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Wednesday 18 June 2014

[Wordless Wednesday] Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie

Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie with moist and rich texture!

Tuesday 13 November 2012

The Cocoa Trees Members’ Night

Last Thursday evening, we were invited to attend The Cocoa Trees Members’ Night at it's Raffles City Boutique together with some bloggers and Cocoa Trees club card members. It was indeed a fun night with Chocolate Demo and Samplings plus our first experience with Chocolate Hand Scrub too.

{Chocolate Sampling} At the Chocolate Sampling table there are many assorted chocolate and candies from Kagi, Milka, Bassett's, Valrhona and etc.

{Chocolate Dipping Demo} Look at the strawberries, they look so gorgeous after being transformed from the chocolate dipping demo. It is so fun and creative to decorate your own chocolate coated strawberries, marshmallows or biscuits which makes them not only taste good but look presentable too.

Moreover I find this is a great idea to let kids have fun creating their own chocolate dipping with  fruits/marshmallows using those colourful decor shown above during Birthday party or Christmas event.

{Chef Demo} During the Chef Demo event there are array of Chocolate Desserts such as KägiMisu, The Belgian Gavottes Truffles, Ritter Sport Cocoa Mousse and Droste Trifle Chocolate made by Chef John Sawarto to whet the appetite of all chocolate lovers.

Chef Sawarto demonstrating on how to make the Ritter Spot Cocoa Mousse.

Recipe for Kagi Misu

Recipe for The Belgian Gavottes Truffles

Apart from the "chocolate treats" there is also a mini Chocolate Hand Scrub counter which allows members and guests to enjoy the luxuriating treat of chocolate scrub which is done by professional therapists. From the photo above, you could see even my 8 years old is enjoying himself with the special chocolate treat.

If you are interested to find out more details on Chocolate Hand Scrub or doing manicure/pedicure at the comfort of your own home, you could contact Ms Yani from "Three-N Nails" at

Light refreshment for the night with Bee Hoon Goreng , Honey Chicken Wings, Steamed Chicken Siew Mai, Steamed Mini Soon Kueh and etc from Deli Hub (by Neo Garden Catering Group).


Have a break... Have a Kit Ka! I am sure most of us would have a pack or two in the fridge or office drawer to snack on.

Ritter Sport is one of my boy's favourite chocolate brand and he always go for the "Assorted Minis Gift Pack" or Milk Chocolate.

Kagi Wafer Bar which I always stock-up in the fridge. Love the Dark Chocolate and RUM flavour. Now I could even use them to make Kagi Misu (recipe shown above) for coming festive gathering.

To our surprise, we even found Angry Birds and Green Pig Fruit Gummy which is a good news for Angry Birds fans. While eating these gummy you could also play real-life Angry Birds Game with those shaped-alike Angry Birds, Green Pig, blocks, eggs and etc items that looks similar in the game.

Gavottes is a range of superior French biscuits and cookies and our family love their Dark Chocolate coated Crepes and Earl Grey Tea Butter Cookies.

With the wide varieties of over 40 international renowned brands including Belgian, Hershey's, M And M's, Ritter Sport, Swiss Delice, Toblerone and etc I am sure you would definitely find something that suits your or as a gift for coming Christmas season.

A chocolate party will not be complete without chocolates and goodie bags! So for those who attends the party, a goodie bag filled with International brands chocolates from The Cocoa Trees was given as appreciation gift.

Lastly I would like to thank Cassandra from FOCUS Network Agencies (S) Pte Ltd and The Cocoa Trees for the media invite.

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