Monday 25 October 2010

Seah's Emperor Herbs Chicken

Steam Herbal Chicken either with steam rice or blanched noodles where we could drizzle those delicious sauce over it. Whenever we unwrapped the chicken parcel, the dining room will be filled with wonder aroma of the herbs. And with the usual tight working schedule, preparing a simple and yet delicious meal is always something challenging for me. So often I would need to settle some of our meals with those quick and easy ingredients or products which can be easily purchase off shelf from the supermarket.

Since most of us are craving for herbal chicken, I decided to fix one over the weekend using one of my favourite Seah’s Emperor Herbs Chicken Spices. This is definitely a quick and easy meal and the main ingredients that you required would be either some chicken parts or the whole chicken plus a packet of ready spices. This recipe I only used half of the chicken for steaming while the other half for making “Chicken, Longan and Burdock Soup” (recipe HERE).

1/2 packet of Seah's Emperor Herbs Chicken Spices
1/2 Whole Chicken, around 500g
Aluminum Foil and Wrapper(included in packet)
3 Red Dates, cut into thick strips
1/2 Tablespoon Wolfberries
1 1/2 Tablespoon of Drinking Water

1. Trim, rinse and use some kitchen paper towel to pat dry the chicken.
2. Rub the spices on the external skin and internal of the chicken.
3. Top with red dates and wolfberries then drizzle the water over the top.
4. Wrap the chicken with the wrapper(tie a knot) then follow by aluminum foil.
5. Steam for about 1.5 - 2 hours depending on your preference of the meat texture.

~ The purpose of adding water is to have more gravy for the end product.

~ Red dates and wolfberries will further enhance the taste and fragrant.

~ For stronger taste, you can also drizzle a spoonful of D.O.M Benedictine Liquor over the pipping hot chicken before serving.

You can get this Seah's Emperor Herbs Chicken Spices at any leading supermarket or provision stalls near your area. And if you would like to try something different, perhaps you can try this less than 30 minutes oven baked "Salt-Roasted chicken Spices" too.


  1. like your herbal chicken! or sometimes i would like to steam it with my favourite mushrooms!

  2. My family love to have this, beside simple, also taste delicious. I usually will put more water in it, we love to drink the gravy. Maybe I should try on adding DOM to it, thanks for sharing the tips :)

  3. I love steamed herbal chicken, but I don't buy the pack from store, I put some of my selected chinese herbal and blend it.

  4. Hi, for many many years I'd swear by the goodness of Seah's Herbal Chicken - it had won many hearty stomach from family members.
    However, how did WeiWei concoct her own ingredient to blend ? It'd be interesting to know since I'm a novice in cooking... Thanks!

  5. Hi Evelyn: For about 300g of chicken breast if you sliced them b4 steamed it will take shorter time like 12 - 15 minutes or longer if you want to have more tender texture. HTH

  6. Eveyln Teo28/7/11 9:32 am

    i intend to try it on chicken breast as it's leaner. could u advise on the duration of the steaming process for ard 300g portion of chicken breast? thanks!

  7. Hi Ellena, I was so intrigued by your description n pics that I cooked this for lunch today. I used a 1.4 kg chicken and added the red dates n wolf berries per your suggestion.... simmered for 2.5hrs per packet instruction.... When we opened the foil, it was simply Heavenly!! Meat tender, soup full of goodness......Being s soup person, I added more water n the my boys n hubby were literally fighting over it :-) thanks for your generous sharing ... Will cook this regularly :-)

  8. Hi, I chanced upon your blog while searching for herbal chicken recipe. I love the seah's emperor chicken spices too as it tastes pretty similar to what we can get outside. Can I just ask though, where can we buy the heatproof plastic that comes with the spices? They only provide one set (one plastic one aluminium foil) but I only made 1/2 chicken the other day. Thanks so much for your help!}


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