Thursday 15 June 2006

Chocolate Cornflake Treats

Corn flake is a crisp, flaky, commercially prepared cold cereal made from coarse cornmeal. If you or your kids are going to eat sweets and treats sometimes, (sure you are!) try to make sure at least some are of nutritional value.

For this simple treats, you only required 2 main ingredients which is the corn flakes and dark chocolate. And you can decorate it with some almond flakes, or colourful sprinkler.

Eating more Dark Chocolate can help lower blood pressure -- if you've reached a certain age and have mild high blood pressure, say the researchers. But you have to balance the extra calories by eating less of other things. Dark chocolate may have better anti-oxidant properties than milk chocolate. So a little bits of this sinful treat once in a while is exceptional for all family members.

100g Plain Corn Flakes
120g Dark Chocolate
10g Toasted Almond Flake/Colourful Chocolate Bits

1. Put corn flake in a zip lock bag and use a rolling-pin to lightly crash it.(do not crush the corn flake till too mashy)
2. Double-boil the dark chocolate over a pot of simmering hot until melted or you can put in the microwave on high for 30 second stir and repeat the process until the chocolate is fully melted.
3. Add the corn flake into the melted chocolate and stir well using a spatula.
4. Spoon the coated corn flake into paper cups or ring mould then flatten the top with a spoon.
5. Decorate it with some almond fake or colourful chocolate bits, refridge for at last 20 minutes to harden before removing them from mould and serve. Posted by Picasa


  1. Tried making the chocolate cornflake. But mine didn't set or harden as much as I wanted. After it seems to harden on the baking sheet, I put all into a container in the fridge. But after a while, it turned into 1 big lump. Not sure where I went wrong.

  2. Hi Nadia,

    I am not very sure what you means by "After it seems to harden on the baking sheet, I put all into a container in the fridge. But after a while, it turned into 1 big lump." Do you mean that u just spoon the mixture on a baking sheet and allow it to harden, remove and put all into a container and keep in the fridge?

    For my case, i spoon mixture into paper cups then refridge them. I didn't removed the papercup as i kept them in the box and just take out the require amount that we want. HTH :)

  3. Hi

    Yes, that's what I meant. So, guess I need to put them in papercups. Thanks for the advice.
    Nadia =)

  4. hi ellena, i chanced upon this recipe as i was looking for treats that my girl can make as a gift for her teachers. does it needs to be refrigerated before serving? will it be affected if she brings it to school?

    ting :)

    1. Hi Ting, yup you have to chill it to harden the chocolate or else it will be quite messy when presented as a gift.

    2. thanks for your reply ellen a, guess i have to look for other stuffs that is more appropriate.. :)

      ting :)

  5. Hi there, I like the recipe, but am not a fan of Dark chocolate. Would semi-sweet chocolate work for thsi recipe?


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