Thursday 29 June 2006

Green Carrot & Cordyceps Soup

Last few weeks it seems abit difficult to find Green Carrot around my area. So when I managed to get hold of one yesterday, I decided to use it for this Green Carrot & Cordyceps Soup. With the Green Carrot and Cordyceps stem, this soup give up a very fragrant, refreshing and sweet taste which make you wanted to have a second refill in the soup bowl. You might want to give this a try during hot weather as it's a very good soup to clear the heats in the body.

300g Pork Ribs(排骨)/2 Chicken Drumsticks
1 Medium Fresh Huai Shan(鲜淮山), around 200g
1 Medium Red Carrot(红萝卜)
1 Medium Green Carrot/Green Radish(青萝卜)
1/2 Tablespoon Gou Qizi(枸杞子)
4 Red Dates(红枣)
2 Tablespoons Foxnuts(茨实)
1.5 Tablespoons Cordyceps Stems(干冬虫草)

1. Wash and blanch the pork ribs in boiling water, rinse and set aside.
2. Wash, peel and cut the red carrot, green carrots and huai shan into thick sections.
3. Rinse the rest of the herbs ingredient and set aside.
4. Bring a pot of 1.5 litres of water to boil and add in all ingredients, boil on medium heat for 10 minutes then simmer on low heat for about 1.5 hours.
5. Or you can transfer to a slow cooker on Low heat and simmer for 2 - 3 hours.
6. Season with some salt or chicken stock cubes and serve warm.Posted by Picasa
This is the picture of Green Carrot/Green Radish. You can find it in most vegetable stalls in the wet market. It will give out a very refreshing and sweet taste when used to make soup.


  1. ellena, im really craving for some soup now, in the middle of the night and after seeing your entry on this soup, i really cannot take it anymore. i told myself, i must make soup tmr!!

  2. Hahah... Evan.. y in the middle of the night you still look at Food blog... No wonder you will crave for soup..... :)

  3. haha yalor, finding "trouble" in the middle of the nite lol. ellena, its good u hv different kinds of soup everytime. i'm too lazy to make soup. whenever i cook, its usually 1 pot meal (yi guo shu). i hate washing up leh, becoz i hv sensitive hands. my hands get very itchy and red when i wash too many dishes. allergic to detergent i guess =(

  4. This is my first time hearing Green Carrot. How does it looks like? Green? What abt the taste? Same as the white carrot. Interesting :)

  5. Hi Pamy, I already a picture of the Green Radish for your reference. It's actually more fragrant than normal red carrot. And it will make the soup very refreshing and sweet taste. Do give it a try, if you happen to see it in your area.

  6. ellena, do u normally shop for yr ingredients in the wet market? 2b frank, i've never stepped into a wet market b4 so i dunno how to buy stuffs from there. always scared kena cheated. supermarket is better, cleaner, more hygenic and the prices are all stated there. however at my NTUC i didnt see any green radish leh. maybe i overlooked.

  7. Yup.. Evan, becos we live near the wet market so usually i will go and buy some fresh meats or vegetables during the weekend.. Cos sometime you can't find much varities in the supermarket. Another advantage is that, at the wet market you can buy smaller amount rather than pre-pack.

    I agreed with you that they don't really have price stated clearly, but if you do go often you will notice certain vegetables or meat are actually much cheaper and fresh than supermarket. But you must go early between 7 - 8am....if too late.. almost all those good stuffs are GONE...lolz...

  8. ic, so this is how the green carrot looks like...I will keep my eyes look out for this in market next time...

    Ya, i do agree with ellena that things in wet markets are fresher and cheaper than supermarket. I like to buy meat and fish frm wet markets cos they can be kept in the freezer for longer storage, whereas in supermarket, meat n fish are thaw and have to consume within 3 days.

    Like Evan, initially I also worry that I might kena cheated by dishonest stall holders, especially I don’t know abt the pricing and name of the type of pork and fish. But as I patronize their stalls frequently and become their regular customer, they charge me at a cheaper price, sometimes I get freebies like ginger, chilies too…however, I don’t dare to bargain in wet market, maybe too “thin” skin…it’s really fun marketing in wet market. : )

  9. i live near the wet market too! but i don't go there coz its really small and lacked variety. yes i agree that we can buy loose ingredients instead of prepacked ones. good for small families like ours. i also hv this prob whereby i buy eg. whole bunch of celery or a packet of carrots, chilli etc, i cant finish using them and too lazy to use back the same ingredients nx day. so alot of times, they kinda spoil in the fridge, gotta throw away. alot of ppl like my parents & in-laws keep encouraging me to cook instead of eat out but sometimes i really think its too much hassle and its not necessary cheaper for 2 persons. sometimes its more expensive, and consider the time wasted in preparing, washing up, gas fire used etc. only thing is home cooked food is definitely healthier & more hygenic, no MSG added etc.

  10. Ya pamy, you must try this soup.. it's really very nice...

    Evan you can try as well.. boil liao then eat with white rice like those "Duan Tang" selling in the foodcourt... 1 dish meal also... :)

  11. hi pamy *waves* nice to meet u hehe. didnt see your msg b4 ellena approved it =)

    ya its quite true, when the stallholder knows u better, you definitely hv advantage. not just for market, but i guess it's the same for regular customers everywhere! just that maybe i cant stand the aunties pushing here n there, and the smell...eeks. i normally hv no problem with the thawed stuffs in supermarket coz i don't buy alot and i go almost everyday.

    are u from singapore too pamy? u don't hv a blog? haha sorry ellena, hv "ignored" u in this post :p

  12. Lol....nvm Evan,

    Pamy have a blog too.. you can click on my blog kitchen roll then you can click under Pamy's Kitchen for her blog.... :)

  13. I heard from someone mentioning that if we consume Cordyceps, we cannot eat carrot else the effect of having cordyceps will be lesser. But I'm seeing cordyceps with carrot soup. Confused me =P



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