Wednesday 13 October 2010

Giveaway! FREE Sample QUAKER Oats Oatmeal Cookie

I always love to make a bowl of Quaker Oats and drizzle it with some honey or dried mixed fruits during weekends for a quick and hearty breakfast. But today instead of their Quick Cooking Oats or snack bars, I would like to share with you some of their new products shown below that I have spotted from the local supermarkets.

Honestly before getting these oatmeal cookies I was struggling in mind on whether is it worth to pay S$2.85 for 6 individual packets of 3 cookies each. What if they don’t taste good, fragrant or crunchy like those normal butter or chocolate chips cookies? But after reading the description from the packaging I was motivated to get some since it is made with wholegrain oats, no artificial flavour and most important 0% trans fat.

For your information I did not get all the three flavour at the beginning. Out of the three I settle for my favourite “Oatmeal Cookie with Raisin” which is surprisingly so additive in taste and texture that after I had a piece of it, I cannot stop munching for more. Although it might not have those buttery taste like most commercial or homemade cookies but I can assured you that this is one of those healthier snacks that you can pack some in your bag for snack in between meal if you feel hungry.

After my food experience with their “Raisin Oatmeal Cookie” I decided to try out the other two flavour which I can’t find them in most supermarket as they are out of stock. But today, I managed to find them in one of the Cold Storage and here is the “Oatmeal Cookie with Honey & Nuts”. I am sure this will be a hot selling snack for both kids and adult because of its sweet and nutty flavour.

Lastly we have this “Oatmeal Cookie with Apple and Cinnamon Flavour” but don’t worry you can’t really taste any strong cinnamon scent. Instead it will leave you with some mild and sweet apple fragrant while eating it.

Overall out of the 3 types of oatmeal cookie, I still prefer my favourite “Oatmeal Cookie with Raisin” because it leaves me with more chewing and biting while eating it. For this review, 2 lucky readers would get a chance to sample a set of this Assorted Flavour Quaker Oats Oatmeal Cookie complimentary from “Cuisine Paradise”. So do read up the instructions below in order to participate for the giveaway.

Dear Readers,

I would like to share some of these yummy Quaker Oatmeal Cookie with those who is interested to sample them before getting it from the stores. I will be giving away 3 individual packets (one flavour each shown on the last photo above) to 2 lucky readers.

If you are interested to sample these products, all you need to do is just leave your NAME and a comment tag of "I'll love to try these Quaker Oatmeal Cookie" before 2359 hours, Sunday 17 October 2010 and I will pick the lucky readers on 18th October 2010 using an online randomiser. Good Luck!!!!!!!

p/s: Overseas readers are also welcome to join in this Giveaway too!


  1. Abigail Phua13/10/10 10:43 pm

    Name : Abigail Phua :D
    I'll love to try these Quaker cookies!

  2. "I'll love to try these Quaker Oatmeal Cookie"

    Name: Natalie =D

  3. I'll love to try these Quaker Oatmeal Cookies!

    -Samantha P

  4. I'll love to try these Quaker Oatmeal Cookie


  5. Name : Diddy Love
    I'll love to try these Quaker cookies!

  6. Name: Josy

    I'll love to try these Quaker Oatmeal Cookies.



  8. Hi there,

    I'll love to try these Quaker Oatmeal Cookies.

    Thanks - Mel

  9. I'll love to try these Quaker Oatmeal Cookie


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