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Thursday, 28 October 2010

Fish & Co. Special Halloween Treat & Event

What are your plans for this coming Halloween weekend? If you are not intend to scares yourself by going to the Night Safari Halloween Horror or Sentosa Spooktacular Adventure, perhaps a pan of this “Las Vegas Fish & Chips” at the Glass House will be a great choice for you.

This Halloween Fish & Co. flagship Glass House outlet at Park Mall is having a game competition in collaboration with CapCom and SoftSource that is open to all ages. The competition is held on two consecutive Saturdays, 30 October and 06 November from 6.00pm – 9.00pm. And whoever that kills the most zombies would be the overall winner to walk away with a Xbox console (worth $499 before GST) and Dead Rising 2 game pack (worth $74.90) too.

Before serving the main course, I was shocked to see the waitress placing a glass of sparking water on the table while passing me a syringe filled with “red” liquid that seems like blood. According to the rules we have to be vaccinated against the undead with a dose of this Fish & Co’s Zombie-fied Drink. To do so, we have to inject the syringe of red granadilla into sparking water and it would infuse it with a beautiful tinge of red. This drink comes with a mixture colours such as orange(at the base which is some mango syrup), red(granadilla) and white(sparking water). This is indeed a very beautiful and refreshing drinks to go with the main course.

In less than 10 minutes our main course the "Las Vegas Fish & Chips Set" is served in the usual Fish & Co. long handle sliver pan that is filled with a huge portion of fish fillet and their special fries. The fish taste great with its crispy batter and cheesy herbs sauce which makes it a excellent choice for cheese lovers like me. But we find the batter seems to be a bit salty and we thought this be better if it can be served together with some salad to balance the taste and at the same time promote healthy eating life-style with more “Green” too.
Price: S$18.95 per set (comes together with the Zombie-fied Drink)
Available: 20 October 2010 to 07 November 2010 (all 16 Fish & Co. outlets)

From today to anytime before 07 November 2010, you can always pop-by any of their 16 outlets(HERE, check under fish world) to get yourself feed and vaccinated with their Special Halloween Treat. And if you want some spooky or gaming environment perhaps you can go down to their “Glass House” flagship outlet on either 30 October or 07 November (between 6.00pm - 9.00pm) and who knows you might be one of their “Weekly Winners” to win $50.00 Fish & Co. dining vouchers. More Details about the competition are on Fish & Co. Facebook link HERE.

Fish & Co @ The Glass House
9 Penang Road
Singapore 238459
Telephone: 6334 1858

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Cafe Indulge

Talking about Café Indulge that is located at the basement of The Cathay, perhaps you would be more familiar with it’s former name known as “The Indulge”. This three years old bistro has a wide fusion-style of European cuisine with an Asian twist that makes every dining experience filled with excitements.

Last Saturday, we have an early Birthday Celebration for one of the friend in our usual outing group. And we have an enjoyable lunch with great companies at Café Indulge with all these dishes shown below that are recommended by Alvin who is in our group too.

Alice who loves Sashimi was very curious about this dish when she saw its name in the starter column. Since we cannot figure out the taste of this “Chinese-style Salmon Sashimi”, we decided to give it try while waiting for the rest to arrive. When the dish is served, we are amaze by its styling with the combination of salmon slices resting on top of the avocado wedges. The salmon is lightly infused their special Chinese-style sauce that pairs pretty well with the avocado. And the extra dose of black and white sesame seeds also gives this dish a great finishing touch.
Price: S$7.90 per plate

Having Crispy Prawn with Wasabi Mayo is definitely a great starter before the meal. These lovely golden brown prawns are drizzled with a layer of wasabi mayonnaise sauce and roasted pumpkin seeds. Each bites on the prawn is so crunchy and it goes well with the mild wasabi mayo sauce and a bit of nutty taste from the pumpkin seeds.
Price: S$7.90 (4 pieces); S$12.90 (8 pieces)

This "Spicy Sausage Pizza" has a perfect crispy thin crust base that comes in 6 slices serving. We recommend this to be one of the quick lunch fix or afternoon tea snack with 2 - 3 friends together with some other small bits from their menu. The thin crust and generous amount of ingredients make you feel lighter rather than stuffing yourself with the usual thick pan crust that is full of carbs.
Price: S$8.90 per plate

How would you like your steak to be done? Medium Rare or? I guess most of us who loves steak would usually order Rib Eye with either black pepper or mushroom sauce served in Medium Rare preference. The portion of Rib Eye Steak served in Café Indulge was quite reasonable with its thickness and texture. And you will be surprise by their self-made mushroom sauce, which is so different from other cafés or restaurants.

Their mushroom sauce taste some how or rather similar to our Asian braised Chinese mushroom sauce which used dark soya sauce and some other Chinese spices such as cinnamon stick, star anise and etc. This is sure to be one of their distinctive sauces to go with their dishes. If you like a strong Asian taste, perhaps you can consider taking this Braised Mushroom Sauce to go with your choice of dishes when ordering.
Price: S$15.90 per set (comes with 2 choices of sides)

I love both lamb and mutton dishes so when this “Red Wine Braised Lamb Shank” was served, I am very excited to try its taste and texture. Although the meat is very tender while cutting but it seems a bit dry and required more chewing. The sauce was quiet ok and it infused the meat with a slight fragrant of spice taste and you can also serve it with their mint butter.
Price: S$14.90 per set (comes with 2 choices of sides)

Panseared Salmon with Kung Pao Sauce is something that a few of us quiet interested in because of its pairing of such exotic Asian combination of Kung Pao Sauce with Salmon. But when the dish is served we are kind of disappointed with its taste. Although the salmon is fresh and juicy but we can’t really pick up that distinctive “Kung Pao Sauce” taste which should be slightly spicy and fragrant that come from the dried chilli and etc. Perhaps they can improvise a slightly stronger flavour for this Kung Pao Sauce to perfect this dish.
Price: S$17.90 per set (comes with 2 choices of sides)

Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce comes with 2 side dishes such as Fresh Salad and Coleslaw. Although the chicken is slightly salty but it still blends well with those refreshing salad and “Special” Chinese Braised Mushroom Sauce.
Price: S$12.90 per set (comes with 2 choices of sides)

Finally comes the highly recommended dish by Alvin, which is the “Whole Lobster Pasta” that is cooked in his favourite Pesto Cream. This is indeed a MUST try dish in the ordering list, the texture of the spaghetti is great which is neither over nor under cooked. The Pesto Cream sauce goes very well with the lobster and noodles which makes them a prefer paring. Almost all the 7 of us gives thump up for this dish and we all agreed that the price for this 250g of lobster pasta is definitely a great Catch.
Price: S$15.80 per plate (promotion price)

This is a behind scene of how food bloggers are at work before we gets to enjoy our food. And with the modern technology now, you can see that everyone is busy uploading the photos with the hand phone to either their facebook or twitter account even before the blogpost is up in the website.

Tucking at a comfortable corner in the basement of The Cathay, Café Indulge is indeed a “hidden gem” in this building. With another two similar western restaurants available in the same buildings such as “Billy Bombers American Diner” and “Astons Specialities”, Café Indulge sure has its charm with it's unique dishes and reasonable pricing to stand an equal shares with the two restaurant mentioned.

For more reviews on this cafe or outings, you can read it from "miss tam chiak" and "lobsterpaint" website or more food photos on Cuisine Paradise Page HERE.

Cafe Indulge
2 Handy Road
B1-25/26 The Cathay
Singapore 229233
Telephone: (65)6732 3952

Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 12.00pm - 10.30pm (last order by 9.30pm)
Friday, Saturday, PH & Eve of PH: 12.00pm - 11.30pm (last order by 10.30pm)

Friday, 15 October 2010

Free Onion Ring with Popeyes Chicken Meals

Last weekend our dinner was at one of the Popeyes Chicken outlet at Jubilee Entertainment Centre, Ang Mo Kio. While queuing for the orders, I was attracted to the poster at the counter showing “Free Onion Rings” with any purchase of two Chicken Set Meal. So instead of getting a burger and a chicken set meal I decided to forgo the burger and swap it with two chicken set meals for the interest of trying out their New Onion Rings.

As for my Chicken Meal Set, I choose the "3 pieces Chicken Tenders" that comes with 3 generous serving size of deep-fried chicken fillets, regular packet of Cajun Fries, 1 biscuit (scone) and a regular cup of drink. When I tried a piece of it I was delighted with it crispy outer layer and tender juice meat as compared with some other fast food outlet that sometime serves either overcooked, too dry or tough deep-fried chicken fillets.

Each set of combo meal is serve with a piece of their signature biscuit (scone) that can be eaten plain or spread with some strawberry jam. I am surprise with the taste of their biscuit in this outlet as it is can be consider as the best from those that I have tried. The biscuit is nicely bake with a golden crust, soft and moist inside and most importantly it is not sour or contain that over proof taste and aroma compared to some of their other outlets.

2 Piece Chicken Combo Set at S$7.40 comes with 2 pieces of deep-fried chicken, regular packet of Cajun Fries, 1 biscuit (scone) and a regular cup of drink.

For those who have tried Popeyes’s fried chicken how do you rate their chicken compare to the KFC fried chicken that has being in the local Singapore Food Industry for long time. Does the chicken from Popeyes won your heart over from the KFC chicken or you still prefer the all time flavour from KFC? For me all I can share is, the taste of the final products would depend strongly on how each individual outlet staff prepared them. So it all depend on their Quality control......

Their Cajun Fries is the only items that my boy loves due to it fragrant seasoning and crispy texture. I am sure this is something for a change of the usual “McDonald’s” fries.

This is our first time trying out their Onion Ring and we love it just as much as their special Cajun Fries. The outer coating of the onion rings are so crispy and fragrant when bite that it brings back some of our memories and talks about the famous A&W Onion Rings that we used to eat during our childhood time.

While tidying up the leftover before leaving the place, my boy spotted this "Free Cajun Fries Voucher" hide underneath the serving food boxes that we are not aware of it. So if you do dine-in any of their outlet, do look-up for this Free fries voucher incase you missed it.

Popeyes Chicken @ Ang Mo Kio
61 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8
Jubilee Entertainment Complex
Singapore 569814
Telephone: 6456 6522

Friday, 17 September 2010

Swensen's @ Northpoint

To start off our dinner at Swensen's, we have the "Clam Chowder" soup that is served in a sourdough breadbowl which is enough to feed two person due to it's huge serving. The soup is full of yummy ingredients such as baby clams, diced potatoes, carrot, onion and etc in creamy soup.

Here comes our main course which is the "Seafood Lasagna" with succulent shrimps and crab sticks between generous layers of pasta that accompanied with that attractive jade green creamy spinach sauce and topped with golden fried potato sticks. This dish might look good but it taste rather cold which we thought it might have being taken out from the freezer and just reheat in the microwave or so. And when eating, this cold dish gives us that greasy and odd feeling too.

For dessert, we ordered this "White Chocolate Blondie" and "Sticky Chewy Chocolate". The Chocolate Blondie is filled with rich white chocolate blondie sizzling with maple butter syrup and served together with Ol' Fashioned Vanilla ice cream and a shower of pistachios, peanuts and almonds. This really taste great for after meal dessert and it makes you crave for more after each mouthful.

My boy's favourite dessert which is "Sticky Chewy Chocolate" that he loves so much because the whole cup is full of chocolate! But before eating, he will scoop off all the whipped cream which he dislike the taste of it.

This Swensen's outlet at North Point Shopping Mall has being around since the opening of the shopping mall more than 10 years. And their newly renovated concept do add extra points to the dining environment. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Chef Daniel's Kitchen @ Iluma

Chef Daniel's Kitchen, a newly setup rooftop restaurant located at the Sky Garden (level 7) of lluma at Bugis offers a very valuable Set Lunch @ S$10.50 Nett which includes soup of the day, main course, dessert of the day and a drink.

Recently we just had a small foodie gathering at this restaurant and these are some of the Set Lunch that we have tried. We decided to order different varities so that we each can get a chance to try out more of their dishes.

With Rey around, I decided to pick this "Prawn And Crab Meat Burger" as my main course because usually most of the kids love fast food such as burger and fries. We are glad that this seafood burger taste great with its yummy seafood patty that is moist and juicy. One add-on point is the fries that comes along with the burger is still hot and crispy while served.

The Soup of the Day was "Cream of Corn Soup", which was decent enough to go with the warm freshly baked herbal bread that was served together with the soup. But flavour of the corn soup was pretty mild so don’t expect those kind of really thick and creamy soup that is full of corn kernels in it.

Kai's choice was this "Unagi Cooked in Katsu Sauce". For me I guess I won't try a Japanese dish in a fusion restaurant unless it is highly recommended. But this bowl of unagi don should be able to fill up your tummy without much complains.

Lobsterpaints like to give their "Tonkatsu Don" a try which she finds that perhaps the authentic Japanese restaurant might served a better taste of this as the pork cutlet was rather tough and dry.

Alvin choice's was this "Grilled Chicken" which we think the portion was rather small for those with huge appetites.

Misstamchiak left with a choice of Spaghetti that served with Pan-fried Dory fillet. This might be a great choice for those who love tomato sauce base spaghetti. The pan-fried dory fillet taste great and is suitable for those who wants a combination of fish and pasta together.

The Dessert of the Day was a joke that made us all have a good laugh. Before serving, I check with the waitress on the dessert and was told that it would be mango cake. But later when the dessert came, it is a two-layer cake with "pink & light yellow" colour so we are wondering where is the "Mango cake". The more we taste the dessert the more it taste and look like raspberry. So Lobsterpaints, Alvin and I decided to verify with another waitress again and finally we got the correct name:- "Raspberry Mousse Cake". This raspberry mousse cake is served with some tangerine sauce and the texture is kind of soft and moist with slight sour taste due to the berries. But overall it might be considered as a light and refreshing dessert that is not too heavily infused with cheese or cream.

Overall Chef Daniel's kitchen presents contemporary east-meets-west blend of cuisines that satisfy your taste buds as well as sight. And another good point is, this restaurant is located away from the crowds that make it a quite and peaceful place for meal with contrast between serenity of the nature and busy city area. Posted by Picasa

In the month of August, in order to celebrate the Singapore's 45th Birthday, Chef Daniel's Kitchen is also having a 15% for their National Day Special Menu.

Chef Daniel's Kitchen
201 Victoria Street
Iluma @ Bugis
Singapore 188067
Telephone: 6509 9888

Operating Hours:
Mondays to Sundays
11.30am to 10.30pm

Monday, 28 June 2010

Tea Time Bites @ Fish & Co

Em... talk about Fish & Co, most of us will relate it with their signature Fish & Chip or Seafood Platter that comes with seasonal fish, calamari, prawn and mussels in creamy garlic and butter sauce that served together with rice & chips.

Other than the wide varieties of items in their menu, have you ever thought of having some light savory/sweet tea-time treat at Fish & Co during afternoon shopping/leisure break? If having something light with a cup of coffee/tea together with friends while catching up some latest update with each other, then this Tea-Time Set at Fish & Co might be something that interests you.

Remember my food tasting post at “Sweet Spring - 糖水春” recently, I was also invited for one of their “Sweet & Savory Tea Time Sets” tasting as well. In their savory menu, you can choose any set out of the 4 sets together with a beverage of your of your choice for just S$7.90++.

For today’s food tasting, we will be having “Fried Calamari, Prawn Trellis, Mesclun & Chips” and “Mini Pizza & Mesclun”. For their Pizza base, it is not those usual pizza dough base but instead they used something flaky like puff pastry dough. This gives it a special texture to go with the tomato sauce and calamari topping. Great to be served as finger food during chatting session.

From the Beverage menu, you can choose either:- Coke, Sprite, Ice Tea, Coffee, Kola Tonic and Passion Fruit. For me I always like to have a cup of Ice Tea or Coffee for my afternoon Tea-Break whereby the Ice Tea will give me a refreshing taste whereas coffee will keep me awake for the rest of the day.

Fried Calamari, Prawn Trellis, Mesclun & Chips” is another set of finger food where you to enjoy your some deep-fried snacks with chips and green salad. The calamari is nicely fried till crispy and tender which is neither chewy or tough. I love the Prawn Trellis that is quite similar to deep-fried Vietnamese nested spring roll. This set will be great for those who love Prawn & Calamari.

After the “Savory Treat”, here comes our “Sweet Treat”. Fish & Co “Sweet Tea-time Set” comes with a choice of your beverage and you can choose either “Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake” or any flavour of your choice of cake from their “US Cakes” menu for S$6.99++.

I love their “Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake” which is very soft and moist inside and it goes pretty well with the ice-cream. And when u cut open the chocolate cake, you will still see some “chocolate lava” oozing out.

But if you don’t fancy chocolate cake, you can always make your choice from their “US Cakes” menu where you can find a range of imported cakes such as Key Lime, Caramel Fudge Colossal, Banana Foster Cake, Carrot Cake Colossal, Strawberry Daiquiri and etc .......

The photo shown above is the "Caramel Fudge Colossal" where they used graham crackers as the based of the cake. It is then topped with a thick layer of rich chocolate fudge filling followed by creamy new york cheesecake and finished with golden caramel and loaded with pecan pieces. Although most of the ladies or non-cheesecake lover will avoid this choice but I can assure you that, this is indeed a very rich and delicious cheesecake to go with a cup of black coffee or tea to pamper yourself for an good afternoon tea-break.

Key Lime Cake is very refreshing tart custard resting on graham crust and topped with lime juice-laced whipped cream. Each bite will be leaving you with some citric taste that is suitable for those who prefer slightly sour dessert instead of sweet treat. For me, this might not be towards my liking because I am a sweet tooth person and sour food/drink/snacks are always a “NO” on my list. But for those who loves lemon, orange or lime this must be your choice of cake to order. Posted by Picasa

This Savory & Sweet Tea Time Sets are availabe from 3:00pm - 6:00pm at all the 16 Fish & Co Outlets in Singapore. Lastly thanks Sharon & Julynn from Fish & Co for inviting me on this food tasting session.

53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3
AMK Hub, #02-03
Singapore 569933
Telephone: 6555 6298 Fax: 6555 6098

Operating Hours:
11.30am - 10:00pm Daily