roast Duck from Jiu Jiang Shao La. This is a very common combination that is often ordered by most Singaporean. Out of the 3 items we love the roast duck which comes with a layer of crispy skin laying on top of the juicy and tender duck meat. Other than roast duck I also love their roast pork which is slightly salty but with a crispy outer layer that is simply irresistible.

Stall Unit: #01-14
Opening Hours: 7.30am – 3pm (Closed on Mon)

Although I have read a few good reviews on this stall but then we were quite disappointed with the food we had that day. Their so called "must try" fried tau kwa was very dry and salty which seems to be a bit over fried. Overall the 5 of us in our group don't really like this version of fried Yong Tau Fu, perhaps having them in soup together with noodles/rice will be better choice.

Stall Unit: #01-44
Opening Hours: 10am – 3pm, 5pm – 8.30pm (Closed on Mon)

A plate of good beef hor fun is a challenge for the cook as you don't want to have either over/under cooked beef. What you are looking for is a plate of fragrant fried Hor Fun(noodle) with slices of beef that are tender and juicy when eaten. One thing to praise is that the hor fun at this stall are freshly fried and imbued with the char aroma from the wok which makes it so tasty when pairing with whichever choice that you order such as fish, beef or seafood.

Stall Unit: #01-12
Opening Hours: 9.30am – 2.30pm (Closed on Mon and Fri)

Guan Kee Fried Kway Teow has the longest queue among all the stalls in Ghim Moh Food Centre and they stall owner insists to fry his Kway Teow plate by plate despite of how many plates you order. We managed to try this "famous" fried kway teow after almost 40 minutes of queuing time and for your information their version is slightly towards the wet version making it making it less greasy and yet moist when eaten.

Stall Unit: #01-19
Opening Hours: 9.30am – 2.30pm (Closed on Mon and Fri)

Read from ieatishootipost forum that this stall has pretty good chee cheong fun but it was sold out by the time we were there so we have to settle for 2nd alternative which is their Steamed Yam Cake. Surprisingly the texture of these yam cake was soft, fragrant and tasty compared to some other stalls. As you can see it also comes with some peanuts which added extra texture and taste to this dish. And most importantly these yam cake taste really "homemade" with real ingredients instead of more flour less yam.

Stall Unit: #01-31
Opening Hours: 6.15am – 7pm, Daily

I love chwee kueh especially the one at Bedok Food Centre because of it soft texture kueh and fragrant fried "chye poh(fried turnip). But if you are hunting for traditional type of chwee kueh this stall at Ghim Moh would be the one that you are searching for. Their chye poh is fried using lard that gives it a traditional taste and unique fragrant like those sold in old school days.

Perhaps we are too used to the usual sweet chye poh and soft steamed kueh, those from our table comments that this traditional flavour tends to be bit salty and dry on the Chye Poh toppings which does not bringing that unique taste of this local snack.

Stall Unit: #01-53

Interesting indeed! These are Tadpole Bo Bo Cha Cha from Golden Swallow Dessert if you are looking for a change on the usual plain Bo Bo Cha Cha! These colourful tadpole balls add bouncy and bursting effect whenever each spoonful is being sent into your mouth. And moreover these fragrant bo bo cha cha soup base are made using freshly squeeze coconut milk which add extra bonus point to this all-time favourite dessert.

Thanks for the great company and food. I am sure everyone enjoys this session and also thanks for all the "professional queuers" who help to queue and buy the food from 8 allocated stalls. Looking forward for the next food gathering in another hawker center soon. Once again Derrick and all those who help to queue for the food.

Tuesday 7 June 2011

[Must Try] Shunfu Mart Food Centre

Upon stepping into Shunfu Mart a few days ago, we spotted "Chocolat N’ Spice" outlet near the entrance,  facing the bus-stop. As when you walk nearer to the stall you will be perfumed by the fragrant of those freshly baked muffins. Over at the stall they have around 13 different kinds of muffins(such as Double Chocolate, Cheese, Carrot, Orange Peel, Mocha, Blueberry and etc) ranging from S$1.20 to S$1.50 depending on your choice. For a chocolate lover I definitely cannot resists on getting their popular double chocolate muffin and walnut brownie. Their brownie is so soft, moist and delicious that my boy finished it off even before I could take a photo of it. 
Price: Chocolate Brownie @ S$1.40 per slice, Double Chocolate @ S$1.40 each; Banana Walnut @ S$1.20 each and Pumpkin @ S$1.20 each

The muffins from Chocolat N’ Spice’s are incredibly moist, soft, fragrant and most importantly it is not too sweet which makes it a healthy choice for everyone in the family.

Chocolat N' Spice
Blk 320, #02-12
Shunfu Mart (Shunfu Market)
Singapore 570320

Phone Orders (No delivery)
Mobile No.: 9383 0413 (Every Tuesday and Thursday; 4.00pm - 8.00pm)

Opening Hours:
Tuesday to Friday: 9.30am – 2.30pm;
Saturday: 10.00am – 2.30pm
* Closed on Monday and Sunday

Apart from those delicious muffins that we bought home, our mission at Shunfu Mart is to try out some of those delicious hidden gem that we are not aware of. First we spotted Hakka Suan Pan Zi(abacus seeds) from Mei Zhen Hakka Delicacies(美珍客家美食) which is also recommended by a few local TV food programmes, Newspapers and Food Magazines. So without hesitate, we order a plate and try. Overall the texture of the abacus seeds was soft and fragrant but on the down side it was slightly toward the salty side and was quite oily which makes it a bit greasy for our liking.
Price: Hakka Abacus Seeds (Yam Balls) @ S$3.50/S$5.00/S$6.00 per plate

Other than Abacus Seeds, this stall also sells Hakka Style Mushroom Soon Kueh, Steamed Yam Cake, Glutinous Rice, Yam Porridge, Chee Cheong Fun and etc. Perhaps next round can their yam cake and soon kueh. For your information, they also have a outlet at 2 Orchard Turn, #B4-04C ION Orchard too.

Mei Zhen Hakka Delicacies(美珍客家美食)
Blk 320, #02-26
Shunfu Mart (Shunfu Market)
Singapore 570320

Opening Hours:
Wednesday to Sunday: 7.30am to 2.00pm
* Closed on Monday and Tuesday closed

Next we also tried LEONG, Hainanese Chicken Rice which is recommended some patrons next to our table. Indeed the rice was very fragrant, well cooked, fluffy and infuse with trace of minced ginger together with garlic and chicken broth that makes it so delicious. Secondly the rice itself is not oily like those served in some other chicken rice stalls that sometime even drizzle of extra sesame oil or light sauce sauce.
Price: Chicken Rice with random parts @ S$2.80 per plate
Price: Chicken Rice with Drumstick @ S$3.50 per plate

The chicken at this stall is so smooth and tender with juicy meat and springy bite that makes you keep eating it. Somehow the few of us who tried the chicken also agreed that it has indeed being cooked and properly chilled to achieve the firm and yet not oily skin. Other than our favourite drumstick portion, we also tried their skinless chicken breast, which I thought it might be just another plate of tough and tasteless chicken breast meat. But I was wrong, after trying a piece of it I was surprised on how soft and fragrant it taste. And it  was till then I get to know the name of this traditional Hainanese home cooked dish that most Hainanese woman prepared at home was known as “妈妈的味道” translate as “Mum’s flavour”.

Leong Hainanese Chicken Rice
Blk 320, #02-22
Shunfu Mart (Shunfu Market)
Singapore 570320

Lastly let's look at this so called "Must Try" dish in Shunfu Mart from this stall known as "Fu Shi (Traditional) Roasted.Wanton Mee - 富市(传统)烧腊.云吞面" which is managed by an ex-taxi driver who loves food and decided  open a Char Siew and Sio Bak(Roasted Pork) stall for his passion  and love on eating  his favourite Char Siew and Sio Bak. The Char Siew at this stall is not those usual "Reddish Brown" coloured but rather light and natural in with a layer of honey glaze and tender and juicy meat. For me, I prefer their Sio Bak over Char Siew as I love it's crispy skin(on top) with the soft texture from the meat that infuse with a light fragrant of spices which makes it that goes well with white steamed rice.

Other than their famous Char Siew and Sio Bak, this stall also have roasted duck, dark soy sauce chicken, wanton noodles and etc. From the ieatishootipost forum, on and off the boss will come out with some new products or improvise the version of his char siew with new ingredients or even having some hearty soup such as Salted Duck and etc.

Fu Shi (Traditional) Roasted.Wanton Mee - 富市(传统)烧腊.云吞面
Blk 320, #02-25
Shunfu Mart (Shunfu Market)
Singapore 570320

Opening Hours:
Wednesday to Sunday: 8.30am to 1.30pm
* Closed on Monday and Tuesday

If you have being to Shunfu Mart or as a regular patron(s) over at those stalls, do share with us your dining experience and what are some of the "MUST TRY" items that we have miss out.