Tuesday 26 October 2010

Cafe Indulge

Talking about Café Indulge that is located at the basement of The Cathay, perhaps you would be more familiar with it’s former name known as “The Indulge”. This three years old bistro has a wide fusion-style of European cuisine with an Asian twist that makes every dining experience filled with excitements.

Last Saturday, we have an early Birthday Celebration for one of the friend in our usual outing group. And we have an enjoyable lunch with great companies at Café Indulge with all these dishes shown below that are recommended by Alvin who is in our group too.

Alice who loves Sashimi was very curious about this dish when she saw its name in the starter column. Since we cannot figure out the taste of this “Chinese-style Salmon Sashimi”, we decided to give it try while waiting for the rest to arrive. When the dish is served, we are amaze by its styling with the combination of salmon slices resting on top of the avocado wedges. The salmon is lightly infused their special Chinese-style sauce that pairs pretty well with the avocado. And the extra dose of black and white sesame seeds also gives this dish a great finishing touch.
Price: S$7.90 per plate

Having Crispy Prawn with Wasabi Mayo is definitely a great starter before the meal. These lovely golden brown prawns are drizzled with a layer of wasabi mayonnaise sauce and roasted pumpkin seeds. Each bites on the prawn is so crunchy and it goes well with the mild wasabi mayo sauce and a bit of nutty taste from the pumpkin seeds.
Price: S$7.90 (4 pieces); S$12.90 (8 pieces)

This "Spicy Sausage Pizza" has a perfect crispy thin crust base that comes in 6 slices serving. We recommend this to be one of the quick lunch fix or afternoon tea snack with 2 - 3 friends together with some other small bits from their menu. The thin crust and generous amount of ingredients make you feel lighter rather than stuffing yourself with the usual thick pan crust that is full of carbs.
Price: S$8.90 per plate

How would you like your steak to be done? Medium Rare or? I guess most of us who loves steak would usually order Rib Eye with either black pepper or mushroom sauce served in Medium Rare preference. The portion of Rib Eye Steak served in Café Indulge was quite reasonable with its thickness and texture. And you will be surprise by their self-made mushroom sauce, which is so different from other cafés or restaurants.

Their mushroom sauce taste some how or rather similar to our Asian braised Chinese mushroom sauce which used dark soya sauce and some other Chinese spices such as cinnamon stick, star anise and etc. This is sure to be one of their distinctive sauces to go with their dishes. If you like a strong Asian taste, perhaps you can consider taking this Braised Mushroom Sauce to go with your choice of dishes when ordering.
Price: S$15.90 per set (comes with 2 choices of sides)

I love both lamb and mutton dishes so when this “Red Wine Braised Lamb Shank” was served, I am very excited to try its taste and texture. Although the meat is very tender while cutting but it seems a bit dry and required more chewing. The sauce was quiet ok and it infused the meat with a slight fragrant of spice taste and you can also serve it with their mint butter.
Price: S$14.90 per set (comes with 2 choices of sides)

Panseared Salmon with Kung Pao Sauce is something that a few of us quiet interested in because of its pairing of such exotic Asian combination of Kung Pao Sauce with Salmon. But when the dish is served we are kind of disappointed with its taste. Although the salmon is fresh and juicy but we can’t really pick up that distinctive “Kung Pao Sauce” taste which should be slightly spicy and fragrant that come from the dried chilli and etc. Perhaps they can improvise a slightly stronger flavour for this Kung Pao Sauce to perfect this dish.
Price: S$17.90 per set (comes with 2 choices of sides)

Grilled Chicken with Mushroom Cream Sauce comes with 2 side dishes such as Fresh Salad and Coleslaw. Although the chicken is slightly salty but it still blends well with those refreshing salad and “Special” Chinese Braised Mushroom Sauce.
Price: S$12.90 per set (comes with 2 choices of sides)

Finally comes the highly recommended dish by Alvin, which is the “Whole Lobster Pasta” that is cooked in his favourite Pesto Cream. This is indeed a MUST try dish in the ordering list, the texture of the spaghetti is great which is neither over nor under cooked. The Pesto Cream sauce goes very well with the lobster and noodles which makes them a prefer paring. Almost all the 7 of us gives thump up for this dish and we all agreed that the price for this 250g of lobster pasta is definitely a great Catch.
Price: S$15.80 per plate (promotion price)

This is a behind scene of how food bloggers are at work before we gets to enjoy our food. And with the modern technology now, you can see that everyone is busy uploading the photos with the hand phone to either their facebook or twitter account even before the blogpost is up in the website.

Tucking at a comfortable corner in the basement of The Cathay, Café Indulge is indeed a “hidden gem” in this building. With another two similar western restaurants available in the same buildings such as “Billy Bombers American Diner” and “Astons Specialities”, Café Indulge sure has its charm with it's unique dishes and reasonable pricing to stand an equal shares with the two restaurant mentioned.

For more reviews on this cafe or outings, you can read it from "miss tam chiak" and "lobsterpaint" website or more food photos on Cuisine Paradise Page HERE.

Cafe Indulge
2 Handy Road
B1-25/26 The Cathay
Singapore 229233
Telephone: (65)6732 3952
Website: http://cafe-indulge.com

Operating Hours:
Sunday to Thursday: 12.00pm - 10.30pm (last order by 9.30pm)
Friday, Saturday, PH & Eve of PH: 12.00pm - 11.30pm (last order by 10.30pm)

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