Wednesday 13 October 2010

Soup Broth Asia @ Raffle City

Talking about Soup! I am a Soup craze especially Asian type of double-boiled soup. My soup interest came from my dad who used to boil soup for us almost everyday when he is around. Recently in Singapore, you can find more and more hawker/food center stalls selling “Steam Soup” or also known as double-boiled soup that comes in different combination of ingredients.

I am sure most of you have heard or even try those delicious western soups from “The Soup Spoon”. And for your information, Chef Anna Lim have concocted 12 different types of Asian Hearty Soup such as “Herbal Chicken (S$7.20)”, “Indonesian Chicken Opor Soup (S$7.20)”, “Hainanese Fish Maw Soup (S$10.20)”, “Kimchi with Beef and Beancurd Hotpot (S$8.60)”, "Salted Vegetable with Duck Soup (S$9.60)" and etc for soup lover to enjoy a pot of tasty comfortable soup at a affordable price.

Their Herbal chicken soup is very usual compared to those that we have tried from the local Chinese restaurant or soup stalls. Imagine spotting some deep-fried dumplings and fresh watercress in your herbal chicken soup? Does this sound interesting! I am sure there are a lot more interesting combination of ingredients and taste waiting for you to explore at their outlet.

This herbal chicken soup has a very mild herbal taste that suits those foreigner or even youngster whom cannot accept those strong Chinese herbal taste in their soup. But when compared to those traditional Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup, this one at Soup Broth Asia taste rather more like confinement soup which has that hint of ginger taste in it. Perhaps adding ginger is good to expel wind in the body as well as keep body warm during cooling year end weather.

Each pot of soup is served with a bowl of complimentary steam white rice. But to suit your personal preference you can always top-up extra S$1.00 to exchange the white rice with either fried rice with egg or fragrant yam rice. If not you can always get it as an extra bowl to go with your soup at S$2.00 each for a fuller meal.

For guys who have bigger appetise or those who wish to share the meal you can always get the "Set Meal" updgrade at S$3.80 or S$4.80. Each upgrade comes with either 2 or 3 side dishes each from the category below:-
Appetizer: Cold Tofu, Egg Sambal, Kimchi
Meat: Roast Chicken, Sweet and Sour Pork, Fried Fish Slices, Soya Sesame Chicken, Wasabi Prawns
Vegetable: Braised Beancurd, Stir Fried Baby Kailan, Chap Chye, Stir Fried Egg with Tomato

The Set Meal Upgrade also include a drink of your choice on either Hot Green Tea or cooling Ice-lemon Tea.

So do give this new fusion Asian soup a try if you love their western soup over at “The Soup Spoon”. This outlet is located in between “The Soup Spoon” and “The Handburger” (a review post HERE) at the basement 1 of Raffle City Shopping Mall. You can’t miss it with their friendly serving staffs wearing sweet pink T-Shirt greeting the customers outside the restaurant.

Soup Broth Asia
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
Telephone: 6338 6909

Opening Hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 10.30am - 10.00pm
Friday - Saturday: 10.30am - 10.30pm

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~ If you are keen to read up more on "Soup Broth Asia", do follow the link HERE to OpenRice Singapore for more Dining Guide information.

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