Sunday 25 June 2006

Meme - 10 Things I Miss of Mum's Cooking

Wow... never thought I had a chance to tag on this MEME game as well. I had read it from a few of the food blogger friends that I knew and I really find it very interesting. And now I am so surpised to be tag by Margaret(jingle26) for participating this.

But when it's my turn to write this Meme, it seems to be a lost. As I don't know how or where to start........ 10 Things... em..... since primary school till I grown up and get married, my mum had being working either morning/afternoon shift work so most of the cooking are done by my dad. So this Meme is sort of a bit hard for me to come out 10 items....lolz....but I will try my best.....

1. Haninese Chicken Rice - Since my mum is a Haninese she this is one of her Super Dish of the family. She used to cook it twice a month and the fragrant of the rice, the taste of the tender chicken and most of all the dipping chilli sauce.....all of these are so much better than those selling outside.

2. Haninese Pork Chop - Other than her Chicken Rice, this is one of her special dish that grandpa passed to her. It's their famous Haninese Pork Chop, it's so crispy outside and yet the meat is so tender and juice. Really miss those crunch, I used to fight those pieces of pork chop with my brother.

3. Salted Fish Meatball With Cabbage- This is another simple and easy soup that my mum used to cook. She will mixed the chopped salted fish with pork minced, marinate and shape it into round shape and cook with cabbage and fishball for soup.

4. Stir-fry Prawn With Oyster Sauce - I love this dish very much, and I often cook this dish when my friend come to my place and they loves the sauce to go with the rice.

5. Ngoh Hiang - Last time my mum only used to make this during Chinese New Year time, and her Ngoh Hiang is always the most popular dishes in the new year feast.

6. Steam Ji Dan Gao - My mum used to steam a few big bamboo basket of these steam egg cake before Chinese new year to pray the ancestors. Her steam egg cake is very fragrant and spongy which is very different from those selling outside.

7. Sweet and Sour Pork - One of the regular dish that my mum used to cook on weekend because my brother loves it so much.

8. Nonya Chicken Curry - My mum used to make her own curry paste instead of those instant pre-pack one that we are using now. I love to eat this with French loaf.

9. Soya Sauce Duck - I love the taste of the sauce and the duck meat is tender, it's so fragrant and not the oily. I always eat this with white porridge because it can actually bring out the taste of this dish.

10. Vegetarian Dishes - Since my mum is a Buddhism, she always prepare a few vegetarian dishes during the 1st day of Chinese New Year or during the 1st and the 15th day of the Luna Month.

Wow... finally I managed to list 10 things that my mum used to cook. Because since my dad had pass a way and we are all grown up and not around by her side. She don't really cook all these wonderful food anymore. :(

Now... I should let Pamy, and Shirley to tell you more about what they had miss on their mum's cooking.


  1. ellena, i can totally relate to the fact that u like to eat soy sauce duck with plain porridge! coz i like that too, like what u said, can bring out the taste of the duck more. another one i like to go with plain porridge is the 姜葱砂煲田鸡 from geylang lorong 9. theirs are really good. the sauce is so yummy with porridge. u shd give it a try too ellena =)

  2. yup... Evan, I also love the 姜葱砂煲田鸡. My side coffee shop here also got one stall selling it... saying is from Geyland L9 also..lolz...


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